Blue Wave NE6171B Maxi Replacement Pump for Above Ground Pools Review

Blue Wave Pump for Above Ground Pools Review 2019

Blue Wave NE6171B Pool Pump

The Blue Wave NE6171B pool pump is a powerful pump for above ground pools and a great replacement for old or inefficient pumps. This pump has one of the highest satisfaction ratings among’s satisfied customers in the Reviews category.

Fortunately, the product is currently one among the top highest-rated in this category, according to’s Best Sellers Ranking. Discover more of this amazing pump, with some of its immense features discussed here.

Main Features of NE6171B Maxi Replacement Pump

• Self-priming Pump

This 1.5-hp, rated at the 110-volt motor pump is self-priming, meaning it does need to be primed before the operation. The pump has the ability to prime itself without human intervention. The water is stored via sump pit (such as skimmer) then piped to the suction side of the pump. However, it is recommended to double check its strainer basket if with enough water as a matter of inspection prior to starting the pump.

Blue Wave NE6171B Maxi Replacement Pump for Above Ground Pools, 1.5 HP

• Durable Materials

This product is made from a durable polymer that does not corrode and rust, giving you the edge against conventional metal pump (an example is cast iron) which easily corrodes especially when treated with chlorine. This truly prolongs the life of your pump.

• Capacity

This Blue Wave NE6171B pump could suck and deliver water at 62GPM at normal feet of head (20ft.). Remember that the suction power of a pump depends upon its distance from the pool (specifically the skimmer), but putting the pump assembly too near the pool is also not recommended as water splashing will put the electrical parts in jeopardy.
Better to locate the pump assembly near the pool but in a safe distance. Cover also the parts that need to be protected from rain or splashing water.

• Interchangeable Connection, Clear Lid

The pump has 2-port design (1 ½-inch diameter suction and discharge) making it to mount in either horizontal or vertical connection in no time. The lid is also conveniently clear and very large to figure out easily what’s inside and for easy cleaning.


Lightweight: The Blue Wave Maxi weighs only 24lbs. which makes it more portable and could easily be moved anywhere near the pool.
Ideal as replacement pump: This pump is best as a replacement for old and trouble-prone pumps for above ground pools.
Heavy-duty cord: The pump comes with a very durable 6-ft. the power cord that does not tangle.
• Reliable, quiet, efficient and high-performance pump.
Not automatic in operation: This affordable product does not have thermal protection switch that makes the operation automatic. However, it could be modified with such control, just consult your trusted technician.

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Buying Guide

With little research about pool pumps, pool owners can gain basic knowledge necessary to make the perfect choice for their pool. Some common mistake owners often make is buying a pump too big for their pool. Learn to comprehend some key terms and specifications of pumps so that you buy the best pump for your pool.

Review Summary

The Blue Wave NE6171B Maxi Replacement Pump for Above Ground Pools, 1.5 HP is recommended as a replacement for your old and inefficient pool pump. This above ground pool pump has an advanced design that provides optimum performance while decreasing its requirements on maintenance.


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