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Swimming Pool Lights Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s

Introduction to Swimming Pool Lights

A dark swimming pool can be extremely dangerous at night. Also, without a good lighting system, a pool becomes rather useless at night. I mean, who will be willing to dive deep into a pool of water that they can’t see clearly?

The good news is that all of this can be solved with a good lighting system. There are dozens of different kinds of pool lighting systems in the market. This is both a good and a bad thing at the same time. From the wide variety of options, there are some fantastic lighting that will completely change the appearance and ambiance of your swimming pool. With these lights, you won’t just be making your swimming pool safer for night use, but it will also become super attractive. Spending your nights in the pools while starring at the stars will be your new favorite thing. Some of these lights can also be fine-tuned to deliver a partying mood setting the perfect atmosphere for a fun-filled pool party.

Unfortunately, getting the right lighting system isn’t a walk in the park. This isn’t just because some of the lights in the market are miserable but because some of them are poorly made and designed hence investing in them is a waste of money. If you are going to spend a significant amount of your hard-earned cash, don’t you think it is only fair if you get the perfect lighting system worthy of you? And that is why we are here. To give you a guide on how to choose the right lights and we will even recommend a few top-rated lights.

Types of Pool Lights

There are two main types of pool lights; LED and Fiber Optic Pool Lighting. There is no one particular type which is more recommended than the other, and this is because it all depends on your specific case and taste.

  • LED Pool Lights

Of the two, LED pool lights are the easiest to install. These lights require less cabling. LED pool lights channel voltage to a semiconductor that emits the light. Maintaining LED lights is also more demanding than Fiber Optic pool lights. To change a single bulb alone means that you will have to remove the entire unit from water, replace the bulb and then install it back in. Worse still, some LED light systems do not allow for replacement of a single bulb. This means that in case one or more bulbs malfunction and they affect the appearance of your pool you will have to purchase a new one. This will be quite costly, and that’s why you need to be keen when buying LED lights to ensure that you get ones with changeable bulbs.

LED pool lights perform well when it comes to durability. These bulbs are designed with strong semi-conductors allowing the lights to last for up to 15 years. The lights also come in different colors and designs depending on the mood you are looking for. You can get the perfect LED lights for a soothing atmosphere, a crazy party or any other ambiance that you prefer. Another thing people love about these lights is that you only need a single unit to light up your entire pool because they are usually so bright.

Cost-wise, LED lights are more affordable than Fiber Optics. The initial cost of installing LED lights range from $400 to $900. Replacing a bulb is also not so expensive. It usually costs around $200-$400.

  • Fiber Optic Pool Lights

Fiber Optic Pool lights are a lot easier to install than LED ones. In this lighting system, the bulb is mounted in a lightbox or illuminator that is usually located above the pool. You then have various cables installed in the pool and these are the cable through which the light will be transmitted. To a lot of people, a fiber optic lighting system delivers better lighting than LED lights. This is, however, a subjective matter and hence depending on your preference, you may not find it as attractive as most people do.

Concerning maintenance, Fiber Optic lights also get an upper hand over LED ones. As we mentioned earlier on, the lightbox is usually placed above the pool, and hence when it comes to replacing it, you’ll be able to do it yourself within minutes. Unfortunately, unlike the LED bulbs that can remain functional for up to 15 years, fiber optic bulbs have a lifespan of around 3-7 years.

We would also like to point out that Fiber Optic lights are more of an ambiance enhancer than an illuminating type of lights. These lights won’t light up your pool as bright as LED lights, but they’ll do a fantastic job transforming the atmosphere inside and around your pool. With Fiber optic lights you will also get a chance to play around with the lighting system to explore different designs. With these lights, you can customize your pool to give it a unique and elaborate design.

The initial cost for installing Fiber Optic Lights is between $900 to $1500. Take note that these lights also use electric motors and fans for cooling. These accessories are known to fail occasionally and when they do replace them can be quite costly.

The Best Swimming Pool Lights

The following are the top rated swimming pool lights in the moment at the moment:

  1. Bulbwizards Poolbright Color Changing LED Pool Bulb

This particular LED lighting system is perfectly designed to all pool owners that want a wide variety of color options within the same system. The light comes with seven different colors from purple, green, blue, yellow, red, etc. The bulb also has a few switches that allow you to choose between four-speed settings for each color. From the speed settings, you can get one that changes colors within a minute, 5 minutes or even after 20 minutes. With these speed and color options, you inevitably can’t fail to get one that perfectly matches with your mood.

The Bulbwizard Poolbright bulbs use just 30 watts, and they have a 100,000 hours rating! These bulbs’ brightness is also compared to the 300-400watt bulbs. They’ll, therefore, help to get you in the mood while also providing enough lighting to keep the pool safe.

This lighting system comes packed with an installation guide that provides the easy steps of setting up the system. Unlike most LED lights, installing this particular system is a lot easier, and it also doesn’t take much time.


  • Since all the lights are using the same electrical circuit synchronizing them becomes very easy
  • It has a cooling system extending the bulb’s lifespan
  • The automatic speed setting means you don’t need a remote control
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty
  • An instruction manual is included


  • The red and yellow lights aren’t very bright

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  1. WYZM Color Changing Swimming Pool LED Light

The WYZM Color Changing LED Lights are made for everyone that desires awesome color combinations. The system has seven solid colors and nine different color shows. These colors and shows can be controlled and edited using a remote control while you’re in the pool or nearby. You can also control the colors using a wall switch.

The WYZM color changing system isn’t just good at delivering awesome colors, but it also does a great job of providing safe illumination. The bulbs use 35 watts and are rated 65,000 hours! The bulbs are powerful enough to light up even 25,000-gallon swimming pools.

You will also find installing the system very easy. It comes with standard screws that you can easily screw in place using your home tools.


  • Delivers breathtaking color shows
  • It provides sufficient illumination without blinding swimmers
  • Installation is easy


  • To get the best out of this system, you’ll have to purchase another gasket
  • A few users have also complained that the remote malfunctions a lot

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  1. Pentair 601101 IntelliBrite 5G White Underwater LED Light

The Pentair 601101 IntelliBrite LED light is rated 300 watts but can provide up to 500 watts of power tanks to the lumens used. The light is, therefore, an ideal option for all pool owners whose priority is safety. The system will adequately light up even the biggest of swimming pools.

Since the light’s primary purpose is illumination, it only provides white lights with no option of changing to any other color. You can, however, adjust the degrees of the lens to get either narrow or wide lighting.


  • The system distributes light evenly making sure that every part of the pool receives sufficient lighting
  • The bright colors are also not blinding to prevent you from enjoying your time at the pool
  • The control system makes using the lights very convenient


  • Installing this system is very difficult. The manufacturer directs buyers to hire professionals to install it or lose the 1-year warranty

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Conclusion on Swimming Pool Lights

Getting the perfect pool lighting means going through what you need in a lighting system against what the market has to offer. If you are on a tight budget and more interested in security and less about ambiance, then LED lights are your best shot. You can also find a few LED lights that will deliver both illumination and beautification just like the three systems highlighted above. Fiber Optic lights are also incredible especially for creating a beautiful atmosphere, but they are a bit costly. That said, we believe that whatever your needs you should be able to utilize the guide above to make an informed purchase.

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