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What are the 3 Best Winter Pool Covers

Introduction to Winter Pool Covers

As the weather starts to deteriorate through the fall and winter, it’s important to keep your pool safe from the elements with a dependable winter pool cover. This guide looks at three of the best covers you can get which will help you winterize your pool so it’s ready again next summer. There are a few things to keep in mind before you buy which you should make note of. Use this guide so it’s easier for you to get a pool cover that meets your needs.

How to Buy Your Winter Pool Cover

  • It Should be Sturdy

You want to ensure that you get one that is sturdy. You want to keep the pool clean, but you also want it sturdy enough in case your dog happens to walk on it or you have small children that will be around the pool. You want to keep dirt and debris out of your pool but you also want to ensure that it’s safe for anyone that’s going to be around in the pool. The winter pool cover needs to be as stable as possible.

  • Warranty

You should ensure that your winter pool cover has a proper manufacturer’s warranty. Most warranties will usually cover a period of around 2 years. This sort of warranty will protect you in case the cover happens to have a defect. Make sure that the company you buy from is able to stand by their product because buying a cover is a large investment and you want to get value for your dollar.

  • Good Cover Length

Before you buy, measure your pool to be sure you get the right size. Buy a size that is a little a larger than your pool.  You want to be able to anchor it as well as cover the pool completely. Most of them will come with straps and parts that will allow you to anchor the cover. Make sure you follow all the instructions to ensure that you anchor it properly. It’s important to keep the cover as secure as possible so it can withstand storms and wind during the inclement weather.

  • Clean it Off

During the harsh weather make sure you keep everything clean. This can include removing leaves, twigs, dirt, as well as any standing water that might be on the winter pool cover. Dirt and debris may eat into the plastic over time which could destroy the fabric and shorten the lifespan. Standing water just makes it heavy so you should remove this after storms. You can also give the pool cover a wipe down with some water and a mild detergent to keep it clean.

3 Best Winter Pool Covers

  • Blue Wave Bronze 8-Year 12-ft Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover


This winter pool cover has durability and it’s as strong as ones that cost twice as much as this Blue Wave. It has polyethylene scrim which is rugged and it also has a coating on it to withstand the inclement winter weather. These covers are UV protected so you can keep them in the sunlight for years and not have to worry about them breaking down. The black underside of the product will retard algae growth. It also has a heat-sealed seam so it will keep out debris from getting into your pool. It comes with a full 8-year warranty and it has a one-year full rated warranty.

Sizes of the product range between 12 feet to 30 feet. Make sure you measure your pool and get the right size before you order. It will protect your pool from snow, sun, wind, and ice. It features a 4 feet overlap so it will fit most top rails on a pool. It comes with a winch tightener as well as a sturdy cable to help secure the cover to your pool.



  • It comes in a wide variety of sizes
  • Easy to secure


  • Some users did not get a full warranty out of the product

If you’re looking for a solid and dependable pool cover, this is the one you want to buy. Since it comes in plenty of different sizes you’re going to find one that that is suitable for your pool. It’s very easy to secure so that it helps keep your pool free from dirt and debris during the winter.

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  • Robelle 3512-4 Super Pool Cover for Round Above Ground Swimming Pools, 12-ft. Round Pool


The Robelle Super Winter pool cover is a high-quality cover for your pool. It’s made with a strong polyethylene and it has some extra material so the pool is easy to secure to keep it stable. You can stabilize it using a cable, winch and reinforced grommets. It can resist UV rays as had a black colored bottom to help prevent the growth of algae. They come in a wide number of colors to suit your individual style and decor.

The covers come in a wide variety of sizes from 12 to 33 feet so it fits many different sizes of pools. Make sure you know the size of your pool before you buy. It features a solid scrim and having a good scrim is an indicator that the winter cover of the pool is strong. This cover is going to last longer when you compare it to similar products. It comes with a 10-year warranty.


  • Many color options
  • Wide size variety


  • Might not last a full 10 years

This cover has everything that you need to protect your pool over the winter months. It comes in a wide number of colors as well as sizes. The 10-year warranty is a little bit suspect but it should last you a good long time. At least you know you are covered if something should happen to it. Make sure you measure your pool before you buy and ensure that you leave a little extra room so you can secure the cover to the ground to keep it stable.

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  • Silver 12-Year 12-ft Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover by Blue Wave

Blue Wave pools come in a wide variety of sizes from 12-30 feet so you’re sure to find a size to meet your needs. It offers protection from ice, wind, snow and the harmful rays of the sun. It features a 4-foot overlap which will fit most pool rails. To fasten the winter pool cover, use the included winch tightener and the heavy duty cable.

You will get years of protection out of the winter pool cover as it has good durability and strength. It features a heavy-duty scrim made from polyethylene so it can withstand the elements with ease. The bottom is black so it resists algae buildup and its heat sealed to keep everything clean over the winter months. It comes with a 12-year warranty with two years which are fully rated.


  • Solid cover
  • Comes in many sizes


  • May not last for the full warranty period

Final Verdict

If you need a dependable cover at a good price, this Blue Wave cover is the right option for you. It comes in many sizes so you’ll find the right one to fit your pool properly. It would be nice if it came in more colors but you get good value for your dollar when you buy the product.

You want to ensure that your pool is protected from the elements over the winter months. Invest in a high-quality winter pool cover today and protect your investment from the harsh elements over the winter.

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