The 3 Best 1.5 HP Pool Pumps To Buy in 2018

1.5 hp pool pump

A Complete guide to 1.5 HP Pool Pumps

There are more than two dozen brands of pool pumps. You have scores of models to choose from if you need a 1.5 HP pool pump. Many of these brands cater to different horsepower demands in the same model lineup so you can scale up or down. Most of these families of pool pumps are compatible with existing setups, thereby facilitating retrofitting. You may not even need additional tools, adapters or connectors.

The same companies that dominate the market in 1 HP pool pumps and 2 HP pool pumps categories also have a degree of omnipresence in 1.5 HP pool pump. The likes of Hayward and Blue Wave are undisputed bestsellers right now in the 1 HP category. The 1.5 HP pool pump category is presently dominated by A.O. Smith, Waterway Plastics and Hayward.

The 3 Best 1.5 Pool Pumps

1.  Hayward CC15093S XStream 1.5 HP Above-Ground Pool Filter Pump System

Hayward is a market leader when it comes to pool pumps. This 1.5 HP pool pump is also the most expensive on our list. The model has a 1 HP variant as well. The XStream model comes with a noncorrosive glass reinforced filter tank. This is expected to offer years of uninterrupted operation without having any troubles whatsoever. The model has a safety catch which is quite unique. It prevents excessive tightening of the lid and hence secures the filter efficiently for greater performance. The life of the filter is prolonged compared to other models. The larger filter makes way for even distribution of debris and dirt during the filtering process. This is easily one of the more reliable pool pumps for above ground filtration. It can work just as easily with rigid or flexible plumbing.

XStream is a combination of pump systems and cartridge filter that enhance the efficiency, efficacy, and durability of pool pumps given its reliable filtering. The filtering cycles are much more effective and efficient. The capacity of debris and dirt is much greater compared to models in the same range and hence you need not have as many chores while using it in the peak of summer. The model also has an Easy-Lok that basically is a ring design enabling quick and easy access to internal components. All you have to do is turn it once. The pool pump weighs seventy-five pounds and measures thirty inches by twenty-two inches by thirty-eight inches. Hayward CC15093S is presently selling at just less than five hundred dollars.

There is one pertinent reason why most people who are buying this XStream pump are not considering other models of different brands. That is its filtration mechanism. When you have a ton of debris of all kinds of materials to deal with after winter and a few weeks into spring, there is not much standard pool pumps can do. Most will be unable to deal with the insurmountable debris. There are algae and other potentially dangerous contaminants. Even if some pumps are capable of generating enough power, the debris baskets get jam-packed soon enough and this calls for repeated manual intervention. These would cease to be issues with the Hayward CC15093S XStream. It is one of the more expensive options at your discretion but that may be totally worthwhile.

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2.  A.O. Smith Century ST1152

A.O. Smith is one of the most trusted brands for a plethora of household appliances including outdoor types of equipment for a patio, garden, and lawn. The A.O. Smith Century “Conservationist” ST1152 Replacement Pool Motor is presently one of the highest rated 1.5 HP pool pumps. It is an energy efficient, single speed and full rated model measuring nine inches by eleven inches by twenty and a half inches. It weighs just over twenty-nine pounds. The shipped box weighs thirty-six pounds. A.O. Smith has managed to make a powerful motor that operates quietly.

The ST1152 can generate 3450 RPM. Setting it up is easy. If you are considering a replacement for your old motor, then this one is definitely a better choice than the UP motors and others with Service Factors of 1.0 or so. The ST1152 is more reliable, dependable, efficient and effective. If the track record of A.O. Smith in this niche is anything to go by then the ST1152 may very well last a decade or longer for most people. It should also be noted that the motor is considerably more affordable compared to similar 1.5 HP pool pump motors of Hayward and other brands that are of the same repute. You are unlikely to experience any issues with bolting and sealing. The fit is perfect.

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3. Waterway Plastics PH2150-6 1.5 HP Pool Pump

This is a two speed 1.5 HP pool pump from Waterway Plastics capable of generating up to 3450 RPM. The above ground pool pump runs on 115 Volts and comes with a large debris basket. The model has a large lint and hair trap. The low-speed setting generates 1725 RPM. The pool pump has been completely designed, engineered and produced by Waterway Plastics. The thirty pounds pool pump is eleven inches by twenty inches by nine inches. The shipped box weighs around thirty-two pounds.

There are some finer elements that you should be aware of. If you have had a Waterway pump before and are considering this one as a replacement or upgrade, then you should keep the old brackets and the power cord. The new one comes with a shorter power cord. It does not require all the brackets to be mounted. Only two shall suffice but do not worry about safety or operational efficiency. Two are enough for secure installation. The three feet power cord may be sufficient for many but some may find it a little too short. You can always go for a longer cord.

Two of the most noteworthy strengths of this 1.5 HP pool pump is its quiet operation and the impact on your energy consumption. You can use it for ten to twelve hours a day if you need but you will not notice a concerning spike on your electricity bill. The quiet operation really makes this pump a desirable option. You can forget about the neighbors complaining of the noise, even you will fail to notice any unpleasant noise as the pump gets to work.

There have been some issues with claiming the warranty for some buyers. There are many retailers or sellers of the model, as you may be aware of how things work on global marketplaces or e-commerce sites. The individual seller or retailer may not be too forthcoming when you have a problem with a new pump that is still within the ambit of warranty. You can directly get in touch with Waterway and they shall take it forward. Make sure you have the original manufacturer’s warranty for the Waterway Plastics 1.5 HP pool pump you buy.

The only time when this pump will have a noticeable operation is when you crank it up to its highest speed setting and when it scales up to 3450 RPM. You do not need such a high power output when it simply has to be functional. You will need such a setting when you are in the pool. That is not all the time. Keep the speed setting in check so you consume less power and spend less money on electricity. Installation is easy and the listed price itself is not much of a concern. However, it is substantially costlier than the A.O. Smith pump motor. Waterway Plastics has a pricing policy similar to Hayward.

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Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools Review

Intex Pool Pump Overview

A pool pump with a sand filter on its line is like a mini water purifier that makes water more than sparklingly clean. The Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump is an ideal device to keep your pool’s water immaculately clean.
There are lots of benefits, not only for the pool water but also for the whole family when using this type of pump. Find out what are those benefits and more regarding this pool pump.


Main Features of Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump

• With 6- Function Control

Unlike conventional pool pump without a sand filter, this pump has 6-function control valve which permits homeowners do the following with their pump: to filter, to backwash and rinse, to recirculate the water after cleansing, then drain and subsequently close the system.

• Much Longer Life for Pump and Piping System

Contrary to popular belief, sand filter does not clog easily. The purifying nature of sand enables the water to have absolute cleanliness and the water really becomes very clear. It also prolongs the life of the pump because sand filter also decreases hardness in water that minimizes dissolved salt which contains calcium, magnesium, iron or the soap that may be present in the pool water. These elements may form as deposit or scale inside the piping system.

• Health Benefits for Users

This Intex Sand Filter Pump also eliminates odor, taste and balance the pH level of the water to neutral (pH= 7) which is safe for kids in case they accidentally ingest water from the pool.

• Equipped with GCFI

This pump is equipped with GCFI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) which is similar to a thermal overload relay (TOR) only this one offers more safety features. This device eliminates the hazard of electrocution wherein the system current is cut off whenever the breaker sense abnormality in its flow.
The best example is when the electrical line is contaminated with water; all current flowing to the pump including its accessories will be cut-off in a blink of an eye making the whole system safer to swimmers.

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 1050 GPH System Flow Rate, 110-120V with GFCI

• Strong Motor with Built-in Timer

The powerful motor of this pump has a 24-hour timer so setting up the maintenance is automatic and much simpler.


Ideal for softening and purifying pool water: By using sand filter pump, unlike conventional pool pumps, the water is purified of algae, pathogens, odor and taste without the aid of chemicals.
Includes strainer basket: The water goes first on the strainer basket before it goes to the sand filter to block larger debris so that the cartridge will not be damaged easily.
Low maintenance: The pump does not require regular maintenance. The sand is recommended for replacement only once in 5 years, this really saves you a lot.
Slow mover: The flow rate of this pump is relatively low, at only 20GPM (1,200 gallons per hour). This pump is not for those who want quick circulation of water.

Buying Guide

This pool pump is proven safe and effective in treating pool water especially those who are suffering from allergy on acidic or basic (high pH) pool water. The most affordable price is being offered by Amazon.

Review Summary

The affordable price of the Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools is not only what customers get, but also its health benefits and the utmost safety in operation which other above ground pool pumps could not offer.