Tips on How to Effectively Do Swimming Pool Maintenance in 2019

Tips on How to Effectively Do Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance is an integral part of keeping your pool clean, with sparklingly white water, hygienic, algae-free, healthy and most of all, cost-effective. We will teach you how to care for your pool using basic techniques that do not require expensive purchases for tools and other necessities (such as equipment).

Caring for your pool need not be elaborate and cumbersome, although all pools are different, they share a common denominator. The secret to its crystal clear water and hygienic pool state as a whole are utmost care and routine maintenance.

Above Ground Pool Maintenance

If you choose to tackle common problems, like muddy or turbid water or broken pipe, etcetera, be sure to consult first the manufacturer’s supplied Owner’s Manual before you fix and use equipment on your own.

Above Ground Pool Maintenance

Every above ground pool owner certainly wants their pool water blue (this color indicates pristine water) and crystal clear for enjoyable use every day. The pool should also be cleaned and tidy every use. Clear and pristine water is useless when its container is in itself unclean and unhygienic.

The pool (exterior and interior walls) should be cleaned with brush and soap (or detergent) and flush with clean water. Molds and algae should be absent during operation and when not in use. Floating debris should be skimmed by hand every few days because they will eventually sink if not immediately cleaned.

You can use handled net in removing floating bugs, leaves and other debris. This skimming significantly adds to the efficient circulation of the water and lowers the amount of chlorine to use. The pool should also be vacuumed at least weekly to minimize algae and calcium build up and keep the water clear.

Pool Filter Maintenance

There are 3 different kinds of filter used in swimming pools, namely: cartridge, sand and diatomaceous earth. Each has its own method of cleaning and maintenance procedures. Manufacturers list these methods in their manuals. However, all types need to be cleaned periodically depending on the type o filter medium and the frequency of use of the pool.

The pool filter should be checked and cleaned according to the manufacturer’s recommendation to help decrease the added chemical and to have a smooth flow of water. Smooth water flow enhances efficient pump and eliminates possible over speeding of the motor. This over speeding may cause the motor to overheat and consequently burn the motor, especially if your electrical system is not equipped with GCFI.

The best time to clean your filter is when there is a large disparity between the pressure gauge and flow meter reading (typically between 10- 15 psi). Manufacturers recommend that a little dirt on the filter may help in trapping fine debris, but the massive amount of this dirt will also clog up the filter. The pressure difference we stated earlier is the clear indication of the right timing for cleaning the filter.

Pool Maintenance Cost

An average swimming pool maintenance cost should not be a burden for pool owners. The cost of maintaining your pool varies depending on its size, frequency of use, pool system, its features (such as a heater, chlorinator, winterizing method, and others) and if you are planning to do it yourself. Certainly, doing the maintenance yourself could bring the cost down tremendously.

The DIY (do-it-yourself) approach is a choice for pool owners especially if they know or familiar with basic pool chemistry. As we have said, this is not rocket science. Another thing is: they must be willing to put more time into this activity.

Balancing the water chemistry of your pool water is the most delicate task. This could be done manageably using an inexpensive testing kit and proper chemicals that could be purchased online. All have instructions on their proper use.

Salt-water Pool Maintenance

Maintaining a good saltwater pool is also not difficult to do. Operating a salt water pool has many benefits compared to another medium. For one, the water is kept soft which minimizes the formation of algae and calcium. Algae are bad for people’s health while calcium deposit is bad for the piping system and its accessories.

Saltwater pool also requires a minimum of maintenance and lower cost of operation. Although some pool owners believed that salt water pool is maintenance-free, there are also minimum cares required to maintain a stable swimming pool for the family.

Saltwater pool should be tested weekly and monthly for its pH (should be at 7.2-7.6 level), alkalinity, calcium content, free-chlorine level (typically 1-3 ppm) and salt content. Water could be tested using test strips or with a drop test kit.

Visually inspect and clean the cell every 3 months for better performance. Also, keep the filter, pump, and skimmer clean all the time. Smooth water flow will be impeded if these parts are full of debris. Once the water flow is decreased, there is a possibility for the chlorinator to stop producing chlorine.

How to Know if Your Pool Pump Needs Repair or Replacement (Update 2019)

How to Know if Your Pool Pump Needs Repair or Replacement

When to replace your pool pump

The pool pump is an important piece of equipment needed to keep your pool water clean, warm and hygienic. Once the pool pump malfunctioned or worst, it burns out, there are alternatives that could be done.

A new generation of pool pumps coming out of the market are equipped with automatic controls, safety features and could be self-repaired by owners for simple problems. There are various video instructions proliferating in the Internet of DIY’s regarding pool pump repairs.

But not all motor or pump troubles should be self-repaired. There are sometimes complicated problems and troubles that only experts could be trusted on these matters, especially on the electrical aspects.

Any sign of tear and wear should be given notice so as not to make them worst. Additionally, piping system; electrical wiring and other accessories (such as a heater, chlorinator, skimmer, etc.) should be checked regularly for possible mechanical or electrical troubles.

Most manufacturers estimate the service life of their pool pump motors at 8-10 years. To avoid common mistakes that pool owners do when troubleshooting their pump, here are some of the most frequent pump problems.

Common Causes of Pool Pump Failures

• Stock–up or defective bearings

This is the most common trouble pool pumps always encounter. Bearings are vulnerable to shock, vibration, and corrosion. Once the sound of the motor experience abnormality, like a whirring sound, it’s time to replace the bearings.

It is customary to replace both bearings (rear and front) if you find only one bearing (which is always the case) to be defective. Bearings are the most vulnerable parts of the motor as these are the ones that are subject to more stress than any other part of the pump system.

• Stock-up impeller

Impellers are also vulnerable to clogging, especially if the water it is pumping is full of large debris that may accidentally pass through the strainer or filter. Sand filter seldom experienced this phenomenon.
Sometimes, the impeller washer, nuts and diffuser bolts have loosened or worn out and these clogged the system (in addition to large debris such as pieces of leaves, etc.).

• Dehydrated pump during start-up

Pumps should be run with enough water (called priming) on its suction side. Some pump models are self-priming while some are primed manually. In case the motor is run without water on the system, this may over speed the motor shaft because it has no medium that may slow down the speed. The motor should be shut-off immediately to avoid further damage to the system.

Looking to replace your pool pump? Check the 4 Best Pool Pumps to buy in 2019

This over speeding may cause the motor to overheat and burnt-out the windings if not corrected immediately.

• Short circuit

A short circuit occurs when there is the presence of fluid (such as water) inside the motor’s windings. This water (possibly from worn out shaft seal, bad O-rings and defective gaskets) that may seep through during a whole night’s strong rain.

• Oversize or undersize piping system

The common denominator in designing motor size in the regular pool is that the whole water in the pool should be re-circulated within 8 hours. The standard size for piping is 1 to 1-1/2 inches of pipe for suction and discharge sides for family-size above ground swimming pools.

The size of plumbing system may be reduced by one size higher or lower when needed. This may not overwork the motor. This is seldom done when considering the frequency of utilization of the pool. But experts have set this standard to compensate for the subsequent increase and decrease of users in the long run.

• Overheated Motor

When a motor is overloaded (such as sudden increase in ampere reading or sudden surge of grid current, over speeding due to dehydration, bad-bearings and short-circuits, etc.), the motor is more likely to burn-out. Bad bearings/s may cause the stator to rotate unbalance which overheats the windings and consequently burning the coils.

• Burnt Motor Due to Negligence

Yes, this frequently happens. A pool pump rated at 120-volt but accidentally plugged into an outlet having a supply voltage of 220 volts. This is one of the common mistakes that pool owners or other users do when installing power supply or testing the pump.

• Dried up Lubrication of Bearings

Bearings also need lubrication so as not to build up rust, especially when the pool and the pump are seldom used. There are new models of pool pumps that are now in the market which are self-oiling and maintain the right lubricant to keep the bearings run smoothly in any weather.

These types never run dry of lubrication even when not used for long periods. But they have also limited the time period and requires a minimum of maintenance. Better check your Owner’s Manual for instructions.

• Unmatched Pump Assembly

This is also one of the mistakes committed by pool owners: matching a 1-hp motor to the 2-hp impeller or a 2-hp motor to a 1-hp impeller. The drive assembly should have the same power as its counterpart to avoid unmatched parts which may cause unbalanced operation that may overheat or overload either part.

The flanges (of the motor and pump) must also match so that gasket fits and no leak should be observed. The bolt holes on the flanges must also be matched each other to avoid pressure drop that may result from the gap. The pressure drop will prolong the continuous operation of the pump giving you higher electricity bill.
How to Know if Your Pool Pump Needs Repair or Replacement

• Worn out Mechanical Seal

Some pumps are sealed with this type of seal placed in series with the impeller; this wears out with frequent use.

Repair or Replace the Motor?

Choosing between repair and replacement for your pump motor or the entire assembly is one of the hardest parts to tackle. The decision literally rests upon your shoulders. But this article will help you to decide without hesitation on how to choose between repair and replacement. If you’re not super technical and don’t want to spend hours on fixing your pool pump, we recommend buying a new pool pump since you can get great pumps for an affordable price tag.

When to Repair

• When bearings are only the problem. These are easy to replace when you know the steps. As we have stated before, there are videos online that will teach you the proper way. Furthermore, you could hire experts to do this for you. Bearings cost only a fraction of the price for a whole motor unit.

• If the cost of repair is only minimal. In the case of bearing replacement, shaft seal may also be replaced if damaged or already worn out.

• When the impeller is only stock up and not deformed or broken.

• In the case of total wrecked impeller due to serious clogging, this part is only the one needing replacement.

When to Replace

• If the motor had passed its expected life when it encounters serious trouble.

• When you want an upgrade and current design is not appropriate anymore due to increase number of pool users and increase the frequency of maintenance.

Looking to replace your pool pump? Check the 4 Best Pool Pumps to buy in 2019

• If same trouble occurs too often after reparations.

• When you are totally unsatisfied with your current pump’s performance and efficiency.

• In case of a burnt motor, rewinding is also an option only if there is no damage to the motor shaft, motor housing and other essential internal parts of the motor. These damages may result from the burn-out and needed the additional cost to repair.

• If the problem is too much and the cost may likely exceed the price of a new one, like a burnt motor with deformed impeller or damage diffuser, etc.

Lack of Knowledge about Motors

Judging the performance of your pool pump is not rocket science or you need not to be an electrical engineer or an expert to make a decision. The signs are there and they only need to be analyzed to make a smart decision.

In fact, more than 60% of pool owners in the United States have decided to upgrade their pump system as their family and their friends who use the pool grow and increase over time. This also entails an upgrade in motor capacity.

Compare Prices and Benefits of Replacing Old Motor

A brand new motor, whether for replacement or initial use is the best for your pool. If you are a new pool owner, definitely everything must be brand new.
But if budget constraints do not allow you to, make sure that your second-hand equipment is in good running condition, lest they will only give you a headache and cost you more in the long run.

In the olden days, if the cost of repair is more than 57% of the cost of a brand new one, it is more economical to buy the latter (brand new). However, now there are shops that offer advanced repair technology that matches the efficiency of the original. But they vary in cost.

The motor pumps of today are more energy efficient (EE) unlike before. Better check out the real cost of repair (spare parts, service, etc.) so you may know if replacement is cost-effective enough.

Check Warranties

All manufacturers of pool pumps generally warrant their products in the limited time period. Moreover, the majority of manufacturers have 1-year warranty on the unit, barely some offer much longer.
In order to have the warranty honored by the manufacturers, the unit should be free from tampering or remained un-opened (motor and pump) during the duration of the warranty period. Even reparations are covered by warranties issued by the repair shop.

One of the common mistakes pool owners do during the warranty period is replacing the shaft seal. The warranty offered by the manufacturer is voided when there is seal failure.

That’s why if your unit is brand new and experienced abnormality within the prescribed period, better to report it to your dealer. Never try to fix the problem yourself or open up (or disassemble) any part of the pump or motor, otherwise, the warranty will be forfeited. The same goes for repairs.


Pool owners who upgrade their pool pumps and other accessories will surely have a higher initial cost. But considering the new generation of pool pumps in the market today, which are more energy efficient and made through state-of-the-art technology, they are more likely to save more in the long run.

Reparations are only advisable when the cost of repair is way below the total cost of acquiring a new one. The integrity and reliability of serious reparations for major breakdowns are also more likely to bring additional cost as anticipated.

This is also true for new pool owners; utilizing used equipment may bring more nightmares than good night sleeps.

7 Good Reasons Why You Should Get in the Swimming Pool

swimming pool

Why you should swim

We know that sport is very useful to our health. We can play many sports such as: running, basketball, volleyball, material art, soccer, badminton, tennis, yoga…… and if you are still confused and do not know what sport is the best for you then this is my advice, you should go swimming because swimming is one of the best sport that is good for our health. Why? I will give you 7 good reasons why you should get in the swimming pool.


1. Because when you swim, full of your body workout

Although you swim butterfly style or gentle breaststroke style, all of your body workout. Besides, when you exercise in water which helps your body work harder and if you swim in the pool for 30 minutes, it will be equivalent to 45 minutes of the same activities on land. Swimming will make you smarter. According to a study, some kids swim and some kids do not swim and the result is the kids who swim can develop their language better the others who do not swim. The kid swimmers are more confidence, learn faster and remember the lesson better.

2. You will have a general well-being

If you swim 30 minutes each time and 3 times per week you will have a wonderful and healthy body. And remember to have a healthy diet then you will hear the compliments about your body from your friends. Swimming will help your mood better. According to a study, it shows that when you feel depressive, confused, anger, you just go swimming and all these feelings will disappear after swimming. Although you are a professional swimmer or an amateur swimmer, you will always feel better after swimming. If you do not trust me, just try to swim one time.

3. Swimming will help you to relax, reduce stress and raise self-esteem.

When you get stress from your work or your kids, just go swimming and you will have the peaceful feelings. According to scientists, swimming helps lower stress levels and improve the bad feelings. When you feel bored and tired, you just swim about 30 minutes then you will feel better. Besides, according to a survey, 78% of 4000 swimmers agreed that swimming helps to release stress and tension, 58% say that water helps them to feel great about themselves and 80% feel refreshed after swimming. Swimming also helps to lengthen your life. Researchers in California University confirm that swimmers have 60% lower death rate than the others who play the other sports, especially runners and walkers or people who do not exercise.

swimming pool

4. Burning calories very well

Swimming is one of the sports which helps burn the calories the most. When you swim about 30 minutes, you can burn over 200 calories and if you run, you must take 1 hour to burn 200 calories. Swimming burns calories better than running and cycling. Swimming helps to strengthen your muscles. The resistance of water is 40 times better than air, that means you have to work harder in the water to move forward. So you know that if you do exercise on the land you must need expensive equipment to burn your calories. However, you do not need any expensive machine when you swim and the calories you burn when swimming still better than other sports.

5. Swimming helps lower risk of diseases

If you swim 30 minutes per week, it can help you stay away from heart disease, diabetes, stroke. So if you swim more than 30 minutes per week, you will be rarely sick. Besides, it helps to control the level of blood sugar, lower bad cholesterol in your blood, reduce blood pressure. So if you swim regularly, you will always be healthy.

6. Swimming helps your energy higher

If you feel the lack of energy, just go swimming and you will be refresh and feel the energy more powerful. If you can swim 30 minutes every time and 3 times per week you will have a good metabolic rate, that will help your body healthy and strong. Swimming helps to improve your sleep. According to a study, people who swim 3 times per week and half an hour each time will sleep well. Many people cannot sleep at night and after swimming in a short time they have good sleep at night.

7. Do not worry about getting sweat

If you play the other sports, you have to get sweat obviously. However, when you are a swimmer you will never know what sweat is, although you must swim very hard and your body is always clean.
After reading this article, now you know the benefits of swimming and all you need to do is building a swimming pool in your garden and swim every day or at least 3 times per week. To make the swimming pool work effectively, you will need a great pump pool. And now is the time you should look for the best Intex pool pumps.

Tips: Buying the Best Swimming Pool for the Family

How to choose cheap above ground swimming pools

The best family swimming pool

Buying the best swimming pool for the whole family seems difficult to decide. Wait till after you have read this interesting review that will somehow change your perspective or confirm what’s on your mind over the years. Pool for family need not be expensive and not too large or too small for average family size.

The great things about above ground pool is that it could be packed and carried while the family is on vacation, frequently moving and visiting relatives on the countryside during summer and another unplanned getaway.

Above ground swimming pool, for one, is the best for active families which can be shared with friends, friendly neighbors and other relatives visiting your home. This type of pool can be ordered in the set, comes with instructional DVD for assembly and could be transported anywhere you want without damaging its parts.

How to choose cheap above ground swimming pools

Unlike in-ground pools, which can’t be relocated and carried wherever you go, above ground pools can be used indoors (such as a spacious garage), as much as you have space and be used during winter. There are accessories to give you warm water, whenever you decide to brace the coolness of winter.

Above ground swimming pool

This type of swimming pool is now the craze across the US because of its affordability, portability, easy maintenance, durability and ease of use. This kind of pool could be assembled in just a matter of minutes and be taken down at the same time.

Some of the best products of this type are made by Intex, the leader in above ground pools. Intex pools are designed using the latest top-of-the-line technology providing durable, affordable and lightweight pools every family will surely enjoy. Also, some of the most diverse pool supplies are provided by the company upon order.

Most of the above grounds pools are provided with necessary accessories; a pump for Intex pool is usually included upon purchase and come in various horsepower (hp) rating, flow rate, voltage rating and other technical descriptions, you only have to choose which one is right for your intended use.

Above ground, pools are also more comfortable and safer than in-ground swimming pools. The advancement in technology made this kind of pool safer by introducing cutting-edge engineering GFCIs, puncture-resistant and 3-ply materials, efficient filter pumps, non-toxic chemicals for water treatment and other innovations.

Water in above ground pools is made more hygienic, clearer, more sanitized and circulates freely without interrupting the users. Its portability and lightness make the pool to be assembled virtually anywhere, even in the comfort of home.

Swimming pools under $100

There are certainly several types and brands of above ground pools that are priced below $100. They make a lot of difference compared to high-priced ones. Initially, low-price pools are equipped with minor accessories necessary to start the joy of swimming and dipping.

Doheny’s pool may provide some or all of your needs regarding accessories, chemicals for water treatment and other stuff related to pool maintenance.

Generally, pools under $100 are easy to find, however, their limited use and limited accessories may entail some other purchases for tools and equipment that are, luckily, also inexpensive. Swimming pools for kids often fall within this price range. Cheap above ground swimming pools are not necessarily inferior in quality than high-priced ones.

Choose the Best Swimming Pool for the Kids

Superior quality swimming pools under $100 are still worth every penny. But just like what we have said, some additional accessories may be required to have these bundles of joy and recreation totally serviceable and reusable for the whole family.

Some Intex pools do come under this price and they are sufficient enough to make your kids tumbling for joy once you assembled you package. While the company provides the needed accessories for their pools upon order, complete and finest pool supplies are delivered to you overnight (from coast to coast). Now, that’s what we call a really express service!

Doheny’s Pools supplies

Touted as one of the best suppliers of pool accessories, free and express shipping, Doheny’s pools supplies the lowest price in the online market. They deliver fast, with a guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction for every item you order for your pool.

This family-owned company really knows the needs of every family across the globe. The complete line of products the company offers include chemicals, equipment, cleaners, liners, covers, and many others, both for in-ground and above ground pools.

Prices on this supplier are better than the store has a huge inventory and are authorized by respected manufacturers to supply your much-needed stuff fast and sure.

Best above ground pools

Above ground swimming pools for sale are either cheap or expensive, reasonably priced ones are a rarity and should be treated with intense scrutiny and further thinking. While the family’s welfare matters most regarding your purchase of above ground swimming pools, it should be thought wisely as you may end up buying the worst product.

This review intends to give light on the best possible alternatives that suit your budget, needs, and intended use of the product. While some products are laced with promises and false claims you have no chances of knowing through various media, allow us to give you some tips of the best value for your money.

The perfect swimming pool for the family is that where everyone is happy, satisfied and completes their day smiling without any doubt as to the effect of water on their health. Compared to in-ground pools, above ground pools are easier to maintain the crystal clear water and taking out floating debris. Covering it is also easier as you only need small sizes for it and could be done by only one person.

Here is one of the perfect examples of one of the best above ground pools in the market today. This is the result of our extensive research and studies done during the writing of this review.

In review: Intex 12ft X 30in Metal Frame Pool Set

This Intex pool is ideal for families having 4-5 members (2 adults, 2-3 kids) as it is too crowded when used by more than 5 big people. The dimension (12-ft X 30-in, that’s diameter and depth, respectively) is more than enough to make the family enjoy the fun and excitement while being totally safe under the summer sun.

This product is truly safe to use as it has GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) mounted on its circuit breaker. This system enables the flow of current to seize when it sense abnormality in its flow, making electrocution impossible. A very safe feature, indeed!

Intex 12ft X 30in Metal Frame Pool Set
Intex 12ft X 30in Metal Frame Pool Set

This 110-120V, metal framed and super strong above ground pool has Super-Tough laminated PVC (polyvinyl chloride) walls. It has an easy to detach drain plug connected to a garden hose so that when you drain, it does not make a mess or flood your backyard.

The pool could be easily assembled in just 3 easy steps: by spreading, setting-up and lastly by filling it with water. It can hold up to 1,718 gals of water while its provided pump for Intex pool (filter pump) can suck and pump 530 gals (2006L) of water per hour and could deliver this to the pool at 475 GPH (1,798 LPH) flow rate. Just hook up the hoses and you are ready to roll and crawl!

The pool is made of a 3-ply puncture-proof composite material that lasts longer than any other brand. This pool offers dual suction outlet fittings making water circulation so efficient. One of the best buys, indeed!


The best swimming pool for the family need not be more elaborate and time-consuming. The Intex above ground pools is way better than any other brand because of its dependability, affordability, versatility, safety, and durability.

Add to that, Doheny’s pools supplies adds up to your dependable supplier of pool accessories and other stuff which is budget-friendly and delivers much quicker than any other supplier. Everything is just made easy for you!