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3 Best Hot Tubs To Buy in 2019

What are the 3 Best Hot Tubs

Never before has the hot tub industry seen such a huge boom of different tubs. Brands of all kinds have entered the market with highly innovative equipment. This is excellent news to the buyers because it means that there are many options to choose from. The tubs also come in different sizes, shapes, and features and this has made sure that there is something for everyone.

On the downside, the continued introduction of new tubs with new technological features has become a bit overwhelming to most people. How in the world am I supposed to know which particular tub will work best for me? This is a question that most people have a difficult time answering.

This review is tailored to answer that question for you. Not only are we going to tell you the factors and features that you need to keep an eye on, but we will also go through a couple of hot tubs that are highly rated in the market. Our choices are based on the features the tubs come with, costs of acquiring and operating them and the user reviews.

If you are planning on choosing your own unique tub, here are a few pointers that should help you make the right decision.

Hot Tub Buying Guide

  • Size

You must decide how big your ideal hot tub should be. Of course, the higher the number of occupants the bigger the tub will need to be but then you must make sure that you have sufficient space to house the tub. Space shouldn’t just be enough to accommodate the tub, but it must leave some inches around it. This makes it easier to use and move around the tub.

Space shouldn’t be much of an issue if you are looking for a tub to accommodate 2 or 3 people. That’s because 2 or 3-person hot tubs are usually more compact and designed to fit in tight areas.

  • Budget

Most of us didn’t know just how enjoyable spending time in a hot tub can be until we came across some of the recent tubs designed with advanced technological gadgets. Currently, some tubs allow you to control the temperatures of the water remotely, set some music, and improve ambiance by setting up different color themes. These are incredible additions but they do come at a price.

At some point, you will need to set your budget and this will determine the sort of hot tub features that you can afford. Unless you have a lot of money to spend on a tub, you will have to make some difficult compromises. Yes, it is going to be a difficult decision but it is one that needs to be done.

  • Energy Efficiency

While setting your budget, don’t forget to make the calculations on how much it will cost to run and maintain the tubs. This is where you will need to look at the energy consumption of the tubs. We usually advise our readers to get hot tubs with the highest energy efficiency possible. These may cost slightly more to acquire but in the long run, they will be cheaper to operate and maintain.

  • Comfort

The whole point of buying a hot tub is that you can have a safe haven that you can run to whenever you want to relax and soak the stress away. This means that the tub needs to be comfortable for you to stay in for as long as you have to.

When talking about comfort, we have to discuss the various seating designs available. Most of these seating styles are comfortable and would work with everyone but depending on your preference, one particular style may be better than the other.

The first common choice is the lounge seating which is ergonomically designed to offer optimal relaxation. They are usually designed to offer an almost horizontal lying position with sufficient contours for every body part.

Therapeutic comfort seats are made for everyone who needs extra massage points at the neck, shoulder, and back. They are exceptional for providing relief around the neck and spine.

Finally, we have cool-down seats. On this seat, the owner will remain partially out of the water. They come with massage jets around the ankle, foot, and leg.

  • Water Filtration

Your hot tub needs the best water filtration that will always keep the water clean. Different hot tub models use different kinds of water filtration systems:

Ozone System – Ozone is usually used alongside bromine and chlorine to kill bacteria and germs. Another benefit of having this system is that it will also break down shampoo, soap or even makeup residues that end up in your hot tub.

Salt System – This system uses salt to destroy germs and other contaminants. Salt provides natural chlorine which is much gentler compared to both chlorine and bromine tablets.

UV-C System – This newly-developed system uses high-intensity UV germicidal light rays to destroy germs. Not many hot tubs have this.

  • Brand

There is a feeling of safety and confidence that comes with buying anything from a reputable brand. The best brands in the market normally have the best hot tubs. They will cost you more but they are usually very reliable.

The Best Hot Tubs

Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4-Person Hot Tub Spa

This hot tub from LifeSmart is made of durable sandstone eco thermal plastic. It’s heavy duty construction also makes it easier for the younger ones to play in the tub without damaging it.

The hot tub comes with 13 powerful jets that offer excellent relaxing massage that take hydrotherapy to a whole new level. It is also fitted with energy efficient motors that save on energy consumption.


  • Made of heavy duty shell
  • Easy plug & play installation
  • Features 13 powerful jets for a refreshing massage
  • It’s controlled digitally
  • Fitted with LED lightings
  • Energy efficient motors (1.5 BHP)


  • Can only accommodate 2 or 3 adults

Essential Hot Tubs SS125210300 Newport-14 Jet Hot Tub

The Essential Newport hot tub is perfectly tailored for everyone who needs next level hydrotherapy without having to pay hefty energy bills. The tub is made of high-quality heater that gets the water warm while consuming minimal energy. Its overall construction has also been made in a way that conserves energy and keeps the water warm for an extended period.

The hot tub is also a good choice to everyone operating on limited space. With its compact design, you can fit this tub almost anywhere. Its small size also means that it is best for a small family or couples only.

Setting up the Essential Newport is very easy. You will also get 14 powerful jets to get you relaxed.


  • Can be used throughout the year thanks to its balboa stainless steel heater
  • Fitted with a powerful water pump
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Features 14 hydrotherapy jets
  • Digital control panel
  • Comes with LED lighting that enhances the ambiance


  • It is quite small

Hudson Bay Spa XP34 6-Person 34 Outdoor Spa

The Hudson Bay Spa XP34 Outdoor Spa is an excellent choice to everyone with a slightly bigger family. In case you have quite a number of friends that you’d wish to have relaxing moments with then this tub is made for you. That’s simply because the Spa is ergonomically designed to accommodate 5 people without compromising on comfort.

It also has a powerful pump that gets all the 34-stainless steel jets running for all the occupants to have the best hydrotherapy experience. Needless to say that all of this is achieved in the most energy-efficient way possible.


  • Luxurious finish
  • Elegant LED lighting
  • Digital control panel
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to install


  • The water can’t be heat if the jets are running on high power
  • It is heavy

Final Thoughts

A hot tub should be a place where you can go and relax. Whether you will be doing so alone, with your partner, family or friends, you deserve to get the best experience possible. That can only be achieved with a high-quality hot tub such as the ones highlighted above. Just go through your preference and look at your budget and we are confident that you will make a perfect choice.

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