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Intermatic Pool Pump Timer: A Complete Guide 2019

Introduction to the Intermatic Pool Pump Timer

How are pool pumps important for your pool? What role do they play? Can your pool survive without a pool pump? Saying a pool pump is crucial for your pool is an understatement. These devices are tasked with keeping your pool water sanitized. They draw water from your pool passing it through the filtration system where algae, bacteria, and debris are removed before the water is circulated back into the pool. The pumps also allow for optimal distribution of all the maintenance chemicals you add in your pool for them to perform well.

pool pump timer

As you can see, therefore, pool pumps are vital for any pool, and that’s why, ideally, they should always be running. The truth, however, is that you cannot keep your pool pump running 24/7. Instead, most pool owners opt to switch on their pool pumps maybe once or twice every day. Doing this manually can be very exhausting, and in some cases, you may even forget to switch them on. To make your work easier, you need a pool pump timer. These timers are designed to automatically turn on your pool pump and keep it running for the necessary duration before they go off. With the best pool pump timer, you can decide how often you want your pool pump to be running, and hence you will never have to worry or question yourself whether you turned it on or not.

Buying The Best Pool Pump Timer

Pool pumps timers are supposed to bring convenience and efficiency to your pool maintenance duties. The best timer will ensure that your pump is running whenever necessary and that it doesn’t run beyond the recommended time. This will keep your pool clean while making sure that your bills are kept as low as possible. To enjoy all this, however, you must buy the best pool pump timer, and this is not as easy as it may sound. There are so many timers in the market, and a significant majority of them are just not reliable. With this guide, we will provide you with all the essentials that you need to keep an eye on when shopping for a timer. They include:

  • Compatibility with your Pool Pump

To avoid a frustrating back and forth argument with your timer manufacturer due to compensation, make sure that the timer you are buying is compatible with your pool pump. Check on whether your pump is a one-speed or variable-speed and its voltages. The timer you purchase should be capable of handling the pump’s speed and voltage without breaking down. If you are unsure on the appropriate voltage for your pool pump, you can always consult a professional to help you out.

  • Range of Control

Pool pump timers come with different features. Some are designed to deliver the basic on and off functions while others are programmed to offer much more than that. Some timers are only intended for a one-speed pump while others can not only control your variable-speed pump, but they will also help with managing your pool temperature and also offering freeze protection. Some timers go an extra step to control not just your swimming pool but also any nearby music systems, fans, water fountains and pool, and yard lightings.

Of course, the more the features, the more convenient the timer is but such timers are and the costlier they are.

  • Build Quality

You want your timer to last for as long as possible, and that’s why you must be keen on how it is designed and the material making it. The best pool pump timer should be made of a weatherproof material that protects it from extreme sunlight and moisture.

Top 3 Pool Pump Timers

  1. Intermatic T101R Switch Timer

The mechanical Intermatic T101R Switch timer features Intermatic’s famous and very successful Yellow Dial Time Switch. The switch has been one of the most trusted and reliable timers in the market. This Yellow Dial Time Switch has been used for over 50 years with an overall market share of over 70%. This goes a long way to show you just how reliable it is.

pool pump timer

The timer can be used with electrical loads as high as 40A per pole for 12 On/off operations every day. This timer also features a manual override to make your work even easier. Through this feature, you can bypass the timer’s settings and backwash the filter, bump the motor, pump out rainwater and carry out other tasks without interfering with the default settings. Yes, you can use the manual mode on this timer and do different pool maintenance tasks, and you won’t have to reconfigure the automatic timer!

  • Can handle electrical loads of up to 20 Amps
  • Comes with an on and separate off tripper
  • Can work with up to 1 – 12 on and off operations per day
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Can’t be used with a 240V pool motor
  • You need basic electrical skills to install
  • It is mechanically timed, and hence you have to reset it in case of a power outage

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  1. Intermatic T104M Mechanical Time Switch Mechanism Only

The Intermatic T104 Mechanical Timer is perfectly designed for reliable and convenient performance. This timer doesn’t come with a casing, but instead, it can be installed in other Intermatic casings or a box of your own choice as long as the dimensions are the same. This timer is designed with durable materials capable of handling voltages between 208 and 277V and loads going as high 40Amps.

What makes this timer an even better option than most of its competitors is its remarkable horsepower rating. The timer is rated at 5HP making it perhaps the best power performance pool pump timer in the market. The timer is also versatile enough to work with industrial, residential and commercial pools.

It’s also worth noting that unlike most other pool pump timers with loud ticks, this particular item is quieter.

  • Accommodates 1 to 12 on and off operations per day
  • 40Amps electrical loads
  • 208 – 277 VAC – DPST
  • Durable
  • In some cases, the timer may be a bit slow in the first few hours after installation. This should disappear after a couple of hours

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  1. Intermatic P1353ME Time Switch

The Intermatic P1353 ME is a three-circuit clock designed to be used with swimming pools and spas.  With this timer, you can choose between three circuits and six different pre-programmed operating modes. These modes include one-speed, two-speed, and cleaner pump combinations. The various operating modes also mean that the timer can be used with different pumps that are as powerful as 3 horsepowers.

Intermatic P1353ME Time Switch

This timer is designed with a circuit clock and a heater and freeze protection. These will ensure that the timer remains functional even when exposed to hostile elements. It also comes with override features that you can use to interrupt the timer’s settings momentarily as you service your pool pump.

  • Heater and freeze protection
  • Comes with six pre-programmed operation modes
  • LCD readouts make using this timer a lot easier
  • Features override and countdown features

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The right pool pump timer will make your work a lot easier when it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy swimming pool. These timers will also reduce your pool maintenance costs significantly. The three timers above are the best in the market. Make sure you check which one of them is compatible with your pool pump before placing your order though.

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