Dolphin Premier Review 2019- Should you buy it?

dolphin premier

What is the Dolphin Premier

Maytronics is a renowned manufacturer of robotic pool cleaners. These guys have given us incredible automatic pool cleaners over the years and the 2018 Dolphin Premier is one of their best machines yet. This robotic cleaner has been designed to meet the constantly changing needs of all pool owners. It features some of the newest cleaning technologies giving it the capability to clean both your pool floor and the sides.

What makes it an even more exciting cleaner is that it will deliver unmatched pool cleaning without compromising on energy efficiency. Yes, thanks to new technological gadgets, the Dolphin Premier will leave your pool sparkling clean and unlike its competitors, it won’t leave you with a hefty energy bill.

It gets even better! For its price tag, the Dolphin Premier gets to achieve a lot more than what we are used to seeing from other cleaners within this price range. Now, don’t get us wrong by thinking that it is cheap. No, it isn’t. This piece of equipment will actually cost you an excess of $1,000! What we are trying to tell you is that for your $1000+, you will receive so much more than what other typical cleaners within this range have to offer.

Here are some of the machine’s best features that we really fell in love with:

Anti-tangle Swivel

Maytronics refer to this feature as the Patented 360-degree Anti-Tangle Swivel. The system allows the cleaner to move around different parts of your pool without tangling the cable. This basically means that you will no longer have to pull your cleaner out of the pool to untangle the cables. At least not as often as you are used to.

Another brilliant thing about this system is that it has made navigation of the cleaner a lot easier. The Dolphin Premier will move through your pool navigating around all obstacles and corners without getting stuck. You can rely on this cleaner to do a fantastic throughout your pool with minimal supervision.

Four Cleaning Mode

The Dolphin Premier is capable of cleaning all types of debris thanks to its unbeatable 4-modes of cleaning. These modes include the micro-cartridge filter that removes small algae and bacteria, a standard cartridge for cleaning sand, dirt and other visible contaminants and the debris bags which collect large debris such as leaves and twigs. Switching from one mode to another is super easy and hence you shouldn’t waste any time on that.

It is due to this capability that the Dolphin Premier is considered an excellent option for pools exposed to different types of dirt. If your outdoors is usually windy with lots of leaves and other debris finding their way into your pool, this cleaner will unburden you from the heavy cleaning task.

The four cleaning modes combined with the cleaner’s power mean that the Dolphin Premier will clean a completely dirty pool in just two or three run-throughs! You simply cannot achieve that with an older model.

PowerClean Brushes

While on the subject of cleaning modes, you will be delighted to find out that the Dolphin Premier features PowerClean Brushes. My guess is you won’t really get to appreciate the incredible job that these brushes do until you see them in action. You can check out various videos online on just how powerful and efficient these brushes are.

The two high-speed spinning PowerClean brushes are directed by a software installed in the cleaner. It allows them to remove even the finest of dirt stuck in your pool’s walls and surface. The brushes will reach deep into the pool’s floor, corners and waterline ensuring that every single inch of your pool’s floor is cleaned.


Maytronics have installed a smart navigation system that guides the cleaner through your pool. This software scans your entire pool and maps down the best paths to take. The scan and the paths created by this software ensure that the cleaner doesn’t just clean the pool for the sake of it. Instead, it will follow paths that will do the cleaning efficiently thus saving on energy costs.

This intelligent software also makes sure that the cleaner does not go through paths that it has already cleaned. This is how it saves you both time and energy.

It’s through the SmartNav that the Dolphin Premier gets to detect and avoid obstacles. You can unleash this cleaner into your pool and leave it to do several rounds without worrying about it getting stuck on various obstacles or cleaning the same spot over and over.

HyperGrip Continuous Rubber Tracks

If you have seen the online videos of this cleaner cruising through dirty pool floors and wondered how exactly it achieved this, then here is the secret. The Dolphin Premier is fitted with HyperGrip continuous rubber tracks and not standard wheels.

These rubber tracks provide a firm footing that will keep the cleaner in place as the PowerClean Brushes scrub dirt out of your pool’s floor. The possibility of water causing a loss of friction is completely eliminated here.

Another benefit of these rubber tracks is that the movement of the cleaner has been made much easier. The Dolphin Premier will move around your floor and climb over steps, walls and drains effortlessly.

Modular Design

Typically, you’d expect an advanced robotic cleaner such as the Dolphin Premier to have a highly sophisticated design but that’s not the case here. Maytronics made this cleaner using modular component design to the benefit of all its owners.

That means that you can remove and replace the cleaning systems, motors and other electronics used with ease.

Limitations of the Dolphin Premier

Unfortunately, not everything is merry about this particular equipment. One of the biggest complaints from most of its owners was about how the remote was unnecessarily complex, slow and very unresponsive. This will be very annoying if you’ll be using the remote frequently.

Another issue raised by new owners of the cleaner was on how terrible the instruction manual is. Most people won’t comprehend a lot of the details contained in there and this may delay or even affect how you will end up using the cleaner. To avoid all this, you should look up video reviews of the cleaner on YouTube.

Dolphin Premier Specs

  • 22lb dry weight
  • 2 ½ hours cleaning cycle
  • Can be used with a remote control
  • Dual 24-volt DC energy-efficient motors
  • Designed for both in-ground and above-ground pools
  • 3-Year warranty


  • Offers four filtration options
  • Easy to maintain thanks to its modular design
  • 360-degree anti-tangle swivel
  • Highly effective SmartNav mapping system
  • Energy efficient
  • Powerful scrubbing ability


  • The instruction manual can be very difficult to understand
  • Quite costly
  • The big debris bag can prove difficult to clean
  • Not very effective in cleaning steps


The $1,000 plus price tag may look very scary to a lot of people. Rightfully so. But when you sit down and look at what this cleaner can achieve and the cost for its performance, you will realize that the Dolphin Premier is actually worth every dollar you pay. This machine will make your pool cleaning less tedious and expensive and isn’t this what every pool owner wants?

Dolphin Pool Cleaner Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s

dolphin pool cleaner

What is the Dolphin Pool Cleaner?

Gone are the days when we had to spend countless hours cleaning our pools manually. Thanks to advanced technology, we now have efficient machines that are more than capable of cleaning pools with minimal to zero supervision. These machines allow us to carry on with other more valuable tasks and come back to find our pools ready for use. This has not only made pool maintenance tasks easy but also more time-saving.

Dolphin Pool Cleaners are perfect examples of robotic cleaners that are designed to clean your pool’s surface and walls without your assistance. These equipment are designed to map your pool, all its edges and its steps allowing them to move around with ease to ensure that every single inch of your pool is cleaned.

While almost everything about dolphin pool cleaners is exciting, not all dolphin cleaners are effective. Some are more powerful than others while others are made exclusively for certain types of pools. This makes choosing one cleaner over the other a bit difficult. We are here to take all the complexity away by giving you a comprehensive guide that should help you find the perfect cleaner for your pool. We will provide you with all the crucial factors that you have to analyze before settling for one particular cleaner. This way, you will be guaranteed that your money is going into good use and that the equipment you are investing in is going to give you everything you were looking for.

Choosing a Dolphin Pool Cleaner

  • Type of pool

All robotic cleaners are designed to deliver the same result but how they work is very different. Some are suited for in-ground pools while others are designed for above ground pools. You must ensure that the cleaner you are purchasing is intended for your pool.

Other than looking at the type of your pool, you also have to consider the kind of liner you have. If you buy a dolphin pool cleaner meant for concrete liners and used it on a vinyl surface, you risk damaging the liner. Worse, you could end up destroying both the coating and the cleaner. To avoid such losses, make sure that you read through the specifications of the cleaner to see the type of pool and the liners that it works with. The good news is that some cleaners are versatile enough to be used with different liners without causing any damages.

It is also at this point that you have to ask yourself questions such as how many corners does my pool have? How sharp are the edges? What’s the shape of my pool? Are there any slopes in my pool? These questions are vital because they determine the maneuverability of the cleaner that you are buying. If you are buying a cleaner for a pool with slopes and sharp corners you have to make sure that it is highly mobile for thorough cleaning. Get the answers to these questions and read through the specs of the cleaner you are buying and the user reviews to get an idea of how they perform before placing your order.

  • The purpose of the pool

A residential pool is very different from a commercial pool in that the former typically requires less maintenance compared to the latter. There are also cases where residential pools are heavily used for community purposes and other uses, and hence they also need a lot of attention in cleaning. Knowing the purpose or rather how heavily your pool is used should inform you of the type of cleaner that you need. How so? The heaviest used pools are usually the dirtiest, and hence they need potent cleaners that can run for long hours. They also need cleaners with huge debris bags to hold all the dirt. As you can expect, such cleaners are expensive. On the other hand, if your pool isn’t used that much then you don’t need to invest in such a costly cleaner yet you can get another one at a more affordable price to do the job just as good.

  • The pool’s surrounding

If trees surround your pool or if it is exposed to winds, then you can expect it to collect a lot of dirt. Consequently, the workload of the cleaner in such a pool will be a lot higher compared to a pool that is shielded from leaves and other dirt. To deal with the huge workload, you will need a powerful dolphin cleaner, and this will also cost you more. In some cases, we advise pool owner to consider shielding their pools against such elements and buy a less powerful but efficient cleaner. Unfortunately, this only makes sense if the cost of covering your pool is less than that of investing in a powerful cleaner. If it isn’t or if you cannot shield the pool, you will have to go for a powerful cleaner. You may also consider the fact that shielding your pool will not only save you from buying an expensive cleaner but will also reduce the frequency of cleaning it.

There are various other factors that you may also consider for better performance. These include energy efficiency, durability, lightweight, swivel cord, cleaning cycles, programmable timers, wheels and the ability to climb steps and walls. These factors will help you land on an efficient and easy to use dolphin cleaner which may cost a lot, but you’ll get great value from it.

Best Dolphin Cleaners

Here are the top three dolphin cleaners in the market at the moment:

  1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin Nautilus Plus is the best-selling dolphin cleaner in the market right now. This equipment features a CleaverClean Tech and a swivel system that provides effective cleaning without the need for tangles. The cleaner comes with scrubbers that brush the dirt off your pool’s floor and walls. This ensures that not a single piece of leaf or other sediment is left stuck on the pool’s surface. The dirt is then vacuumed into the easy-to-access and clean filter cartridge system located at the top. The craziest part is that all of this can be done on in-ground pools as deep as 50 feet in less than two and a half hours!

To ensure that all dirt, algae, biofilm, and bacteria have no place in your pool is a PowerClean Brush. This brush spins at insane RPMs scrubbing dirt away from your waterline, surface, skin, coves, and walls. This has been enhanced further by the HyperGrip Tracking System that mounts the cleaner in place while it is scrubbing the surface. Needless to say that all of this is achieved without damaging the liner of your pool.

The Dolphin Nautilus has also been designed with advanced technology that allows it to scan your pool, its dimension, and shapes before it starts working. With this analysis, the cleaner will move from one corner of the pool to the next with ease ensuring that every inch is covered without the need for close supervision. The patented swivel also makes sure that the cable doesn’t interfere with the movement of the cleaner. Something else that we really loved about the Dolphin Nautilus Plus is how it does an amazing job regardless of the surface, size or shape of your pool. This flexible cleaner will work with almost all types of pool and pool liners out there.


  • Features a weekly timer that triggers the cleaner into action automatically
  • The cartridge filter system is easy to access for thorough cleaning
  • Works with almost all pool surfaces
  • The patented swivel cable prevents the annoying tangling


  • It might be dangerous to vinyl liners
  • It doesn’t come with a storage stand

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  1. Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

The 2018 Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is one of the most creative cleaners ever made. With the Smart-Nav software, the cleaner does a thorough job in a very organized manner. You won’t see this cleaner moving from one part of the pool to another like a blinded animal. Instead, the Smart-Nav allows it to continuously scan your pool’s surface to establish efficient cleaning patterns. It will also detect any debris left behind and come back to clean it for the second time. It’s also through this software that it detects ladders and drains allowing it to react accordingly to prevent getting stuck in one spot. With this advanced technology, the equipment has also managed to reduce electricity consumption by almost 87%! So, the 2018 Premier Dolphin is not only effective but also very energy efficient.

The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner also features a dual scrubbing system that brushes your pool’s surface vigorously. This frees debris thus making the vacuum’s work a lot easier and faster.

This cleaner also features a 360-degree tangle-free rotation swivel system that saves you the inconvenience of having to deal with tangled cables. You can also choose between four types of media all within the same cleaner.


  • Saves almost 87% of energy
  • Comes with four different media to choose from
  • Comes with an oversized debris bag and a dual filter cartridge
  • Dual scrubbing system that brushes the surfaces before the vacuum action
  • The 360-degree swivel system provides a tangle-free experience
  • Comes with a 3-year hassle-free warranty


  • Accessing the filter is a bit of an issue
  • Large pieces of debris may keep the cleaner stuck in one place

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  1. Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner with Dual Scrubbing Brushes

This user-friendly dolphin cleaner is designed to clean pool floors, coves and walls with ease. The cleaner features dual scrubbing brushes that help to remove stuck debris which is then collected to the huge bag. The big debris bag reduces the frequency of emptying and cleaning it. When you have to clean the filters, removing and reinstalling them is super easy. There is really no reason why you shouldn’t keep it clean.

The Dolphin Nautilus Robotic cleaner is also designed with advanced technology for scanning the pool’s surface for proper cleaning. It uses this technology to create cleaning patterns that ensure every part of the pool is cleaned without consuming too much energy.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Energy efficient
  • Patented swivel cable for tangle-free operations
  • Comes with both spring clean-up filter and cartridge filter


  • You will need to remove four screws to clean the machine
  • It doesn’t work well with angled pools

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Conclusion on Dolphin pool cleaner

The above information entails everything that you need to know about dolphin pool cleaners. With this guide, we are confident that you are going to make a wise decision when purchasing your next pool cleaner. You can also choose any of the three highly-rated dolphin cleaners discussed above. They offer great value for your money, and that’s why hundreds of other pool owners use them. There is no reason why your pool shouldn’t be sparkling clean 24/7.

Kreepy Krauly Legend Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s

kreepy krauly legend

Introduction to the Kreepy Krauly Legend

Pentair has been making pool accessories for over 50 years now. They have quite a lot of equipment, and the one thing common in most of them is their incredible performance. Looking at pool cleaners, Pentair has one of the best product lines out there, the Kreepy Krauly. This consists of different types of pool cleaners including pressure, suction and robotic cleaners all of which are popular for their exceptional performance in cleaning different pool floors.

The Kreepy Krauly Legend is one of their latest pool cleaners perfectly designed for almost all types of pool floors. This pressure pool cleaner is capable of handling even the biggest of debris for effective cleaning. It also features a turbo action with regulator valves that provide high cleaning power to ensure that no dirt is left behind. In summary, the Kreepy Krauly LL505G is so much more than a typical pressure cleaner. It’s overall construction, and features have been enhanced to make your pool cleaning exercise not just easy but highly efficient.

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Here is everything else you need to know about this equipment:


The Kreepy Krauly Legends weighs approximately 22.7lbs. Its, therefore, not very bulky and this makes maneuverability a lot easier. It comes with four wheels useful for both movement and the stability necessary to ensure that it never topples over. Its overall design is also compact for easy storage whenever it is not in use.

One thing that you will notice from the pool’s construction is that it is made of premium material. These have given the pressure cleaner quite a long lifespan, and hence you will never have to worry about frequent breakdowns or to buy a replacement soon.

How does the Kreepy Krauly work?

The Kreepy krauly LL505G feature a massive debris bag, a vacuum capacity and a set of scrubbers all of which work together to keep your pool clean. The scrubbers usually play the first role which involves brushing the dirt and debris stuck on the floor. This is key as it ensures that all the dirt is free and easy to collect. The vacuum capacity then starts to suck the freed dirt into the big debris bag. One thing that makes this pressure cleaner highly effective is the large throat which allows large particles of dirt to be sucked in. With the equally big debris bag, the cleaner will do its task for quite some time before you have to empty and redeploy the cleaner again. If your pool is not very dirty, then you’ll be able to clean the entire floor without having to deploy the cleaner more than once!

Just because the throat is made big enough to suck large particles doesn’t mean that the cleaner isn’t as effective in cleaning fine dirt. The vacuum’s suction is powerful enough to capture small debris keeping your pool clean against both big and small particles of debris.

To make the vacuum capacity more useful is a booster pump. Unfortunately, this pump doesn’t come with the cleaner, but instead, you have to buy it separately.

One annoying thing that most pool owners have to deal with is stuck cleaners. This problem is very common especially when the cleaners move near sharp corners or on the stairs. Pentair has dealt with this issue by installing back pressure valves that come into action every three and a half minutes. These valves help in distributing water from the rear end ensuring that the cleaner remains mobile. The cleaner, therefore, requires less intervention from you and this gives you time to focus on other things.

We also cannot avoid mentioning that the LL505G is a front-wheel drive powered cleaner. It is extremely powerful, and this is why the equipment is one of the fastest cleaners in the market. On average, the Kreepy Krauly Legend takes between 1 to 3 hours to clean relatively big swimming pools. Of course, the significant power comes with stability concerns. Don’t worry though because the Pentair have fitted the cleaner with four-wheel that play a vital role in providing a firm grip when the cleaner is being used. It is also thanks to these wheels that the cleaner can work on inclined surfaces with no issues at all.

Massive Debris Bag

The Pentair LL505G features a substantial heavy-duty debris bag capable of handling both large and small dirt including pebbles, leaves, and fur. It is fitted with Velcro which makes removing the bag to empty dirt and cleans it easily. It has a twisting lock design to secures the bag in place.


We all love equipment that is flexible enough to be used on different occasions. The Pentair LL505G is one of such cleaners. This device can be used on different pool surfaces including tiles, concrete, and vinyl.

Advantages of the Kreepy Krauly Legend

  • Comes with a filter bad
  • It is lightweight
  • It works pretty fast
  • It can clean both pool bottom surface and the walls
  • The back pressure valves are automated to keep the cleaner moving thus cleaning your pool thoroughly
  • It features dual thrust jets
  • It has a colossal debris bag capable of collecting lots of dirt without frequent emptying
  • The debris bag features a snap-lock system for easy maintenance and effective containment of dirt
  • It works with different pool surfaces; fiberglass, vinyl, concrete and gunite
  • The four wheels offer maximum balance and maneuverability
  • It is reasonably priced


  • The hose is a bit too long and may need to be cut
  • You have to purchase the booster pump separately
  • Some customers have complained of the unit getting stuck especially in square-cornered steps
  • The hose isn’t fitted with a swivel, and this causes a lot of tangling up

The verdict on the Kreepy Krauly

The Kreepy Krauly has everything you would need in a pool cleaner. To start with, it comes from a reputable brand with vast experience in making high-performance pool equipment. The cleaner is also very efficient, and it doesn’t even require much babysitting to get it working. It will clean your pool in less than 3 hours. Emptying, cleaning and reattaching the debris bag is a breeze. The best part? All of this comes at a very reasonable price that most pool owners can meet. So yes, the Pentair LL505G is absolutely worth your money.

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Polaris 280 Review- Pro’s & Con’s

polaris 280

A Complete Guide to the Polaris 280 

Polaris 280, officially branded as Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner and also known as Polaris 280 Automatic Pool Cleaner, is designed to clean dust, dirt, leaves, pebbles and other debris from your pool. The robot can effectively clean the bottom of the pool, the corners, and the walls. It may also somewhat clean the stairs. Polaris 280 is not the only pressure pool cleaners from Zodiac. The company makes several variants. The 280 has a published price of $539.99. There may or may not be any discount available when you buy. There is a 280 variant with Trax. The Polaris 360 is another popular and more powerful variant. Polaris 360 or Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner is fully automatic and it does not need a booster pump. It uses triple jets, whereas the Polaris 280 has two.


This line of Polaris cleaners is named as Vac-Sweep because they can vacuum and sweep the bottom and the walls of in-ground pools. The Polaris 280 is capable of cleaning all types of in-ground pools regardless of shape and size but it needs a booster pump. The robot has a tail sweep and can be hooked with a one and a half inch dedicated pressure cleaner line. The feed hose is thirty-one feet long. The robot itself is twenty inches by twenty-three inches by ten inches and weighs just over six pounds. Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 is powerful, effective and efficient. It features the three-wheel design and can vacuum, scrub and sweep the walls and bottom of any in-ground pool. It uses double jets for a faster cleaning session. Left to its own, the robot can clean a standard pool in less than three hours.

Like the other variants in this line, Polaris 280 has a large enough filter bag for debris. The booster pump needs to be purchased separately. You can consider PB4-60. The energy efficient cleaner has a rugged construction and utilitarian design. It is compact and durable. Using the 280 is easy. There are accessories available should you need them. They are not very costly. The 280 is reasonably priced. It is a premium product but does not come with a hefty price tag. Some of the other such cleaners that are priced twice as much offer similar results.

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Review of Polaris 280 Features

Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 can effectively vacuums, scrub and sweep algae, dirt, dust, acorns, pebbles, and leaves among other kinds of small or sizeable debris. The sweeping and vacuuming functions are definitely praiseworthy and it also has a tail that works quite effectively. It can actually move the tail as if it is lashing out at the surface of the pool, be it walls or bottom, and can extract some of the stains that are quite difficult to get rid of. The tail is also capable of reaching tricky corners that some other pressure pool cleaners are unable to reach. The two jets may seem to be a little inferior compared to the triple jets in the 360 model but you will not have such an assessment when you use the 280. The cycle is efficient and fast. Not many cleaners can attend to a standard swimming pool in three hours or less.

Polaris 280 is a truly reliable and utilitarian device. It is actually compatible with pools of all shapes and sizes. The hose length is standard for Polaris pressure cleaners. You can get an additional hose if you want, especially if you have a larger than usual pool. The 280 model has a similar design as the other variants. The design is practical and intelligent. The single chamber bag attached with the filter can conveniently hold pebbles, leaves and other kinds of debris. This directly influences the load your filtration system in the pool will have to manage. Both the robot and the filtration system in your pool have a prolonged life owing to the effective filter and the sizeable bag.

Polaris 280 comes with a backup valve that allows the device to get out of tricky situations so it does not get stuck somewhere. This can be an issue if you are not really monitoring the cleaning session. It is possible for other such cleaners to get stuck at one tricky corner and be unable to function for a long time before you notice. The Polaris 280 keeps doing the job and overcomes such hurdles. There are cleaners that use more complex or sophisticated systems to scan for dangers or tricky spaces but it is something as simple as the backup valve activation that takes care of the entire premise. The 280 comes with reliable wheels that provide a firm grip. The robot works fine on vinyl, concrete and tiles among other surfaces. There will be no scour mark on the floor or walls of your pool.

Pros of Polaris 280

Polaris 280 has a sturdy construction. The materials used are reliable. The vacuuming and sweeping are effective. The tail lashing away and cleaning even after the robot has scrubbed, vacuumed and swept a part of the floor of the pool is a bonus. The wheels move efficiently. The cleaning is fast and effective. The full automation option frees up time for users. The backup valve activation enables the robot to find its own way and it will not get stuck at one point for hours, rather helplessly if you are not observant enough. The hose length is thirty-one feet which is pretty much a standard. The compatibility of the device in regards to all kinds of in-ground pools deserves a mention. There are plenty of extensions available so you will not experience any dearth of options if you need some add-ons.

Using a reliable booster pump makes the cleaner more effective. You can pick a Polaris pump to be sure of compatibility and to get the maximum efficiency and power out of the entire unit working in tandem. The filter and the bag definitely make the robot more relevant. There could be some issues in cleaning the stairs of a pool but this model is capable of attending to them, especially for submerged stairs.

Cons of Polaris 280

The biggest shortcoming of the 280 is the dependence on a booster pump. Many people who have owned pool cleaners that functioned without booster pumps will find this to be additional investment. This is one reason why many still go for the Polaris 360 that operates independently of a booster pump. A booster pump may consume sufficient energy, in addition to what the cleaner will take up so this is also something you may want to consider at the outset.

Zodiac usually offers lucid instructions and the manual of Polaris 280 is not an exception. However, first-time users may find a few instructions a little difficult to comprehend or implement. Make sure you get everything right as that shall determine whether or not the device is effective and efficient as it must be. There aren’t any other major issues regarding the 280. You will have to take proper care and invest in timely maintenance. You need not to replace any part or component unless the device is malfunctioning. Use the standard maintenance tips of the manufacturer.


The Polaris 280 is a reliable pool cleaner. It is not the cheapest but definitely reasonable compared to some of the more expensive options. The brand is credible and the model has been purchased by thousands of people around the country.

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Polaris 360 Review 2019- Pro’s & Con’s

polaris 360

A Complete guide to the Polaris 360 

With the right machine, cleaning your pool is as easy as spending time in the swimming pool. The best pool cleaners are so simple to use and work so efficiently ensuring that all pool owners can rest easy knowing that their reliable cleaner is doing the difficult task for them. This may sound expensive but not all cleaners are that costly, and not all of them require frequent and costly maintenance. Some of them don’t even consume too much power, and this makes sure that your electricity bills don’t skyrocket just because you got a new pool cleaner.

Polaris 360, officially known as Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner, is manufactured by Polaris Company, a subsidiary of Zodiac. It is one of the most reliable robots available right now for pressure side pool cleaning. Polaris 360 is an automatic cleaner that can work independently without a booster pump. If you need a booster pump, then you should buy it separately. The brand has sold thousands of pieces and it has an over four-star rating from more than two thousand customers on Amazon. The published price of Polaris 360 is $563.54 but you can save around ninety-four bucks and buy it at $469.99. There are variants of this model, aka Polaris 280 and 380 among others.

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 is a sweetheart to lots of pool owners, and this is due to its fantastic performance. It is also one of the highest rated pressure side pool cleaners in the market outclassing competing machines within the same and even higher price range.

There are so many features that make this cleaner stand out. For one, it can be used with all types of in-ground pools. With this cleaner, you will never have to worry about it damaging your expensive pool surface. It also comes with an in-line back-up valve, all-wheel drive function, and triple jets advanced features which boost its performance significantly.

What will boost your confidence, even more, is the company behind the cleaner. The Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 is made by the well-experienced Zodiac. This company has been around for over a century now. Over the years, they have given us fantastic machines including nautical equipment, inflatable boats, torpedo carriers among many others. If there is a company experienced enough and with the right resources to give us the perfect pool cleaner is undoubtedly them.

Typically, you’d expect equipment from the most reputable brands to be the most expensive, but this is not the case here. Zodiac has harnessed their experience, creativity and continued investment in technology to come up with this incredible machine while keeping its price tag as low as possible. The features and performance that you will witness from this device can only be compared to some of the high-end cleaners limited to the privileged few with the financial muscles to afford them.

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The Specifications

The design of this robot was patented way back in the early seventies. The device uses triple jets and state of the art cleaning technology that can work across all in-ground pools, regardless of shape and size. The robot can clean, sweep, vacuum and scrub the walls and the floor of the pool. It uses a pool circulation pump. The device comes with a feed hose about thirty-one feet long. There is a single chamber filter to capture debris. The vacuum inlet is two and a quarter inches.

Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 is undoubtedly powerful. It can be easily hooked up with a dedicated pressure line. The three-wheel design has now become iconic but it is the performance that has really impressed users. Pressure cleaning is definitely a simple and effective way to cleanse the pool of contaminants and debris. The maximum circulation facilitated by the device ensures the entirety of the pool is attended to. The filter can trap leaves, pebbles, acorns, and other debris. The filter bag is large enough so you do not need to attend to its emptying frequently. The filter with its powerful suction and the large bag reduces the onus on the filtration system of the pool. You can also hook it up with a booster pump if you want.

Polaris Company acknowledges this model including its design and features as its most advanced among pressure side automatic cleaners for in-ground pools. The box comes with one Polaris 360, a thirty-one feet hose and a single chamber filter bag. There are operating instructions too. Polaris Company has been at the forefront for such types of equipment for nearly four decades now. It is a credible brand known for its advanced engineering, sturdy construction, and reliable operation. Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. is one of the leaders in the category of pool and spa products. The Polaris 360 surely upholds the legacy in its own way.

How does the Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 work?

The Vac-Sweep 360 is a pressure cleaner that uses the venture Effect to keep your pool clean. This cleaner is typically attached to the pool circulation system where it uses the clean water to remove stains and other dirt from your pool. While clean water is being circulated all around the pool, the debris bag will be collecting dirt. In case the bag gets full the cleaner will still allow for an efficient flow of clean water, but it won’t be able to collect any more debris.

The Vac-Sweep 360 focuses mostly on medium and large debris. The cleaner has extra pressure providing incredible power capable of suctioning even the biggest of dirt. We have to say that it isn’t the best of cleaners when it comes to collecting small debris but it still does quite a good job. It features triple jet advanced technology that ensures as much dirt as possible is removed from your pool. It does a fantastic job removing grains of sand, algae, leaves, sticks, etc. It also has intelligent cleaning patterns that make sure every angle of the pool is cleaned while also avoiding excessive and unnecessary power consumption. Speaking of patterns, the Vac-Sweep 360 is also capable of cleaning sharp corners, awkward walls, curves and pool steps with ease.

The massive power of this cleaner and its overall designing also makes it ideal for all pool sizes. Big, small, deep and relatively shallow pools will all benefit hugely from this cleaner. It can also be used in concrete, vinyl and fiberglass liners.

Review of Polaris 360 Features

The Polaris 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner has the ability to clean, vacuum, scrub and sweep the floor and walls of pools. There is an in-line back-up valve that can automatically free the robot in case it is cornered and the device can keep operating without any hassle or break. The device is twenty inches by ten inches by nearly twenty-three inches. It weighs just over fifteen pounds. Setting up this cleaner is quite easy. You may already have a dedicated pressure line. You do not need a separate pump or an additional booster pump. The robot is energy efficient given its power. It is not the most powerful pressure side pool cleaner but it is sufficiently effective. You are saving money on the additional booster pump so that must be factored in.

Polaris 360 has a three-pronged cleaning approach. It first vacuums then sweeps and finally scrubs all the surfaces. This is the reason why the model has the term Vac Sweep in its name. The device is an effective climber. It can conveniently climb the walls. You can forget about the tedious manual cleaning as you start using it. The backup valve is reliable and it can conveniently help the robot maneuver itself in tricky situations when it gets stuck or is in tight corners. The thirty-one feet hose is durable. The holistic contribution of the cleaner towards the functioning and longevity of the filtration system of the pool is praiseworthy.

Zodiac has always been known for functional designs and the Polaris 360 does not disappoint. The wheels have a firm grip. The tail sweep feature is not only cool but an excellent inclusion. The price is somewhat of a deal breaker for a few people but that is something you ought to bear if you want one of the best in any category of appliances or types of equipment, especially one that is independent and automated.

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Pros of Polaris 360

Polaris 360 is durable, efficient and effective. It does the job that it is meant to do. You may or may not be aware of this but the Polaris model can actually clean your pool the same way some of the more expensive models of other brands will. Such alternatives can cost as much as a thousand bucks. It is fair to say that Polaris 360 delivers a premium solution at a budget. The design and functions of the cleaner ensure you will consume less electricity. There can be no apprehension about the quality of construction. The materials are wisely chosen and the sturdy structure will reinforce your belief that Zodiac does not make fragile products.

If you have ever owned a Polaris then you are expecting several years out of it. The 360 can very well last a decade and longer if you use it well and take care of it. Polaris as a company offers satiating support. Some companies struggle with their after sales customer service and that has more to do with their policies and approach than the customers. Whether you have to install the robot or operate it, deal with the filters and bags or just clean the whole device, the operational instructions from the company are sufficiently lucid.

Cons of Polaris 360

You will notice that this robot is not effective at cleaning the stairs in your pool. Not all pools have stairs and most pressure cleaners fail to deal with them. The Polaris 360 is not an exception. Yet, this is a shortcoming that you must know before you make a decision. You can always scrub the pool stairs manually once in a few weeks or week if you use the pool every day and in case a pool does not have any cover and lays bare all the time. Not everyone will mind the length of the hose but some people prefer one that is longer than thirty-one feet. Such robots usually do not have very long hoses.

Installing the Polaris Vac-Sweep 360

Dealing with complex pool cleaners is a nightmare. Luckily for you, the Vac-Sweep 360 is one of the easiest to install. You don’t even have to connect the cleaner to your filtration system. The only unique accessory you need when setting up this cleaner is a dedicated pressure line with an inch fitting or larger. Upon opening its box, you will see various parts that are not yet attached. Don’t panic though because these parts are pretty easy to connect and the included guide will help you set up the cleaner and deploy it for a test run in no time. You can also go online for YouTube tutorials on how to install the cleaner.

One important thing that you will have to be keen with is installation is the length of the hose. You have to make sure that the hose can reach all the corners of your pool without overstretching. The hose should also never be too long to form kinks that can limit the cleaner’s mobility. You should, therefore, cut the hose in case you find it too long for your pool or buy an extra hose and attach it in case the included one happens to be too small for your pool.

The Last Word

Polaris 360 is not the cheapest pressure side pool cleaner. It is definitely not the most expensive. It is not even in the realm of expensive robots. The brand is well known and it has proven time and again why it is among the market leaders in this niche. You can definitely trust the credibility of the company. You can count on the efficacy and efficiency of the specific 360 model. There are variants, both cheaper and expensive, depending on the specifications you want. You may compare the Polaris 360 with some of its own variants or with other models of competing brands. You are likely to find this one to be more appropriate, especially if you have a pool that is frequently used and hence gets quite dirty and stained. There is no ambiguity or uncertainty about its reliability and performance.

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