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The Complete Buying Guide to the Intex Family Lounge Pool

Introduction to the Intex Family Lounge Pool

The Family Lounge Pool is more about spending quality time with your family cooling off in the summer than they are about swimming. With such a lounge, you get a unique opportunity to cool off inside a pool with your wife and children of almost all ages, and you don’t even need to dig deep in the ground to get them in place. Additionally, most family lounge pools also do not need much space to set up. The very best part is that they are much more affordable compared to getting a whole swimming pool. Therefore, virtually everyone can afford a family lounge pool that they can easily install in their backyards.


Shopping for a family lounge pool is, however, quite a hectic task. There are so many different models of family lounge pools each of them coming with unique features. Some family lounge pools are designed well enough to offer your children easy and safe swimming practices while others are too small for swimming. To get the ideal lounge pool, therefore, means that you need to consider various factors and the most important is what you expect from them. In this guide, we will tell you everything about family lounge pools and all the crucial aspects that you need to look into every time you are looking to buy this equipment. This should help you get the perfect pool that will work for both you and your children for the longest time possible.

Factors to Consider when Buying Family Lounge Pools

  • Size

Size is by far the most critical factor to consider. I mean, what’s the point of purchasing an excellent family lounge pool if it’s never going to fit in your backyard? Such a pool won’t just be unusable but forcing it to fit could end up damaging the equipment leaving you with nothing but losses. Its, therefore, crucial that you take all the necessary measurements of your backyard or whichever place you are planning on setting up the pool. Also, your pool should never fit within its intended space 100%. Make sure that in your calculations you leave sufficient space around the pool for movement and other activities.

  • Inflation

Inflatable swimming pools are usually different with some using foot pumps while others are designed for electrical pumps. You have to do your research to determine which particular pump will work best for you. If you already have an air bed or car pump, then you may consider getting pools that use foot pumps but ensure that they are compatible. This will be beneficial because some of these pools are not sold with the pumps, but instead, the manufacturer leaves the burden of getting a compatible pump to the buyers which end up costing even more. If you already have a pump that can work with a particular pool is, therefore, a plus.

Ideally, the best method of inflation should inflate your pool and have it ready in the shortest time possible. You should hence go through the product description for any details showing how long the pump will take to inflate the pool fully.

  • Lining

Different inflatable pools are made of different linings with varying thickness. Since family lounge pools are designed to be used for family occasions involving children, it is advisable that you go for pools with the thickest lining possible. These are much safer and will last for a lot longer compared to the cheap thin-lined pools. Another reason to avoid pools with thin lining is that with children playing around it, chances of them collapsing are usually high and this can result in injuries.

  • Depth

When choosing the depth of the pool, you need to ask yourself how old are the children that are going to be using it. If your kids are still young, then you have to buy a relatively shallow pool that they can use without exposing them to any dangers. Unfortunately, as they get older, they will outgrow the pool, and hence you may have to invest in a new family lounge pool. The alternative is to buy a relatively big pool that they can grow with before you have to reinvest on another unit. Whichever the case, when considering the depth of the pool your priority should be on the safety of your children.

The 3 Best Intex Family Lounge Pools

The following are the top three Intex family lounge pools that might be the perfect choice for your home.

  1. Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool, 120” by 72” by 22”

This equipment is perhaps the top cream of all family lounge pools in the market. The lounge features premium designing ensuring that it doesn’t just last long but also offers you and your family the best experience ever. The designing and overall construction of the pool also promotes maximum hygiene When covered, the water and the lining will remain clean and clear thus keeping the pool safe for children. It has a 15 gauges vinyl with a 264-gallon capacity. You’ll also get three air chambers each of them coming with a free-flow exhaust valve and a double intake. The walls are also designed to provide optimal safety and comfort.

At 20″ x 72″ x 22″ this Intex family lounge pool is considered large enough to host all family members. The depth also makes it ideal for children since it protects them from falling over from the pool and also makes it difficult for them to climb out of it.

  • Large
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Easy to install
  • Three air chambers
  • High-quality construction
  • Doesn’t come with filter pump

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  1. Intex 12 feet by 30 inches Easy Set Pool Set with Filter Pump

This Intex family lounge pool isn’t just among the best due to its excellent performance but also because it comes with a superb pump rated at 110 to 120 volts. With this pump, you can get 530 gallons of water into the pool every hour! The pool is also equipped with a drain plug through which you can efficiently drain water from the pool within a short time. It also features various dual-suctions that boost water circulation to ensure that water hygiene is maintained at all times.

The sidewalls are all made of high-quality and laminated PVC offering a tough surface onto which your children can play without worrying about breaking or collapsing it.

When unboxing this lounge, you will notice that a DVD is included in the packaging. This is helpful in setting up the pool and with its assistance you should have everything done in under 10 minutes.

  • Comes with a pump
  • High-quality design
  • Strong laminated PVC sidewalls
  • Fitted with a drain plug
  • Features dual-suction outlet fittings
  • The pump has been associated with some malfunctions


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  1. Intex Swim Center Family Lounge

This Intex Family Lounge Pol is uniquely designed with two distinct air chambers that are both fitted with a combo valve. Through these valves, you can quickly inflate the pool and get it ready in no time or deflate it at the end of the sunbathing season. To make deflation and storage even easier, the lounge comes with a drain plug through which you can quickly empty the pool.

The pool is made of vinyl of 13 gauges and measures approximately 88″ x 85″ x 30″ which is quite enough space for your children to play on. As an adult, you can choose to rest easy on the built-in bench that is also fitted with two cup holders and watch your kids play as you sit back and appreciate the magical family moments.

  • Two air chambers
  • A repair patch is included
  • Comes with an inbuilt bench with two cup holders
  • Fitted with a drain plug 

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With this guide, shopping for a family lounge pool should be a walk in the park for you. With the information, you can now either go for your own unique family lounge pool or choose one of those discussed above. Either way, you should be in a position to secure the perfect equipment that you can fully rely on throughout the summer for years.

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