3 Best Portable Saunas Reviewed in 2019

best portable sauna

How to Find The Best Portable Sauna

Sauna bath provides dozens of health benefits. They can help you to reduce nervous tension, improve metabolism, enhance weight loss, maintain healthy blood pressure, ease soreness, muscle spasms, and joint stiffness, boost your immune system and so on.

To enjoy these benefits, it is recommended that you take your sauna baths regularly. This is never a problem though because after experiencing how relaxing sauna baths are, you will fall in love with the practice and you’ll always be looking forward to your next bath.

But, what happens when you can’t access your favorite sauna spot? What if you are traveling and you’re unsure about the presence of saunas in the place you are going? What if you wish to join the sauna club but you are always on the go?

Well, this is where portable saunas come in. With this equipment, you get to carry and use your sauna wherever you go.

Portable saunas are designed to be lightweight to boost portability. These saunas come in different designs and with different features to offer unique but highly beneficial experiences. Some portable saunas are made of metal frames, wood frames while others are made of moisture-resistant satin polyester. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons and hence depending on your own preference, one of them might be better for you than the others.

Types of Portable Saunas

  1. Fabric-Enclosed Saunas

Fabric-enclosed saunas are designed to cover every part of your body except the head. They also feature slits on the sides which allow you to remove your hands and hold a phone, newspaper or handle other things while you’re still enjoying your bath.

These saunas come with zippered fabric-lined enclosures. Fabric-enclosed saunas can be folded down for easy storage.

  1. Sauna Domes

Sauna domes are made of tubular enclosures. Like fabric-enclosed saunas, these domes will also cover everything but your head. Some of these domes are made with fabric while others are made of heavy-duty materials like mahogany which makes them quite bulky.

Sauna domes have to be used with the user lying down.

  1. Wooden Cabin Saunas

Wooden cabin saunas are very stylish with lots of advanced features but they are not as portable as the other two saunas. The best wooden cabin saunas are made of high-quality wood that allows for optimal heat retention while also reducing wear and tear.

Sadly, wooden cabin saunas are usually costly and they also require more space for installation.

Factors to Consider when Buying Portable Saunas

Heating Elements

Most portable saunas use carbon fiber heating panels to generate heat. These panels emit a lot of heat which helps to get the sauna hot within a short time.

Some portable saunas use infrared heating zones. These work almost the same way as carbon fiber but the advantage here is that they can be controlled separately. This means that you can set the temperature around your lower body part to be higher than that on the upper side.

Sauna Size

You must check the size of the sauna you are buying and see whether you will be comfortable in it. Saunas that are designed to be used with the user sitting usually have more room compared to ones where the user has to lay down.

Seated or Laying Down Sauna?

Would you prefer to seat or laying down during your sauna baths? Most people prefer the former because they have more room and space. Also, claustrophobic people avoid saunas that require the user to lay down since they are usually very tight.

Maximum Temperature

To get the best sauna experience, the sauna needs to get as hot as possible. To achieve this, you need to get a sauna with a significantly high maximum temperature. Some saunas are designed to get as hot as 150-degree F. If you don’t intend on utilizing such high temperatures, you can get a more affordable sauna with a slightly lower maximum temperature cap.

Timer Options

Check whether you can adjust the timer of the sauna. This is key as it allows you to use the sauna in a more convenient experience.


Make sure that you do your research on how comfortable the sauna is. Take advantage of user reviews from different online platforms to evaluate the comfort of the sauna you want before placing your order.


Ensure that the sauna you are buying has passed all safety standards. Pay close attention to EMF safety in particular.


Some portable saunas come with lots of features to improve the entire experience. Some of them are equipped with foot pads, washable neck collars, wireless remotes, pockets for your iPod, phone or other gadgets and holes for your arms. Of course, such saunas are normally costly but they are usually very interesting to use.

Top 3 Portable Saunas

  1. SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa

The SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa offers arguably the best sauna experience at a very reasonable price. It features a FAR Infrared Heating technology which provides even distribution of heat for optimal relaxation and detoxification. You will also receive warming foot pads and a chair.

It has also been designed with holes for your arms that allow you to hold a newspaper, phone etc. Handling the SerenLife sauna is also very easy. Anyone can set it up, fold it down, and store it away with ease.

To make your experience even more effortless, the manufacturer has included a remote control that allows you to adjust the temperatures. You can also set the timer on the specific duration you want your sauna bath to last. You can enjoy a soothing bath in this sauna for up to 60 minutes.


  • Comes with a remote controller
  • Includes a foot pad and a chair
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to set up
  • Offers different timer options
  • Heats up quickly


  • They could have done a better job in reducing EMF
  • The zipper is made of poor quality


  1. Infrared FAR IR Negative Ion Portable Indoor Personal Spa Sauna

Infrared Far IR Negative Ion Portable Sauna stands out due to its relatively large size. This makes the sauna usable to a lot of people including the relatively taller ones. The sauna delivers consistent FAR infrared for enhanced detoxification.

The infrared heat emitted from this sauna has negative ions that boost the metabolic processes of your body cells. It will also promote your immune system.

The sauna also comes with a foot pad and chair. When not in use, you can fold down the sauna into compact luggage that’s easy to store. Setting it up is pretty straightforward too.


  • Can accommodate tall people
  • Easy to set up
  • Heats up very quickly
  • Low EMF


  • You need to keep a close eye on EMF readings. Some users reported EMF levels going up after a few times of using the sauna


  1. Gizmo Supply 1000W Portable Therapeutic Infrared Sauna Spa XL

To make sure that you are always comfortable, this portable sauna from Gizmo comes with a chair and foot pad. The chair is also foldable and hence storage should never be an issue.

The FAR infrared will also get you sweating in as little as 10 minutes! While enjoying a detoxification session, you can control the various functions of the sauna through the included controller. This allows you to adjust the timer and temperature settings more conveniently

Setting up the sauna is also very easy. The whole process shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes. The 6-feet long power cord should also make it easier for you to find the perfect placement spot.


  • Easy to set up
  • Comfortable
  • It can accommodate tall people


  • The controller is made of poor quality
  • Multiple users reported that the chair was missing from the package


Portable saunas are not just a good choice because you can carry them wherever you go, but they are also very affordable. This means that virtually everyone can now enjoy the benefits of a warm sauna right from the comfort of their homes. Use the above guide to make sure that the sauna you ware buying is in tune with your needs and don’t forget to check on the EMF readings.

3 Best Kiddie Pool To Buy In 2019

best kiddie pool

Introduction to the Best Kiddie Pools

Kids and swimming pools are one very tricky combination. On one hand, you know that your kids love playing with water and would do almost anything to get into it the water. On the other, you fully understand the dangers your kids are exposed to when they play with water with an adult’s supervision.

So, what shall you do then? Do you deny your kids the right to cool off inside a pool of water simply because you are afraid of the risks involved? Shall you force them to sit out and watch you as you enjoy a swim inside the adults swimming pools while they play with some toys on the poolside?

Here is an idea for you; why don’t you get your kids some kiddie pools. We have dozens of kiddie pools that are perfectly designed to deliver the cooling needs of the summers season while ensuring that your kids remain safe. With these pools, you bring all the fun your children need at your backyard. No longer will you have to worry about taking your child to the crowded beaches or public swimming pools where safety is a nightmare.

In this review, we will be looking at the best kiddie pools in the market today. But before all that, lets first give you a highlight of what your priority should be when you are shopping for a kiddie pool.

Choosing the Best Kiddie Pool

Consider the following factors when you’re out buying a kiddie pool:

  • Safety

At the top of the list is checking what the manufacturer has done to make sure that every kid inside the pool is safe. This is very crucial because no matter how much you’ll try to supervise your kid’s activities; you can never do so 100%. It is much better to get a piece of equipment where you know that your kids will stay safe the few minutes they’ll be left unchecked.

Look at the numerous safety features provided and go through the user reviews of these pools to see how well they perform. We’d recommend that you get pools with safety landing pads, padded beams for frame kiddie pools and other features.

While investigating safety, it is vital that you make sure the material used does not contain any toxic chemicals. Never compromise on safety.

  • Depth

Just because they are called kiddie pools doesn’t mean that any child can use them. Some of these pools are a bit too deep and this makes them dangerous for children below a certain age. The good thing is that we also have pools for toddlers so you should get just the perfect pool for your kid.

If your children are a bit tall, you can consider purchasing an inflatable pool that both you and your kids can use. These usually cost slightly more and they also require more space for installation. On the brighter side, they offer the perfect platform for making lifetime memories.

  • Material Used

Most kiddie pools are either made of inflatable plastic or frame. Both of these materials are pretty decent for a kiddie pool but each one of them has its own pros and cons. For instance, inflatable pools are collapsible and lightweight which is very useful as they will become much easier to store when the summer season comes to an end. Unfortunately, low-quality inflatable kiddie pools will barely last you through the whole summer especially if you have playful kids.

On the other hand, frame kiddie pools are more durable particularly if they are made with strong support beams. However, you need to ensure that they have sufficient padding at the beams for safety purposes.

Whichever the material you end up choosing, make sure that it is of high-quality. Kiddie pools made of high-quality materials are durable and they’ll also give your child more freedom to play around without the fear of breaking them down.

Of course, pools made of high-quality materials will cost more but they are definitely worth every penny you will spend.

Additional Features

Finally, you can look for some additional features that your kid can play with. These will make the pool much more fun to be in and it’ll also improve the development of your child.

  • Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

The Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable kiddie pool is designed to make sure that your kids are constantly entertained. It can fit up to 5 toddlers and hence your kid’s friends will never be left out of the fun. While on the subject of fun, this play center features a wading pool, ting toss game, water slide, ball roller game, and a water sprayer! Every game in this pool comes with 6 plastic balls! These features will keep your kid entertained even when his/her friends are not around.

Installing the water sprayer is pretty easy and you can even use your garden hose for this task.

The Intex rainbow pool has a maximum capacity of 77 gallons. It’s also very lightweight weighing just 15 lbs.


  • Comes with various fun games
  • Accommodates up to 5 toddlers
  • High water capacity


  • Takes quite some time to deflate and inflate
  • The pump is not included
  • A bit costly

Intex Kiddie Pool – Kid’s Summer Sunset Glow Design

This is yet another incredible kiddie pool from Intex. It is designed with bright colors that will prove very eye-catching to your children. It’s small size also makes it very safe for children. The sturdy vinyl used here helps to keep it non-slippery. The bottom of the pool is also cushioned which protects the kids while they are playing. The cushioning also provides the pool with extra solidity for durability.

The plastic used in making this material is also very durable. It won’t just withstand the stress from your playing kids but it can also tolerate the continued exposure to sunlight.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy to store
  • The walls are 12-inches thick
  • Comes with colorful rings


  • It can get punctured easily

Intex Snorkel Buddies Snapset Pool

The Intex Snorkel Buddies Snapset Pool is compact enough for convenient storage but big enough for your child to relax, splash and have fun in it. It’s also one of the most portable kiddie pools thanks to its compact nature.

Setting up this pool is very easy and it doesn’t take much time. It is also one of the most affordable in the market.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to set up


  • It’s only fun for the small children


After acquiring the perfect pool for your kids, it is important that you take care of it to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible. Remember to fold the pool and store it away from direct sunlight whenever it’s not being used. You should also clean the pool once per month or more depending on how frequently it’s used. This should help retain the pool’s appearance while also keeping it safe for your children.

From the above information, you should be in a position to filter through the various kiddie pools available in the market as a pro and buy one with ease.

Swimming Pool Lights Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s

swimming pool lights

Introduction to Swimming Pool Lights

A dark swimming pool can be extremely dangerous at night. Also, without a good lighting system, a pool becomes rather useless at night. I mean, who will be willing to dive deep into a pool of water that they can’t see clearly?

The good news is that all of this can be solved with a good lighting system. There are dozens of different kinds of pool lighting systems in the market. This is both a good and a bad thing at the same time. From the wide variety of options, there are some fantastic lighting that will completely change the appearance and ambiance of your swimming pool. With these lights, you won’t just be making your swimming pool safer for night use, but it will also become super attractive. Spending your nights in the pools while starring at the stars will be your new favorite thing. Some of these lights can also be fine-tuned to deliver a partying mood setting the perfect atmosphere for a fun-filled pool party.

Unfortunately, getting the right lighting system isn’t a walk in the park. This isn’t just because some of the lights in the market are miserable but because some of them are poorly made and designed hence investing in them is a waste of money. If you are going to spend a significant amount of your hard-earned cash, don’t you think it is only fair if you get the perfect lighting system worthy of you? And that is why we are here. To give you a guide on how to choose the right lights and we will even recommend a few top-rated lights.

Types of Pool Lights

There are two main types of pool lights; LED and Fiber Optic Pool Lighting. There is no one particular type which is more recommended than the other, and this is because it all depends on your specific case and taste.

  • LED Pool Lights

Of the two, LED pool lights are the easiest to install. These lights require less cabling. LED pool lights channel voltage to a semiconductor that emits the light. Maintaining LED lights is also more demanding than Fiber Optic pool lights. To change a single bulb alone means that you will have to remove the entire unit from water, replace the bulb and then install it back in. Worse still, some LED light systems do not allow for replacement of a single bulb. This means that in case one or more bulbs malfunction and they affect the appearance of your pool you will have to purchase a new one. This will be quite costly, and that’s why you need to be keen when buying LED lights to ensure that you get ones with changeable bulbs.

LED pool lights perform well when it comes to durability. These bulbs are designed with strong semi-conductors allowing the lights to last for up to 15 years. The lights also come in different colors and designs depending on the mood you are looking for. You can get the perfect LED lights for a soothing atmosphere, a crazy party or any other ambiance that you prefer. Another thing people love about these lights is that you only need a single unit to light up your entire pool because they are usually so bright.

Cost-wise, LED lights are more affordable than Fiber Optics. The initial cost of installing LED lights range from $400 to $900. Replacing a bulb is also not so expensive. It usually costs around $200-$400.

  • Fiber Optic Pool Lights

Fiber Optic Pool lights are a lot easier to install than LED ones. In this lighting system, the bulb is mounted in a lightbox or illuminator that is usually located above the pool. You then have various cables installed in the pool and these are the cable through which the light will be transmitted. To a lot of people, a fiber optic lighting system delivers better lighting than LED lights. This is, however, a subjective matter and hence depending on your preference, you may not find it as attractive as most people do.

Concerning maintenance, Fiber Optic lights also get an upper hand over LED ones. As we mentioned earlier on, the lightbox is usually placed above the pool, and hence when it comes to replacing it, you’ll be able to do it yourself within minutes. Unfortunately, unlike the LED bulbs that can remain functional for up to 15 years, fiber optic bulbs have a lifespan of around 3-7 years.

We would also like to point out that Fiber Optic lights are more of an ambiance enhancer than an illuminating type of lights. These lights won’t light up your pool as bright as LED lights, but they’ll do a fantastic job transforming the atmosphere inside and around your pool. With Fiber optic lights you will also get a chance to play around with the lighting system to explore different designs. With these lights, you can customize your pool to give it a unique and elaborate design.

The initial cost for installing Fiber Optic Lights is between $900 to $1500. Take note that these lights also use electric motors and fans for cooling. These accessories are known to fail occasionally and when they do replace them can be quite costly.

The Best Swimming Pool Lights

The following are the top rated swimming pool lights in the moment at the moment:

  1. Bulbwizards Poolbright Color Changing LED Pool Bulb

This particular LED lighting system is perfectly designed to all pool owners that want a wide variety of color options within the same system. The light comes with seven different colors from purple, green, blue, yellow, red, etc. The bulb also has a few switches that allow you to choose between four-speed settings for each color. From the speed settings, you can get one that changes colors within a minute, 5 minutes or even after 20 minutes. With these speed and color options, you inevitably can’t fail to get one that perfectly matches with your mood.

The Bulbwizard Poolbright bulbs use just 30 watts, and they have a 100,000 hours rating! These bulbs’ brightness is also compared to the 300-400watt bulbs. They’ll, therefore, help to get you in the mood while also providing enough lighting to keep the pool safe.

This lighting system comes packed with an installation guide that provides the easy steps of setting up the system. Unlike most LED lights, installing this particular system is a lot easier, and it also doesn’t take much time.


  • Since all the lights are using the same electrical circuit synchronizing them becomes very easy
  • It has a cooling system extending the bulb’s lifespan
  • The automatic speed setting means you don’t need a remote control
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty
  • An instruction manual is included


  • The red and yellow lights aren’t very bright

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  1. WYZM Color Changing Swimming Pool LED Light

The WYZM Color Changing LED Lights are made for everyone that desires awesome color combinations. The system has seven solid colors and nine different color shows. These colors and shows can be controlled and edited using a remote control while you’re in the pool or nearby. You can also control the colors using a wall switch.

The WYZM color changing system isn’t just good at delivering awesome colors, but it also does a great job of providing safe illumination. The bulbs use 35 watts and are rated 65,000 hours! The bulbs are powerful enough to light up even 25,000-gallon swimming pools.

You will also find installing the system very easy. It comes with standard screws that you can easily screw in place using your home tools.


  • Delivers breathtaking color shows
  • It provides sufficient illumination without blinding swimmers
  • Installation is easy


  • To get the best out of this system, you’ll have to purchase another gasket
  • A few users have also complained that the remote malfunctions a lot

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  1. Pentair 601101 IntelliBrite 5G White Underwater LED Light

The Pentair 601101 IntelliBrite LED light is rated 300 watts but can provide up to 500 watts of power tanks to the lumens used. The light is, therefore, an ideal option for all pool owners whose priority is safety. The system will adequately light up even the biggest of swimming pools.

Since the light’s primary purpose is illumination, it only provides white lights with no option of changing to any other color. You can, however, adjust the degrees of the lens to get either narrow or wide lighting.


  • The system distributes light evenly making sure that every part of the pool receives sufficient lighting
  • The bright colors are also not blinding to prevent you from enjoying your time at the pool
  • The control system makes using the lights very convenient


  • Installing this system is very difficult. The manufacturer directs buyers to hire professionals to install it or lose the 1-year warranty

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Conclusion on Swimming Pool Lights

Getting the perfect pool lighting means going through what you need in a lighting system against what the market has to offer. If you are on a tight budget and more interested in security and less about ambiance, then LED lights are your best shot. You can also find a few LED lights that will deliver both illumination and beautification just like the three systems highlighted above. Fiber Optic lights are also incredible especially for creating a beautiful atmosphere, but they are a bit costly. That said, we believe that whatever your needs you should be able to utilize the guide above to make an informed purchase.

Where to get Pool Water Delivery in 2018

pool water delivery

Introduction to Pool Water Delivery

One of the biggest headaches associated with swimming pool maintenance is getting the water inside your pool. Most times, if your swimming pool is new and you are filling the water for the first time, then you won’t have a lot of problems because even the constructor can get you in touch with the right bulk water delivery. Unfortunately, after this, it’ll be up to you to decide when you need to replace the water and how you are going to replace it.

In as much as we would love to have fresh water almost every time we dive into the swimming pool, the costs involved in getting the water are quite high. This means that in most cases, we are limited to replacing the water only when it is necessary. You should also never try to convince yourself out of replacing the water due to costs or other factors because a contaminated swimming pool can easily lead to a myriad of health hazards. So, when exactly should you seriously consider refilling your pool?

  • New Pools

The first and most obvious reason for having your pool filled is when it is brand new. In this case, your constructor can only advise you on the best way of filling the pool, but the final decision remains with you. Before making the decision, you will need to consider various factors like the type of water that your home is using, i.e. is it fresh or well water. Secondly, you also need to consider the cost of water within your city. Remember that your swimming pool will swallow thousands of gallons of water and hence you have to look at the costs associated with it to determine the refilling method that will be more budget friendly. Finally, you should see the amount of time you can spare on filling the pool. This should inform you about which method will deliver within your desired timeframe to avoid inconveniences.

  • Untreatable pool water

You might be one of the pool owners who go for summer holidays and forget entirely about leaving their swimming pool in a state that it can remain clean and safe. Also, you could be one of the owners who doesn’t pay too much attention to their pools and the maintenance routines. In either of the two instances, the swimming pool is usually doomed to become too contaminated to be treated. We have seen owners spend lots of cash in trying to treat an untreatable swimming pool unsuccessfully. Not even chlorine and other expensive chemicals can save your pool at that state. Once your pool reaches that point, the best and most efficient way to make the pool usable again is by draining, treating and refilling it afresh. And yes, this will be costly but isn’t that the price for neglecting the maintenance tasks?

Also, take note that if your pool has reached an untreatable point and you don’t address the issue right away, then the costs are only going to go high. This is because the contamination will continue spreading which means that the treatment and cleaning process will be more tedious and costly. That is why we usually advise pool owners to get their untreatable pools dealt with as soon as possible.

Which water source is best for my pool?

Now that you have established your swimming pool needs refilling, the next headache is on the water source that you will need. This is another tricky subject because a single mishap can end up wasting so much of your time, money or even worse, it could leave the pool unsafe for use.

Typically, there are around three options of water sources to choose from. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend one for a specific pool because there are factors such as location and the type of water in your area that need to be considered. This means that while someone in rural Texas may find a particular water source more convenient, the same source may not be practical to another pool owner located in say New York. There is also the subject of cost. Water bills range from one city to another, and this cost will also be reflected on how much you’ll end up spending to get your pool refilled. Finally, you have to look at the time aspect. If you want your pool filled and ready to use almost right away, then you are probably best off hiring professional bulk water delivery guys to get the job done. This will be costly, but it’ll meet your demands. For someone in no hurry, even you could get the job done, and it’ll save you a lot of money.

With that in mind, here are the primary sources of pool water.

  • City Water

City water is the most preferred source by a significant majority of pool owners. This is because city water or regular water is more convenient and in most cases a lot cheaper than using a professional swimming pool water delivery service. You can easily connect a hose to your tap and into your pool without having to spend extra cash buying any special equipment. However, this usually takes a lot of time to fill up the pool. It’s advisable to have the water monitored to prevent overflooding the pool which can quickly bring back the contamination hazard. You could also invest in gadgets that can turn off the hose automatically once the pool is almost full instead of having someone looking over it.

Before you rush to fill your pool with your tap water, there are two key things you need to consider. Ideally, a swimming pool shouldn’t be full of well-water as this introduces chemicals that are hard to treat and could be harsh to the skin. This source is recommended more to people whose cities have safe water supplies. Secondly, you need to be aware of any potential restrictions or water use guidelines within your area. We have learned about cities such as California which have strict water regulation policies. In such a town, exceeding your household water limit can lead to enormous fines. You should take such penalties into account when calculating the overall cost of filling the pool to determine whether it is still viable or you should look for another alternative.

How much does pool water delivery cost?

Unfortunately, we cannot give a specific figure because the cost of water per gallon varies from one city to another. You will have to contact your water supplier or go through your water bills to get the estimated cost and multiply it with the size of your pool to find the approximate value.

  • Well Water

This is perhaps the cheapest water source for your swimming pool, but it is associated with so many concerns. Before you decide to pump your well water into the pool, you will need to check on the levels of copper, hydrogen sulfide and iron. These metals can leave your pool with an unpleasant odor, or worse the water can end up too harsh to be used. In some cases, the water only contains a few elements which you can treat with chemicals. In other instances, the elements might be too much making the cost for treatment too high and this could end up being too expensive compared to other water sources. Some people also consider filling their pools halfway with well water and then complete the other half from delivery trucks. This is another good alternative that saves you cash.

You will also need to consider the size of your well to determine whether it is sufficient to fill the pool. The last thing you’d want is to dry your well before the pool is even full.

  • Fire Department

In some cities, the fire department offers pool refilling services. These guys usually deliver excellent services, and they also supply the water using pipes with huge diameters and hence they get the job done in no time.

Unfortunately, not many fire departments offer these services. You will need to contact your nearest department to find out whether they can refill your pool and at what cost.

  • Water Delivery Truck

With a professional swimming pool water delivery truck, you can sit back confidently knowing that your pool will be ready for use immediately after they are done. These water trucks deliver high-quality water that comes already balanced while others supply the water and then balance it before leaving your house. They, therefore, leave your pool set for use right away. They also deliver the water using enormous pipes meaning that your pool will be filled within a short time regardless of how massive it may be.

Unfortunately, this is the most expensive source. It is more recommended to the guys with some cash to spare and ones who don’t have much time to deal with their pools.

For Michigan residents, companies such as Curtz Pool Water, A-Plus Pool Water, and Ken Brown pool are a few of the reliable pool water delivery services that you can choose from. For New York residents, a few of the recommendable pool water delivery companies include SmartWater Pools, Water King, Fred DeLeo Trucking and Swimming Pool Water and Asser Levy Recreation Center among others.

Final Thoughts on Pool Water Delivery

On average, ordering a bulk water delivery in an area like NYC costs approximately $100 per cubic foot. This price can go up or reduce depending on the water supply and regulations within your area. With the above information, we are confident that you will get the best deal for your specific case. Just write down the figures of the various options compare them and pick one that aligns with your needs.

The Pool Paint Buying Guide 2018

pool paint

Introduction to Pool Paint

It’s funny how much of an impact a simple swimming pool repaint can have not just on its appearance but also on how the swimmer feel. With the right paint, you’ll breathe life into your swimming pool, and you’ll find stepping out of the pool almost impossible.

However, it all comes down to the pool paint you decide to use. There are so many factors that you need to consider before settling on one particular color. Bear in mind that with the wrong color, you won’t just be blowing your money down the drain (quite literally) but you could also contaminate and ruin the entire swimming experience. This is why we are here to give you useful information that you need to get the best paint for your pool. A paint that will completely transform your pool regardless of whether it is a new pool or a mere repainting exercise.

The Pool Paint Buying Guide

A pool paint can ruin your swimming pool just as easy as it can enhance it. We can’t stress enough about how crucial it is to make sure that you get the right paint for the job and we understand that this isn’t an easy task. You also need to realize that just because a specific paint worked in a pool you loved somewhere doesn’t mean that it will also look as great in your pool. This is actually, a prevalent issue where we see individuals repainting their swimming pools with paints they saw in other pools without taking into account the original paint of their pools and other factors. In the end, their swimming pools end up looking disastrous.

To determine which paint will work best, you need first to understand that currently there are three types of paints to choose from Epoxy, Acrylic, and water-based acrylic. How do these paints compare to each other and which one should you pick?

Epoxy Pool Paint

Epoxy pool paint is arguably the best paint of the lot. Epoxy paint is solvent based, and it is formulated to last for long regardless of the surrounding chemicals. This paint is made to be resistant to stains, chemicals, abrasions and more giving your swimming pool a charming look for up to 8 years! Yes, the right epoxy paint when applied appropriately will last for eight good years.

These paints are also available in either high-gloss or silky satin finish. This is where you will decide the finishing that is appropriate to you depending on your specific taste and the look you are seeking. If you need a super-clean stylish look, then the high-gloss finish is your best shot.

Epoxy Pool paints can be applied to different materials including concrete, fiberglass, plaster, and gunite. You can also use these paints on a pool with a preexisting epoxy coating to freshen up the look.

There are also a few minor issues you need to know about this paint. One, the paint requires a lot of expertise to apply. You will have to hire an expert for the job which should cost you a bit more, but the results will be worth it. The paint also requires a lot of time to dry up. Epoxy pool paint could take over a week to dry correctly or even double the time if the paint is applied to an indoor pool.

Acrylic Pool Paint

Acrylic pool paint has a fantastic high-gloss finishing that will give your pool a gorgeous look. This paint was developed to replace synthetic rubber-based paints. It can be used on unpainted concrete and plastered pools. The paint can also be used on pools that had acrylic or synthetic chlorinated rubber. Unlike Epoxy paint, this one only takes five days to dry when used on outdoor pools.

The biggest shortcoming with acrylic pool paint is their sensitivity to chemicals. This is why the paint is not recommended for hot tubs, spas or fiberglass surfaces. The paint also tends to chalk over time, and that’s why it typically lasts for only four years.

Water-Based Acrylic Pool Paint

Water-based acrylic pool paint is perhaps the most versatile of the bunch. This paint can be applied to unpainted concrete, plastered and pools that previously had epoxy, synthetic rubber or acrylic paint. It also takes the shortest time to dry. When used on indoor pools, the paint will take just five days to dry up which is over half the time epoxy paint do.

The downside is that water-based acrylic pool paint has a very short lifespan. With these paints, you may need to repaint your pool annually or every other year at best. They also don’t make a significant impact on the clarity and color of your pool. These paints are more recommended to residential or commercial pools.

Typically, we advise people repainting their pools to use the same paint. The results here are usually a lot better than changing to new paint. If you feel like you really need to change the paint, then you can still do so but to get the best results you’ll have to invest quite a lot.

A few other tips you need to consider is the number of coats you are planning to put, whether to use a primer or not and the size of your pool. For unpainted, bare concrete, gunite and epoxy paints, a primer is usually necessary. The number of coats and the size of your pool will help you in answering the question on how much paint you need and the required equivalent cash.

The Best Pool Paint

With the above information in mind, here are the three best pool paints of 2018 that guarantee to transform your pool in the most efficient way possible.

  1. AdCoat Swimming Pool Paint

The AdCoat Swimming pool paint covers everything from concrete, gunite, plastered to fiberglass surfaces. This incredible paint delivers excellent results, and the best part is that it doesn’t cost a lot. For just a few bucks, the AdCoat Swimming Pool Paint will transform your pool however big it is at a fraction the price of other paints in the market. The paint has approximately 300 square foot coverage which is way above what most other paints in the market offer.

The AdCoat Swimming pool paint also features a unique acrylic resin formula that helps it to withstand sun rays and other harsh surroundings. This, therefore, prevents degradation and hence it will last long allowing you to enjoy your investment for an extended period before you have to think about repainting it.


  • Excellent coverage
  • Great value
  • It’s is very durable
  • Applying the paint is easy, and you can even do it by yourself if you have some painting experience
  • The paint bonds and seals great when applied on the right surface thus delivering a uniformly attractive appearance
  • It is a versatile paint that can be used with different kinds of surfaces


  • A few users complained due to its multi-can application method explaining that a single-can solution is easier to use instead

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  1. In The Swim Super Poxy Shield Pool Paint

To most people, In The Swim Super Poxy Shield is the best Epoxy Pool paint in the market at the moment. This paint is formulated to be applied with a single coating which will last for up to 8 years! It, therefore, means that even though it may cost you a bit more to acquire and apply it, the paint will last for quite a long time which is more reasonable than using a cheap paint that needs to be redone every one or so years.

This high-quality epoxy has an adorable high-gloss finishing that’ll rejuvenate the look of your pool and its entire surrounding. To make sure that people have a variety to choose from the manufacturer provides this paint in different colors including white, dark blue, pool blue and black.

Like is the case with all other epoxy paints, In The Swim Super Poxy Shield requires a lot of detailed preparations before and during application. You will have to scrub, clean with acid and use the primer before applying the paint.


  • Has a very stylish high-gloss finishing
  • Works with different pool surfaces
  • It is efficient as you only need a single coat
  • Stain-resistant
  • Offers different options regarding colors


  • It is difficult to apply

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  1. Zinsser Pool Paint

Zinsser Pool Paint from Rust-Oleum is the fastest drying paint out there right now. You could apply this paint 6 in the morning, and by 5 in the evening you’ll be swimming in your freshly painted swimming pool!

This paint is also famous for its versatility. You can use it to seal and waterproof gunite, plastered, masonry and concrete pools. A lot of people also love it due to its ease of use. You don’t need to do a complex mixture of different cans to get the paint ready. All you need is to do the basic, easy prep necessary and you’ll be prepared to start quick but effective painting that you can start enjoying in under 6 hours.

Zinsser Pool Paint is available in two colors: blue and white.

Unfortunately, this paint is not ideal for fiberglass.


  • Easy to use
  • Dries up within a short time
  • Works with all types of pool surfaces except for the fiberglass
  • Offers excellent results whether it used in above-ground or in-ground pools


  • In some cases, it may have to be applied in two coats for adequate coverage
  • It is not very durable

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Conclusion on pool paint

From the above information, you should be able to make a wise decision when picking paint for your pool. You can choose the three paints discussed above, or you can use the guide to find another paint that you feel more comfortable with. Usually, we’d recommend Epoxy paints because they deliver excellent and durable results. If you are operating on a much tighter budget, then the acrylic paints are also a great alternative.