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Dolphin Premier Review 2019- Should you buy it?

What is the Dolphin Premier

Maytronics is a renowned manufacturer of robotic pool cleaners. These guys have given us incredible automatic pool cleaners over the years and the 2018 Dolphin Premier is one of their best machines yet. This robotic cleaner has been designed to meet the constantly changing needs of all pool owners. It features some of the newest cleaning technologies giving it the capability to clean both your pool floor and the sides.

What makes it an even more exciting cleaner is that it will deliver unmatched pool cleaning without compromising on energy efficiency. Yes, thanks to new technological gadgets, the Dolphin Premier will leave your pool sparkling clean and unlike its competitors, it won’t leave you with a hefty energy bill.

It gets even better! For its price tag, the Dolphin Premier gets to achieve a lot more than what we are used to seeing from other cleaners within this price range. Now, don’t get us wrong by thinking that it is cheap. No, it isn’t. This piece of equipment will actually cost you an excess of $1,000! What we are trying to tell you is that for your $1000+, you will receive so much more than what other typical cleaners within this range have to offer.

Here are some of the machine’s best features that we really fell in love with:

Anti-tangle Swivel

Maytronics refer to this feature as the Patented 360-degree Anti-Tangle Swivel. The system allows the cleaner to move around different parts of your pool without tangling the cable. This basically means that you will no longer have to pull your cleaner out of the pool to untangle the cables. At least not as often as you are used to.

Another brilliant thing about this system is that it has made navigation of the cleaner a lot easier. The Dolphin Premier will move through your pool navigating around all obstacles and corners without getting stuck. You can rely on this cleaner to do a fantastic throughout your pool with minimal supervision.

Four Cleaning Mode

The Dolphin Premier is capable of cleaning all types of debris thanks to its unbeatable 4-modes of cleaning. These modes include the micro-cartridge filter that removes small algae and bacteria, a standard cartridge for cleaning sand, dirt and other visible contaminants and the debris bags which collect large debris such as leaves and twigs. Switching from one mode to another is super easy and hence you shouldn’t waste any time on that.

It is due to this capability that the Dolphin Premier is considered an excellent option for pools exposed to different types of dirt. If your outdoors is usually windy with lots of leaves and other debris finding their way into your pool, this cleaner will unburden you from the heavy cleaning task.

The four cleaning modes combined with the cleaner’s power mean that the Dolphin Premier will clean a completely dirty pool in just two or three run-throughs! You simply cannot achieve that with an older model.

PowerClean Brushes

While on the subject of cleaning modes, you will be delighted to find out that the Dolphin Premier features PowerClean Brushes. My guess is you won’t really get to appreciate the incredible job that these brushes do until you see them in action. You can check out various videos online on just how powerful and efficient these brushes are.

The two high-speed spinning PowerClean brushes are directed by a software installed in the cleaner. It allows them to remove even the finest of dirt stuck in your pool’s walls and surface. The brushes will reach deep into the pool’s floor, corners and waterline ensuring that every single inch of your pool’s floor is cleaned.


Maytronics have installed a smart navigation system that guides the cleaner through your pool. This software scans your entire pool and maps down the best paths to take. The scan and the paths created by this software ensure that the cleaner doesn’t just clean the pool for the sake of it. Instead, it will follow paths that will do the cleaning efficiently thus saving on energy costs.

This intelligent software also makes sure that the cleaner does not go through paths that it has already cleaned. This is how it saves you both time and energy.

It’s through the SmartNav that the Dolphin Premier gets to detect and avoid obstacles. You can unleash this cleaner into your pool and leave it to do several rounds without worrying about it getting stuck on various obstacles or cleaning the same spot over and over.

HyperGrip Continuous Rubber Tracks

If you have seen the online videos of this cleaner cruising through dirty pool floors and wondered how exactly it achieved this, then here is the secret. The Dolphin Premier is fitted with HyperGrip continuous rubber tracks and not standard wheels.

These rubber tracks provide a firm footing that will keep the cleaner in place as the PowerClean Brushes scrub dirt out of your pool’s floor. The possibility of water causing a loss of friction is completely eliminated here.

Another benefit of these rubber tracks is that the movement of the cleaner has been made much easier. The Dolphin Premier will move around your floor and climb over steps, walls and drains effortlessly.

Modular Design

Typically, you’d expect an advanced robotic cleaner such as the Dolphin Premier to have a highly sophisticated design but that’s not the case here. Maytronics made this cleaner using modular component design to the benefit of all its owners.

That means that you can remove and replace the cleaning systems, motors and other electronics used with ease.

Limitations of the Dolphin Premier

Unfortunately, not everything is merry about this particular equipment. One of the biggest complaints from most of its owners was about how the remote was unnecessarily complex, slow and very unresponsive. This will be very annoying if you’ll be using the remote frequently.

Another issue raised by new owners of the cleaner was on how terrible the instruction manual is. Most people won’t comprehend a lot of the details contained in there and this may delay or even affect how you will end up using the cleaner. To avoid all this, you should look up video reviews of the cleaner on YouTube.

Dolphin Premier Specs

  • 22lb dry weight
  • 2 ½ hours cleaning cycle
  • Can be used with a remote control
  • Dual 24-volt DC energy-efficient motors
  • Designed for both in-ground and above-ground pools
  • 3-Year warranty


  • Offers four filtration options
  • Easy to maintain thanks to its modular design
  • 360-degree anti-tangle swivel
  • Highly effective SmartNav mapping system
  • Energy efficient
  • Powerful scrubbing ability


  • The instruction manual can be very difficult to understand
  • Quite costly
  • The big debris bag can prove difficult to clean
  • Not very effective in cleaning steps


The $1,000 plus price tag may look very scary to a lot of people. Rightfully so. But when you sit down and look at what this cleaner can achieve and the cost for its performance, you will realize that the Dolphin Premier is actually worth every dollar you pay. This machine will make your pool cleaning less tedious and expensive and isn’t this what every pool owner wants?

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