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Hayward Pool Pump vs Intex Pool Pumps Review 2019

Hayward Pool Pump vs Intex Pool Pumps

One of the most frequently asked questions for pool owners is “which pool pump should I buy for my pool?” The most popular pool pump manufacturers are Pentair, Hayward, and Intex. In general, Intex pumps have excellent value (but can’t be repaired when damaged), while Hayward or Pentair equipment is significantly better but more expensive.

If you’re willing to invest in a high-quality pool pump, we recommend checking out our review about the best Pentair pool pumps to buy. Otherwise, you can keep reading our review here where we will compare Intex and Hayward pool pumps.

Since there is a lot of choice in the market, we will help you to choose the right one for your pool, but with the distinctive qualities. We have two of the most popular brands on our list and each has 2 different pump products (Hayward and Intex) that are all certified best-sellers in their own class. All products are offered by Amazon and are priced reasonably according to each category.


Hayward vs Intex Pool Pumps

What are the Best Intex Pool Pumps?

Here are two of the best Intex pool pumps which are the most powerful and the best-selling Intex pump brands in the market. The Intex 28643EG 1050 GPH Sand Filter Pump with GFCI (110-120 Volt) is best for above-ground pools. It has all-natural sand as its filter medium permitting pool enthusiasts an ideal water filtration system that could last up to 5 years or more before replacing.

Intex 28651EG 3000 GPH
Intex 28651EG 3000 GPH Sand Filter Pump with GFCI (110-120 Volt)

This low maintenance pump has a rated capacity of 1,050 GPH but could really deliver up to 1,200 GPH of water. The pump has complete accessory ranging from a 6-way valve, durable pressure gauge, strainer basket, heavy-duty tank, a very powerful motor, and a reliable timer. This pump is perfect for pool sizes having 2,800 to 8,400 gallons capacity.

On the other hand, the Intex 28651EG 3000 GPH Sand Filter Pump with GFCI (110-120 Volt) is basically the same as the Intex 28643EG in several features and design, only that this model has larger pump capacity at 3,000 GPH. This is ideal for larger water volume of swimming pools. Both pumps have the ability to filter, backwash, rinse, recirculate, drain, and close the system. This pump is ideal for pool sizes having a capacity from 5,500 to 19,000 gallons.

Both pumps are also equipped with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) which is primarily a safety feature. This switch (GCFI) shuts off the electrical power circuit when it senses that the current is flowing an unintended path, such as a person or through the water. This device makes the swimmers and maintenance men safer. The Intex pump motor for both models come in at 110-120 Volts.

What are the 3 Best Hayward Pool Pumps?

Our Rating
Hayward SP2610X15
Hayward SP3215X20
Hayward SP1580X15
Hayward SP15932S

1. Hayward SP2610X152S Super Pump 1.5HP Pool Pump

The Hayward SP2610X152S is one of the bestselling pool pumps from Hayward. It is a dual speed pool pump designed for in-ground swimming pools and spas. It’s a very powerful pump and this allows it to be used with pools of all sizes and types. It is also very easy to switch from one speed to the other.

The motor is designed with heavy-duty materials making it very durable. The Hayward SP2610X152S Super Pump is also fitted with a large debris basket and an equally big and transparent strainer.


  • Durable
  • The motors deliver high performance
  • The strainer cover can be removed easily through the included hand knobs
  • Installation is easy
  • The low-speed setting is very low
  • It is a bit costly

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2.Hayward SP1580 PowerFlo LX 1 HP Above-Ground Swimming Pool Pump

The Hayward SP1580 PowerFlo Pump is the highest rated Hayward pool pump for a very good reason. It is designed to ensure that your pool stays clean while keeping energy consumption down.

The Hayward PowerFlo also comes with a double-sized seal for enhanced performance. Its motors are made with automatic thermal overload protection which keeps the motor safe from excessive heat.

Hayward SP1580 PowerFlo

The Hayward pool pump is also fitted with an extra-large basket and a drain plug. It is also drip proof and operates quietly.


  • The 60-cycle motor boosts performance significantly
  • Durable
  • The drain plug and large debris basket makes maintenance easy
  • It doesn’t have a power a switch. The only way to turn it off is to unplug it

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3. Hayward SP1591PowerFlo Matrix 1.5HP Dual Speed Above-Ground Swimming Pool Pump

This powerful above-ground pool pump has made pool water maintenance a hassle-free task. It comes with a massive debris basket capable of collecting loads of dirt before you have to empty it. The basket is also fitted in a manner that allows you to remove and reattach it with utmost ease. We also liked the inclusion of an impeller which prevents clogging by leaves and other debris.

The motors of this Hayward pool pump are designed with automatic thermal overload protection. This boosts the motor’s performance while also extending its lifespan by keeping it safe from excessive heat.


  • Comes with a large strainer
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • The build quality is rather low

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Final Thoughts

Hayward’s expertise in the pool equipment industry is undebatable. They have given us excellent equipment in the past and the above three are the top of the cream when it comes to Hayward pool pumps.

Use the above guide to identify which of the three pumps is ideal for your pool. You can also use that information to check out other Hayward pool pumps in the market and see how they measure up to your needs.

While for the Hayward pool pumps, here are 2 of this product’s current best-sellers, the Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX Series 1-1/2-Horsepower Above-Ground Pool Pump with Cord and the Hayward SP15932S Power-Flo Matrix 1-1/2-Horsepower 2-Speed Above-Ground Pool Pump.

The Hayward Power-Flo LX Series has a transparent plastic basket so you can easily see what it filters and if it is time for a good clean. This pump could be used for either above- and in-ground pool with its pump motor rated at 1.5 Hp. This pump’s corrosion-free thermoplastic housing is quiet in operation under any weather condition. This pump is rated at 115-volt and 20 Amp. circuit breaker.

While the Hayward Power-Flo Matrix is also designed for above ground and in-ground swimming pools and has a 2-speed motor (1.5 Hp). This pump is certified energy efficient and could save you thousands of dollars every year for parts replacement and energy savings. The motor of this magnificent pump comes in at 115 volts.

Hayward pool pump parts are easily available in the online market (such as Amazon.com) so you have an assurance of replacement parts any time of the year.

So, what is the best pool pump for you?

All of the Hayward pool pumps and Intex models that we have mentioned above could be used in either an above-ground or in an in-ground pool. But each has its own specialization. Each brand does have specific functions to give every pool owner the cleanest and the efficient supply of water into your pool.

However, there could only be one choice that you have to make in purchasing the best pool pump for your swimming pool. We suggest that you pick either Intex 28643EG 1050 GPH or the Intex 28651EG 3000 GPH for larger above-ground pools that have sizes that range from 5,500 to 19,000-gallon capacity.

For in-ground pools, we recommend you use either the Hayward Power-Flo LX Series or the Hayward Power-Flo Matrix for a more durable type of pump.


Your swimming pool really needs a better pump to give you crystal clear water, to circulate the water in and out of the pool and makes you clean the pool for maintenance. In other words, the pump is the heart of your pool’s circulation system. Choosing the best pump for your pool (whether in-ground or above ground swimming pool) is a crucial decision.

It is great to know that you have a variety of choices when it comes to your picking the right pool pump for your swimming pool. That is why if it concerns choosing from Hayward Pool Pump vs Intex Pool Pumps, the choice depends upon the nature or type of your pool.

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