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The 3 Best Pool Brush To Buy in 2019

How to Choose the Best Pool Brush

The buildup of green materials around your pool walls is a clear sign that either you have abandoned your pool cleaning duties or you are not doing them properly. Either way, something needs to change.

Algae and bacteria will have a field day on your pool if you fail to clean a pool properly. This will not just damage how it looks, but it will also make it a health hazard.

Now, why would you wait until your pool gets to such a point yet you can easily clean and keep it super attractive and safe? There are various ways you can clean your pool and pool brushes are one of the best ways to keep your facility clean.

But then, getting the right pool brush for the job is not as easy a task as you may imagine. The market is filled with numerous brands and models of pool brushes but not all of them are effective. With the wrong pool brush, you will have to work harder to remove algae and other dirt and you may also have to clean it more frequently than you’d want to.

On the other hand, the best pool brush will make your pool cleaning routine effortless. With such brushes, you won’t have to scrub so hard to remove the dirt stuck on your pool walls. These brushes are also durable enough to ensure that you get full value for your money.

Before we jump into the 3 best pool brushes, let us first give you a quick run on some of the things that informed our selection.

Choosing the Best Pool Brush

There are so many pool brushes in the market today and you can easily end up wasting your money and time unless you know what exactly you are looking for. It is also important to note that some brushes are better suited for particular pools only. This means that a certain brush may be excellent but it might not be usable to your specific pool liner. The following factors should help you select a brush that will be the best fit for your unique pool.

Size – You need to consider the size of your swimming pool and get an appropriate brush size. What does that mean? Well, say for instance your pool is quite big and you are in search of a cleaning brush. If you don’t buy a significantly big brush, you will end up wasting so much time going back and forth yet you can avoid all that by purchasing a bigger brush.

Shape – Again, the shape of your pool will decide how easy and effective a particular brush will be. If you are dealing with a pool with sharp corners like a rectangular or square pool, a rectangular pool brush will get the job done with more ease. On the other hand, round swimming pools are much easier to clean with rounded brushes and not rectangular ones.

Bristle – You need to look at the materials used in making the bristles of the brush you are eyeing before making your purchase. Pool brushes come in different kinds of bristles all of which are designed for certain types of pool surface. For instance, a stainless-steel model is not only durable but also perfect for removing dirt from concrete and gunite pools. Unfortunately, such a brush will leave an expensive vinyl and fiberglass pool damaged seriously. Such pools are best cleaned using nylon brushes. Therefore, you must look at the types of bristles a certain brush has and consider whether they are appropriate for the type of pool you have before making your purchase.

Top 3 Pool Brushes

The Wall Whale Classic Swimming Pool Brush

The Wall Whale Classic Pool Brush is a versatile yet simple brush. It is designed with durable stainless steel items which give you the freedom to scrub hard without worrying about it breaking down. You will also love the brush’s hugging action which focuses its power to one place allowing you to make thorough cleaning with less effort. That explains why The Wall Whale Classic Brush is also considered the best options for individuals with back pain issues. The hugging action will also save you a lot of time since most of the dirt will be removed after a single brush.

You can clean your entire pool in five minutes using this brush. It does such an incredible job that you will only need to clean your pool once per week. You can’t get that from other standard pool brushes!


  • Provides 10x more cleaning power thanks to its hugging action
  • Fitted with a tail for easier cleaning
  • Attaching the pole is very easy
  • Comes with strong bristles

Milliard 18” Heavy Duty Nylon and Wire Hybrid Swimming Pool Brush

The Milliard 18” Heavy Duty Brush is arguably the best cleaning brush available. Very few brushes can match the efficiency that this item has to offer. First of all, it is 18 inches wide and this means that it clears a larger area at a go. This makes the brush a good option if you have a big pool.

The brush features an aluminum handle fitted at 45 degrees. This provides the perfect position where cleaning is not just easy but also highly effective. At such an angle, you won’t have to struggle so much to remove algae from your poolside.

We also liked the nylon and stiff wire hybrid bristles. These have reduced the cleaning task significantly. The nylon bristles will remove stains and growths while the stiff wires provide them with the extra power to remove stubborn stains. This removes accumulated algae, stain and other dirt with so much ease leaving your pool sparkling clean. Sadly, the presence of the stiff wires means that the brush should not be used on vinyl pool liners.


  • Comes with powerful wire bristles
  • 18-inches wide
  • The handle is made of strong and durable ABS plastic and high-grade aluminum
  • Angled at 45 degrees for effective and easy cleaning
  • Curved edges for easy scrubbing along corners

Milliard 5” Heavy Duty Wire Pool Algae Brush

The Milliard 5” Heavy Duty Wire Pool Brush will reduce your pool cleaning tasks to an effortless event that takes a couple of minutes. The heavy-duty wires allow it to remove all stains and debris from your pool walls and floor.

At 9.8 by 7.6 by 1.8 inches, this brush will help you clean a large swimming pool within a very short time. It is, however, smaller than the Milliard 18” and that’s why it comes at position three. On the bright side, its small size makes it easy for you to twist and turn it to make sure that every corner of your pool is cleaned.

The Milliard 5” heavy duty wire brush is also very lightweight weighing just 8.5 ounces. Handling it is, therefore, very easy.


  • Heavy-duty aluminum handle and back
  • Stainless steel wire bristles
  • Fits all standard pool poles but they are sold separately

Final Thoughts

Cleaning a swimming pool has always been perceived as such a time consuming and tedious task. That may have been true in the past but all of that has changed. With the above pool brushes, cleaning your poolside, wall and floor will only take a couple of minutes and you’ll only need to do it once per week.

If your pool is still new, you may have to scrub the surfaces more regularly. You can even scrub it three times a day for the first two or so weeks. After that, you’ll only need to brush it once per week. If you use the right brush and clean the pool frequently, your swimming pool will never cease to glow!

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