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Where to get Pool Water Delivery in 2018

Introduction to Pool Water Delivery

One of the biggest headaches associated with swimming pool maintenance is getting the water inside your pool. Most times, if your swimming pool is new and you are filling the water for the first time, then you won’t have a lot of problems because even the constructor can get you in touch with the right bulk water delivery. Unfortunately, after this, it’ll be up to you to decide when you need to replace the water and how you are going to replace it.

In as much as we would love to have fresh water almost every time we dive into the swimming pool, the costs involved in getting the water are quite high. This means that in most cases, we are limited to replacing the water only when it is necessary. You should also never try to convince yourself out of replacing the water due to costs or other factors because a contaminated swimming pool can easily lead to a myriad of health hazards. So, when exactly should you seriously consider refilling your pool?

  • New Pools

The first and most obvious reason for having your pool filled is when it is brand new. In this case, your constructor can only advise you on the best way of filling the pool, but the final decision remains with you. Before making the decision, you will need to consider various factors like the type of water that your home is using, i.e. is it fresh or well water. Secondly, you also need to consider the cost of water within your city. Remember that your swimming pool will swallow thousands of gallons of water and hence you have to look at the costs associated with it to determine the refilling method that will be more budget friendly. Finally, you should see the amount of time you can spare on filling the pool. This should inform you about which method will deliver within your desired timeframe to avoid inconveniences.

  • Untreatable pool water

You might be one of the pool owners who go for summer holidays and forget entirely about leaving their swimming pool in a state that it can remain clean and safe. Also, you could be one of the owners who doesn’t pay too much attention to their pools and the maintenance routines. In either of the two instances, the swimming pool is usually doomed to become too contaminated to be treated. We have seen owners spend lots of cash in trying to treat an untreatable swimming pool unsuccessfully. Not even chlorine and other expensive chemicals can save your pool at that state. Once your pool reaches that point, the best and most efficient way to make the pool usable again is by draining, treating and refilling it afresh. And yes, this will be costly but isn’t that the price for neglecting the maintenance tasks?

Also, take note that if your pool has reached an untreatable point and you don’t address the issue right away, then the costs are only going to go high. This is because the contamination will continue spreading which means that the treatment and cleaning process will be more tedious and costly. That is why we usually advise pool owners to get their untreatable pools dealt with as soon as possible.

Which water source is best for my pool?

Now that you have established your swimming pool needs refilling, the next headache is on the water source that you will need. This is another tricky subject because a single mishap can end up wasting so much of your time, money or even worse, it could leave the pool unsafe for use.

Typically, there are around three options of water sources to choose from. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend one for a specific pool because there are factors such as location and the type of water in your area that need to be considered. This means that while someone in rural Texas may find a particular water source more convenient, the same source may not be practical to another pool owner located in say New York. There is also the subject of cost. Water bills range from one city to another, and this cost will also be reflected on how much you’ll end up spending to get your pool refilled. Finally, you have to look at the time aspect. If you want your pool filled and ready to use almost right away, then you are probably best off hiring professional bulk water delivery guys to get the job done. This will be costly, but it’ll meet your demands. For someone in no hurry, even you could get the job done, and it’ll save you a lot of money.

With that in mind, here are the primary sources of pool water.

  • City Water

City water is the most preferred source by a significant majority of pool owners. This is because city water or regular water is more convenient and in most cases a lot cheaper than using a professional swimming pool water delivery service. You can easily connect a hose to your tap and into your pool without having to spend extra cash buying any special equipment. However, this usually takes a lot of time to fill up the pool. It’s advisable to have the water monitored to prevent overflooding the pool which can quickly bring back the contamination hazard. You could also invest in gadgets that can turn off the hose automatically once the pool is almost full instead of having someone looking over it.

Before you rush to fill your pool with your tap water, there are two key things you need to consider. Ideally, a swimming pool shouldn’t be full of well-water as this introduces chemicals that are hard to treat and could be harsh to the skin. This source is recommended more to people whose cities have safe water supplies. Secondly, you need to be aware of any potential restrictions or water use guidelines within your area. We have learned about cities such as California which have strict water regulation policies. In such a town, exceeding your household water limit can lead to enormous fines. You should take such penalties into account when calculating the overall cost of filling the pool to determine whether it is still viable or you should look for another alternative.

How much does pool water delivery cost?

Unfortunately, we cannot give a specific figure because the cost of water per gallon varies from one city to another. You will have to contact your water supplier or go through your water bills to get the estimated cost and multiply it with the size of your pool to find the approximate value.

  • Well Water

This is perhaps the cheapest water source for your swimming pool, but it is associated with so many concerns. Before you decide to pump your well water into the pool, you will need to check on the levels of copper, hydrogen sulfide and iron. These metals can leave your pool with an unpleasant odor, or worse the water can end up too harsh to be used. In some cases, the water only contains a few elements which you can treat with chemicals. In other instances, the elements might be too much making the cost for treatment too high and this could end up being too expensive compared to other water sources. Some people also consider filling their pools halfway with well water and then complete the other half from delivery trucks. This is another good alternative that saves you cash.

You will also need to consider the size of your well to determine whether it is sufficient to fill the pool. The last thing you’d want is to dry your well before the pool is even full.

  • Fire Department

In some cities, the fire department offers pool refilling services. These guys usually deliver excellent services, and they also supply the water using pipes with huge diameters and hence they get the job done in no time.

Unfortunately, not many fire departments offer these services. You will need to contact your nearest department to find out whether they can refill your pool and at what cost.

  • Water Delivery Truck

With a professional swimming pool water delivery truck, you can sit back confidently knowing that your pool will be ready for use immediately after they are done. These water trucks deliver high-quality water that comes already balanced while others supply the water and then balance it before leaving your house. They, therefore, leave your pool set for use right away. They also deliver the water using enormous pipes meaning that your pool will be filled within a short time regardless of how massive it may be.

Unfortunately, this is the most expensive source. It is more recommended to the guys with some cash to spare and ones who don’t have much time to deal with their pools.

For Michigan residents, companies such as Curtz Pool Water, A-Plus Pool Water, and Ken Brown pool are a few of the reliable pool water delivery services that you can choose from. For New York residents, a few of the recommendable pool water delivery companies include SmartWater Pools, Water King, Fred DeLeo Trucking and Swimming Pool Water and Asser Levy Recreation Center among others.

Final Thoughts on Pool Water Delivery

On average, ordering a bulk water delivery in an area like NYC costs approximately $100 per cubic foot. This price can go up or reduce depending on the water supply and regulations within your area. With the above information, we are confident that you will get the best deal for your specific case. Just write down the figures of the various options compare them and pick one that aligns with your needs.

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