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The 3 Best Solar Pool Covers 2018

Solar Pool Covers Review

Solar pool covers, otherwise known as pool blankets, are a wise investment if you own a pool. For one, the solar pool covers help in keeping the pool clean and t

his translates to reduced cleaning and maintenance costs. Solar pool covers also reduce the loss of water through evaporation. Lastly, solar covers help keep in the heat meaning that you will incur minimal if any heating costs if you want to keep your pool warm.

There are many solar covers available in the market and choosing one out of the many can be quite a task. Below we will discuss 3 of the best solar pool covers available in the market today and highlight some of the features that make these solar pool covers stand out.

1. Blue Wave Round 8-Mil Solar Blanket

If yours is an above ground pool, this solar pool cover is ideal. It is UV-treated and basically made to withstand even the strongest of sunlight for years. The cover also comes with optimal heating properties making it one of the best covers for those looking to enjoy a warm swim throughout the season. Even better, the cover comes with a 3-year warranty so you can be guaranteed that you are getting nothing short of the best and most durable solar pool cover available. The price is also quite reasonable considering the quality. Other notable features include;
  • Transparent blue cover
Thanks to this color, sun rays get to the bottom of the pool much easier. The fact that the solar pool cover is also transparent means that solar light encounter less resistance and this translates to more efficient heating. With this solar pool cover, you can raise the temperature of your pool by up to 15 degrees and all this in a matter of hours. The color also goes well with most above ground pools as most come in blue or other similar colors.
  • Raised air pocket
The raised air pockets are conveniently placed on the underside. The pocket form bubbles that help to trap heat and distribute it throughout the pool. The bubbles also help to protect the warm water in the pool against the cold air just above it and greatly enhance the cover’s heat retaining properties. This means that even on cloudy days, you can still enjoy some warm water without having to heat your pool all again. This is in addition to the fact that the bubbles make it much easier for the solar pool cover to float above the water. Lastly, this network of bubbles minimizes evaporation. This saves on water and also reduces your work as you will need to refill the pool less often.
  • 8-mil Thickness
This cover is quite thin compared to similar solar pool covers in the market. This makes it quite light and easy to work with. Despite the thickness, the cover is made using a durable material that can withstand harsh sun rays and other vagaries of weather. If you want a lightweight cover you can use without much help, this blue wave creation is ideal. Its weight also makes it float above the water easily. As long as you are keen to remove any water on top of the cover and also secure the cover properly, you can be sure that the cover will keep your pool clean and warm throughout the summer.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
This cover comes in a number of sizes that can fit small to the medium-sized pool. It is, therefore, easy to get a perfect fit for your pool. Ensure that you get the right size of cover for your pool if you want to get the best out of this cover. A smaller solar pool cover will be less efficient both in heating and keep the pool clean while a larger cover can be at times challenging to work with.


  • Thin
The 8-mil solar blanket is quite thin and while this makes it user-friendly, it also makes it less effective especially when it comes to trapping thermal energy. While this solar pool cover will quickly warm your pool on a sunny day, the temperature of your pool will go down faster on a cool and cloudy day. If you are looking for a solar blanket that will keep your pool water warm for days, then you are better off with a thicker one that can retain more thermal energy.

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2. Intex Solar pool coverĀ  18ft by 9ft cover with Rectangular Frame

Intex is known for its affordable and high-quality pool blankets that can stand the test of time. This cover is not any different. It features a durable material and great workmanship. This is in addition to other features put in place to enhance heat retention and distribution and reduce overall pool care and maintenance costs. Thanks to all the above features and many others, this cover is ideal if you are looking to optimize and upgrade your pool. Other notable features include;
  • Durable Material
This pool blanket is made of a 160-micron material. The material can withstand harsh conditions and can last and serve you well for a number of seasons. Though this material is durable, it is important to remember that durability is dependent on a number of factors. The harsher the conditions and elements the cover is exposed to, the shorter the lifespan. Just like in the case of your above ground pool, care should be taken and you should avoid using the solar pool cover in extreme weather if you want it to last. Sunlight, is, however, not a problem and you can use your cover throughout the summer months and a few weeks after.
  • Bubbles
Just like other quality solar pool covers, this Intex cover comes fitted with the bubbles. The bubbles help to a certain degree in heat retention and distribution inside the pool. The bubble also keeps the cover afloat
  • Affordable
This Intex cover tops the list of most affordable pool blankets in this category. If yours is a tight budget, this is definitely a great choice. Despite its good qualities, this cover comes at almost half the price of most solar pool covers designed to fit this size of the pool.
  • Comes with holes
These holes are designed to work as vents. In case it rains, these holes also allow rainwater to pass into the pool. This means that the rainwater will not weigh the cover down and strain or destroy it in any way. While these holes will allow some loss of water especially during hot days, the benefits by far outweigh the downside. If water, however, is a problem, you may want to go with another solar pool cover that does not come with holes.
  • Comes with a carrier bag
This cover comes with a carrier bag for easy transportation and storage. When you no longer need to use the cover, simply fold it and put it into the carrier bag.


Takes longer to heat the pool
You may need a few hot days to get the bottom of your pool warm. This cover is not as efficient when it comes to trapping and distributing heat into your pool. It is, however, quite efficient in heat retention. The cover will keep your pool warm in cloudy weather and a few weeks after the warm season is over. The only time heat retention becomes a problem is when it rains as the drops of rainwater that gets through the holes cools the water inside the pool.
Minimal allowance
This cover is designed to fit right in the pool. Depending on how full the pool is, the cover may not cover all areas adequately. This means that dirt, bugs, and debris may find their way into the pool. Heat retention is also not as great when there are areas that are left uncovered. There have been complaints about the size of this solar pool cover especially when the pool is full or near full. If you want total coverage, you may be better off with a slightly larger Intex solar pool cover.

3. Sun2Solar Blue 24-Foot Round Solar Cover

This Sun2Solar cover is great if you have a large round pool. The cover is quite sturdy and its performance is far above that of similar solar pool covers of this size in the market. The cover also comes with an interesting design that makes it stand out and leave the pool area looking attractive. Though this cover does not come cheap, it is definitely a great buy. You can be sure that it is worth every cent and so much more. Other features that make this cover stand out include;
  • Highly Efficient
This solar pool cover is designed to offer all the services users expect from a solar pool cover. For one the blanket is large enough to cover the pool and a bit of it is left to go over the sides. You, therefore, have nothing to worry about if you want a blanket that will cover every inch of your pool. The cover is also made using a material and design that optimizes on heat absorption and retention. Lastly, the cover reduces evaporation. This, in turn, reduces the loss of heat and water to the atmosphere. As long as this solar pool cover is used right, it is highly efficient.
  • Sturdy
This solar pool cover comes with a sturdy build which makes it ideal for homeowners looking for a solar pool cover that is durable and can withstand strong winds without tearing. The cover is also designed to withstand other harsh weather elements.
The cover is also quite thick when compared to other covers available in the market. This makes it more efficient in retaining heat. Though the pool may not heat as fast, your pool will remain warm for a few weeks post season. This can have quite an impact on your costs especially if you enjoy some warm water both pre and postseason. If you want to cut back on energy cost without compromising on comfort in the pool, this solar pool cover is a good option.
  • Perfect fit
This cover is designed to perfectly fit a 24-foot pool. The solar pool cover goes all around and leaves a little allowance. Thanks to this allowance, securing the solar pool cover to the sides of the pool is also made use. The fact that it fits perfectly also means that the solar pool cover is quite effective in keeping the pool clean.
  • User-Friendly
This cover is designed to be highly efficient yet easy to use. It comes with features that ensure that it floats on the water even in bad weather and it does not allow dirt and bugs to get into the pool. Though it is quite large, it is easy to work with and getting on and off your pool will never be a problem.


  • Heavy
While the sturdy build and thickness make this a durable piece, they also make the cover-heavy. This means that to put on the solar pool cover and remove it, you may need to get an extra pair of hands. The design and other features are, however, user-friendly.
  • Takes longer to heat
This is due to the solar pool cover thickness. If you want to heat your pool in a matter of hours, then a thinner cover will be a much better choice. If you are, however, looking for a cover that will keep your pool warm for longer, this thick Sun2Solar cover is ideal.

Conclusion on Solar Pool Cover

These are three of the best solar pool covers you will find in the markets. All the above solar pool covers are made by reputable Companies that offer a variety of pools and covers among other accessories. There are, therefore, other numerous options available for you out there.
When shopping for a solar cover it is important to have your pool measurements with you. This way, you get a cover that perfectly fits your pool. You also need to consider the effectiveness and go with the most efficient option that is sure to meet most if not all your needs. Lastly, you need to consider the price.
Fortunately, there are numerous options in every category and you are sure to get a solar pool cover that fits your pool, meets your needs, and matches your budget. If you have never bought a solar pool cover before, it may help to go over user reviews and see what others have to say about certain brands and solar pool cover types. This will help you determine the factors you need to consider and what you need to look out for to get the best solar pool cover that money can buy.

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