Intex 28120E 10′ x 30″ Easy Set Above Ground Inflatable Swimming Pool Review

Intex 10' x 30" Easy Set pool

Intex Above Ground Swimming Pool

One of the best brands for budget-friendly above ground swimming pool is the Intex 10’ X 30” Easy Set Above Ground Inflatable Swimming Pool that is just right for your budget. Since summer is around the corner, your family could still enjoy the hot and humid weather condition at this time while dipping in this kind of pool, which could be set up in no time. Intex products are just one of the world’s finest and they offer a wide array of sizes for swimming pools. This 10 feet (diameter) by 30-inch (depth) is just right for a family with a maximum member of 5.

While this pool is so easy to assemble, so does when it is time to strip down for storage when the season ends. Deconstructing the pool, by the way, is recommended by Intex when you have no plans of using the inflatable pool throughout winter or beyond the rest of the year to prolong its life.

Key Features and Benefits

Intex 10' x 30
Intex 10′ x 30″ Easy Set Above Ground Inflatable Swimming Pool | 28120E

Having an above ground pool in your backyard is much easy to maintain compared to an in-ground swimming pool. And like what we told you about, an above ground pool can be easily assembled and disassembled in just a matter of minutes where special skills are not required. This kind of pool is also cheaper and require only a small amount of space to be used.

Above-ground pools are also portable and can be easily assembled and moved in any leveled part of your backyard. This only means that you can easily installed these types of pool anywhere you wish and dismantle them when necessary. Another thing is, setting up an above ground pool is as easy as setting up a tent or a hammock. You just pick the right place and position it, then inflate it, and fill it with water.

While a permanent pool is too expensive to build, difficult and costly to maintain, and it can’t be moved or relocated when you need space. Here are some of our findings of the Intex 10’ X 30” Easy Set Above Ground Swimming Pool.


• No special tools are needed for assembly.
• Perfect size for a family of 5.
• Has a capacity of 1,018 gallons (3,854 liters) of water, with still about 6 to 10 inches of clearance from the edge of the pool.
• Included in the package are set up and maintenance DVD instructions.
• The upper pipe support (frame) is made from durable and strong PVC which has 0.32 mm wall thickness, while the bottom support is much thicker at 0.55 mm.
• The depth is variable to compensate for your kid’s height. However, maximum depth is up to 2.5 feet.
• Made from durable synthetic vinyl and circle-shaped which is relatively safe for children.
• Unfortunately, the price does not include the filter pump which is sold separately.

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The Intex 10′ x 30″ Easy Set Above Ground Inflatable Swimming Pool is definitely one-of-a-kind above ground pool which cost way below the $100 mark. This specially designed inflatable pool is no wonder why it leads as one of the market’s best-sellers and the favorite of more families across the United States.

This Intex inflatable swimming pool is truly spacious for an average family with 5 members which is the most convenient number for a great space inside the pool. Additionally, this pool is quite easy to assemble and taken down and can be enjoyed both by kids and adults.