Doheny's Replacement Swimming Pool Pump for Above Ground Pools

Doheny’s 1.5 HP Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump Review 2019

Doheny’s 1.5 HP Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump

The Doheny’s Above Ground Pool Pump is probably one of the inexpensive pool pumps being marketed by on its virtual store. The low price though does not reflect its quality. Currently, this pool pump has one of the highest satisfaction ratings among the more than 150 customers who made the purchase, according to

Its low price but high-quality performance probably brought this pool pump as one of the most sought-after products in the Reviews category of’s Best Sellers Ranking. Find out more info on this heavy-duty pool pump and decide for yourself before you make a purchase.

Main Features of this product

• High Flow Rate

This pump is rated at 83GPM (approximate) at normal feet of head (maximum of 40 feet for this model) which is one of the fastest flow rates in the industry.

• Stainless Steel Motor Shaft, Efficient Fan

Doheny's Replacement Swimming Pool Pump for Above Ground Pools 1.5HP
Doheny’s Replacement Swimming Pool Pump for Above Ground Pools – 1.5HP

Unlike other brands, this 1.5-hp, 110-volt pool pump’s motor has stainless steel shaft which is corrosion-resistant and has high torque capability that has almost zero tolerance and virtually vibration-free. Its fan is covered with weather-proof polymer (with air-inlet) that provides efficient air-cooling to the motor to prevent overheating.

• Quality Material

The motor body is constructed from reinforced thermoplastic which give it the added durability, resistant to corrosion and attain longer life compared to more expensive brands.

• Heavy-duty cord

The pump comes with a 6-ft heavy duty and three-pronged electrical cord that is tangle-free and highly conducive to any weather.

• High Quality Standards in Manufacture

This product undergoes strict quality testing prior to release from the plant where it is tested for excellent construction, ease of use, reliability and efficiency.

Part description of Doheny’s Above Ground Pool Pump
Doheny’s Above Ground Pool Pump Parts


Low price, best as replacement: This pump has one of the lowest prices in the market but quality is never compromised. This pump is basically ideal as a replacement for your old and unreliable pool pump.
Ideal for children’s pools: The pump is designed to serve best above ground pools with less than 42 inches in depth which are classified as kids’ pools.
Silent operation: This pool pump operates in utmost silence where the heavy-duty bearings are pre-greased when pulled out of the assembly line.
Low maintenance: The strainer is housed in a large filter basket with see-through cover allowing a quick and easy inspection of its interior, so you would know when to clean the basket. The basket has also a drain plug making winterizing convenient.
Not for storable pools (limited use): Unfortunately, this pump could not be used for pools with nonmetallic sides, in-ground pools and if the water is more than 42 inches deep regardless of dimension.

Buying Guide

The discussion had given you a hint of this type of pool pump which is ideal for non-storage pools and additionally great for your kids’ pool. If you think that your pool falls on this category, this product is best for your pool.


Review Summary

Now you know why the Doheny’s Replacement Swimming Pool Pump for Above Ground Pools – 1.5HP is one of the best sellers in Patio, Lawn and Garden category. The affordability and high-quality performance of this above ground pump do the trick. Minor issue concerning this pump does not affect its actual performance in reality and in the marketing field.

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