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Which Chlorine Tablets To Use For Your Pool?

Introduction to Chlorine Tablets

A swimming pool can be your best buddy and the escape route from all the noise and daily stress to relax and have a peace of mind. It can be an iconic part of your life where you and your family spend valuable time making long-term memories. In exchange for all this, the only thing that you need to do in return is to take care of the pool. You have to clean it and keep intruders away from the water and your pool liners. Without a proper maintenance routine, your pool could quickly end up being a dangerous spot.

Chlorine is a sanitizer that’s added in swimming pools to keep bacteria, viruses and other harmful micro-organisms away from your pool. By killing these organisms, this sanitizer helps to prevent the formation of algae in your pool. It also goes further to ensure that your pool is smelling nice and that the liners are free of stains.

Chlorine tablets are formulated differently. This is why we have so many types of chlorine tablets in the market, and this makes choosing one from them almost impossible. Anyone without previous experience in maintaining swimming pools can easily get overwhelmed by all the options leading them into adopting a product that is not appropriate for their pool. In this review, we will give you all the vital information you need to know the critical role played by chlorine tablets in the pool and how to choose the best tablet. We have also compared different chlorine tablets and did some background checks on each one of them to come up with a list of the best chlorine tablets in the market at the moment.

How do I choose the best chlorine tablets for my pool?

Take the following critical factors into consideration when shopping for chlorine tablets:

  • Choose the Type of Chlorine Tablet you need

There are two types of chlorine tablets in the market; stabilized and un-stabilized chlorine. Stabilized chlorine is chlorine tablets that have been mixed with a vital stabilizer agent such as cyanuric acid. These chlorine tablets last longer in pools exposed to sunlight facilitating optimal sanitization of the water. They are therefore ideal for outdoor pools exposed to sunlight. However, you should not use these tablets if you had already added cyanuric acid or any other stabilizer in the pool. This is because using stabilized chlorine tablets in such a pool will cause a surge in stabilizers and this can be problematic.

Unstabilized chlorine, on the other hand, is pure chlorine that hasn’t been mixed with any form of a stabilizer. These tablets are commonly used in indoor hot tubs and pools or pools located outside but covered by shade. Unstabilized chlorine, when exposed to sunlight, will be lost due to the effect of UV rays, and that’s why it is not economical to use them with outdoor pools. You can however still use them in case you had added a stabilizer agent in your outdoor pool separately.

  • Calculate the Chlorine Demand for your pool

The amount of chlorine needed in one pool differs from another depending on the size of your pool, its shape and the amount of water in it. You must, therefore, set out to get the right calculation on how much chlorine you need. Some people even seek the help of digital meters to get accurate figures.

Knowing how much chlorine is needed is also important as it helps to reduce the cases of using either too much or too little chlorine. Using too much of these tablets can have various effects including giving your pool a cloudy appearance, damaging your pool liner and other accessories and could even cause skin reactions to swimmers. On the other hand, too little chlorine won’t do the job effectively and may allow some bacteria and viruses to escape the sanitization process. You have to get the accurate readings for your pool’s chlorine demands to avoid losses and frustrations.

  • Price

Finally, you have to look at the price against quantity being offered. Keeping a swimming pool clean is essential but it is also quite expensive, and that’s why you have to try and get the best possible value at an affordable price. Be careful not to jump into placing an order for cheap chlorine tablets without looking at the quantity. This is because you can end up getting too little of the tablets which won’t be enough to thoroughly sanitize your pool and hence you’ll be forced to spend even more on placing yet another order.

The Best Chlorine Tablets

Here are the top three chlorine tablets in the market as reviewed by experts and hundreds of pool owners:

  1. In The Swim 3 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets

In The Swim, 3-Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets feature 99% trichloro-s-triazinetrione, and 90% stabilized chlorine that’s capable of withstanding UV rays for extended periods. It, therefore, lasts long enough to thoroughly clean your pool before any of the chlorine evaporates into the air. The high concentration of the tablets also means that you don’t have to use them in excess to achieve the desired results. A couple of tablets are enough to clean 10,000 gallons of water and keep it disinfected for a week.

Another thing to love about these tablets is how easy they are to use. They are wrapped independently, and you can order them in a 50lb bucket containing 114 tablets per bucket. You can, therefore, use a single bucket for quite some time depending on how frequently you clean your pool. Take care to avoid inhaling fumes when opening this bucket for the first time. You are advised to do so in outdoors on a dry surface because some tablets may not be adequately wrapped.


  • The dissolve slowly and last long for better performance
  • They are individually wrapped making handling easier
  • They are readily stabilized to prevent evaporation due to UV rays
  • With 99% trichloro-S-triazonetrione the tablets have a very high concentration, and hence you only need to use little quantities to clean big pools


  • The wrapping is not sealed correctly in some cases
  • You may have to use high doses to clean a pool at high temperatures

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  1. CLOROX Pool and Spa Active 99 3-inch Chlorinating Tablets

The Clorox Active 99 comes wrapped in plastic making handling the sanitizer an easy task. The concentration of these tablets is also decently dosed to help maintain the recommended 1-4ppm of chlorine. You can maintain this parts per million by using just a single tablet at a time, but you will have to keep adding a lot of the tablets into the skimmer.

These chlorine tablets can also be used with a floater of a feeder. They take time to dissolve in water, and this gives the chlorine enough time to act on the bacteria and algae around the pool.


  • Packed in a waterproof canister
  • They are available in different sizes
  • A single tablet can disinfect up to 10,00 gallons of water
  • Works very efficiently


  • It is expensive

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  1. Kem-Tek 1-inch Pool and Spa Chlorinating Tablets

The Kem-Tek chlorinating tablets are perfectly formulated for pop up and above ground pools sanitation. The tablets will dissolve slowly into the water allowing for extended disinfection which will leave your pool sparkling clean with a nice smell. These tablets will also keep a steady chlorine residual in your pool which will be useful in keeping your pool clean in between your cleaning cycles.

The Kem-Tek chlorinating tablets have also been stabilized prolonging their presence in your pool even further. They are also highly concentrated, and hence you only need to use just a single tablet to clean a small pool and maybe a couple more if you are dealing with larger pools. You can also use a water test kit to check chlorine levels in case you are not sure on whether or not you should add more tablets.

Unfortunately, when using these tablets, you’ll have to keep on changing the filters at least once every two months.


  • They come readily stabilized
  • Suitable with most pools


  • They will turn your water murky if used in excess

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Sanitizing your pool is very important. It keeps your pool in a usable condition, and the best part is that most chlorine tablets like the ones discussed above are very affordable. They will leave your pool crystal clear, and some of them are concentrated enough to keep the water clean for a week or more before you have to use them again.

Remember to apply these tablets at night to give them more time to act on the bacteria and algae before the sun comes up. Happy Cleaning!

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