The 4 Best Intex Pool Pumps To Buy in 2019

intex pool pump

Best Intex Pool Pumps

Intex pool pumps are one of the industry’s best and the most affordable. The different models of this brand of pump include the Intex pump’s motor, the Intex Pool Filter Pump and other accessories. As far as pool owners are concerned, most fail to fully understand how to care and maintain their pumps.

Much of the pool’s operation lay on its pump, which makes the pool water clean and keeps it from contamination. However, pool owners are struggling to keep their pool tidy because of lack of information about their pumps even though instructions are in the Owner’s Manual. Intex pool pumps are easy to assemble, with clear instructions and primarily user-friendly.

If you use Intex brands for your pool, trust us to get you updated regarding the product and the best model for your pool. Follow us for proper maintenance, saving tips and other worthwhile advice. Use pool pump reviews to your advantage.

When we say “best”, it is not only the pump’s quality that we are talking about. It also pertains to its performance, availability of parts, affordability, and other significant traits.


The 4 Best Intex Pool Pumps

Our Rating
Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump 2450 GPH
Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump 2500 GPH
Intex 28681EG Pump
Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump 1500 GPH

1. Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 2450 GPH System Flow Rate, 110-120V with GFCI

The Intex Krystal Clear Sand Fuilter, 2450 GPH is by far the best intex pool pump. With a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 , rated by more than 3000 pool owners, this pool pump combines quality with an affordable price tag. This sand filter pool pump is ideal for above ground swimming pools having an average system flow rate of 2,450 GPH (41GPM). The pump’s actual flow rate is up to 3,000 GPH, though.

This 110-120V rated voltage pump has a safety feature such as the GCFI (Ground Circuit Fault Interrupter). Circuit breakers of this type cut off the flow of current to the system when it senses abnormality, avoiding untoward incidents.

Sand, on the other hand, is touted to make filtration much effective than any other medium. The sand does not only refresh pool water, it also softens, clears the water of algae and makes it sanitized and replenished. The pump set has 6 modes of control, such as filtering, backwashing, and rinsing. Then it recirculates, drains and lastly, close the system. These operations are automatic and in that order. The motor is a powerful 0.95hp.


With 24-hour timer: The system has an automatic 24-hour timer so that owners may set the period of the pump’s operation.
Low maintenance: The pump system requires only replacement of sand every 5 years or as needed, unlike any other filtering medium.
Versatile and universal use: This model could be used for pools with a minimum 16-feet diameter.
Heavier pump: Unfortunately, this pump is much heavier than conventional pump because of the sand’s weight.


The Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump is truly amazing and quite great as a pool pump where it has low maintenance, high-quality performance and really reliable. The safety feature is also worth every investment.

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2. Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 2500 GPH Pump Flow Rate, 110-120V with GFCI

This powerful, 110-120V rated voltage above ground pool pump is made up of a very reliable cartridge filter that has minimum of maintenance. The cartridge could be replaced every 2 weeks with a new one (but if not damaged, just clean it and use again). The type B filter cartridge is the only part on this 2,500 GPH (42 GPM) flow rate pump that should be maintained occasionally.

This pump is reliable, easy to use and easy to clean as it has a valve at the bottom of the filter chamber to flush out debris. The chamber has also an automatic release valve that flushes out trapped air, this avoids overpressure on the container. The pump set is also lightweight (less than 23lbs.) so you can move or transfer its location with ease.


A Universal Pump: The pump could be used in any Intex above ground pool pump under 25 feet of diameter.
Equipped with GCFI: This pump has Ground Circuit Fault Interrupter (GCFI), a fast-acting circuit breaker that shut off the electrical supply whenever there is an abnormality in the flow of current to avoid electrocution. A very reliable safety device.
Limited use: Unfortunately, the pump can’t be used for swimming pools with non-metal frame.


The Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump is truly remarkable and affordable. Its ease of use, low maintenance and universality of use make it a perfect choice for your above ground pool pump. This pool pump is also one of the safest to use.

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3. Intex 28681EG 120V 16-Inch Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System with GFCI for Pools

Intex 28681EG 120V 16-Inch Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System with GFCI for Pools


The Intex Sand Filter & Saltwater System is a 120V pool pump having a 16-inch diameter tank that can hold a maximum 100lb of sand. It has a saltwater system that adds up to clearer, clean and sparklingly whitewater.

The saltwater system has a flow rate of 2,200 GPH (36.6 GPM) while the sand filter pump could deliver or sucks water at the rate of 2,650 GPH (44 GPM). As a safety feature, its circuit breaker is “armed” with GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) that stop the flow of current to the system in case of emergencies.


Salt replaces chlorine: Using salt for water treatment sanitizes the water thoroughly like chlorinated water but with no bad effect for the human body and saltwater system is much cheaper and easy to operate. Chlorinated water is sometimes not favorable to some people.
Saltwater treatment is ideal for piping: Water treated with salt softens the water that is not only harmless to the human body but is also not corrosive to metal piping, unlike chlorinated water. Hence, the piping system is not comprised and can last longer.
Limited use: This product can only be used for pools with up to 15,000 gallons of water capacity.


The cost of the Intex 28681EG 120V 16-Inch Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System may be intimidating at first but its prolonged use is more economical and with much safer pool water. The safety feature and the ease of use also add up to its cost-effectiveness.

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4. Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 1500 GPH Pump Flow Rate, 110-120V with GFCI

This 1500 GPH (25 GPM), rated at 110-120V and cartridge filtered pool pump is great for above ground pools. The flow rate might be slow, but it is designed for that purpose, slow but powerful filtering.

The pump has an auto timer up to 12-hour operation. The cartridge is replaceable every 2 weeks (Type A/C) and the only part that needs occasional maintenance. The pump is slim in construction and virtually energy and space savers.


Quiet operation: The pump’s impeller and motor bearings are perfectly lubricated and do not dry up easily that’s why the pump runs smoothly and quietly.
With double insulation: This pump is quite good especially in cold weather because the water will not freeze inside the chamber as it has double insulation to keep the water warmer when not in operation.
Not for quick operation: This type of pump is not intended for speedy and quick operation, but its main purpose is to clean and filter pool water thoroughly.

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How To Pick Your Intex Pump

Intex products are reliable, durable and really affordable which are designed for comfort, safety, and fun. Here are steps on how to choose the best Intex Pool Pump for your above ground pools:

Step 1

Know the necessary size or horsepower of your pump. The general rule is: use a 1HP pump for 24-foot diameter round above ground pools and use 1.5HP for over 24-foot diameter round above ground swimming pools.

Most of Intex’s above ground pools do not recommend pumps with more than 1.5 HP precisely because it is unnecessary. The horsepower you choose could save you lots of money in the long run (for parts replacement and maintenance). Using much higher HP will only push the water unto the filter too quickly and sanitation will be in jeopardy.

Step 2

The filter system for above ground pool pump is properly paired with the right horsepower by Intex on its products. However, in case you are going to replace the pump and not the filter (if your old pump is not Intex or you want an upgrade), follow the step above.

Above ground pool pump is usually placed below the water line of the pool (lower than the pool’s bottom). When purchasing a replacement of pool pump for an above ground pool, make sure that what you are buying is classified as “for above ground pools” and not for “in-ground pools”.

Step 3

Years ago and still true today for some brands, above ground pools are usually equipped with single speed pumps running only at one speed at any given time. Advancement in technology and pool owners’ clamor for more environmentally friendly and energy saving pumps, Intex began to innovate.

Over the years, Intex had designed their products with variable-speed motors. Variable-speed pumps allow for much-sophisticated operations. Variable speed pumps usually have a low, medium and high-speed operation.

These speeds are used for more sophisticated operations such as backwashing, vacuuming, rinsing, regenerating, recirculation and other functions. These operations produced clearer, cleaner and more sanitized pool water. Variable speed pumps also offer more energy-saving features than single speed pumps.

Step 4

Know which replacement parts you must always have in stock (like O-rings, gaskets, lubricant, etc.). Intex products have also filtering systems that vary from the simplest to the most sophisticated, such as fine mesh cartridges, the old reliable sand, and others.

The availability of parts is also Intex’s brand of service. Replacement parts are readily available upon order.


The Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 1500 GPH is affordable, movable and a very stable above ground pool pump. It is also low in maintenance and certainly great for winterization because of its double insulation construction. This little “guy” is just perfect for new pool owners.


Which one should I buy? For me, the perfect pool pump is the Intex 28681EG 120V 16-Inch Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System with GFCI. Why so? The product has all-natural filtering and water treatment system all-in-one. No need for other chemicals such as chlorine to make the water truly pristine.

Intex 28120E 10′ x 30″ Easy Set Above Ground Inflatable Swimming Pool Review

Intex 10' x 30" Easy Set pool

Intex Above Ground Swimming Pool

One of the best brands for budget-friendly above ground swimming pool is the Intex 10’ X 30” Easy Set Above Ground Inflatable Swimming Pool that is just right for your budget. Since summer is around the corner, your family could still enjoy the hot and humid weather condition at this time while dipping in this kind of pool, which could be set up in no time. Intex products are just one of the world’s finest and they offer a wide array of sizes for swimming pools. This 10 feet (diameter) by 30-inch (depth) is just right for a family with a maximum member of 5.

While this pool is so easy to assemble, so does when it is time to strip down for storage when the season ends. Deconstructing the pool, by the way, is recommended by Intex when you have no plans of using the inflatable pool throughout winter or beyond the rest of the year to prolong its life.

Key Features and Benefits

Intex 10' x 30
Intex 10′ x 30″ Easy Set Above Ground Inflatable Swimming Pool | 28120E

Having an above ground pool in your backyard is much easy to maintain compared to an in-ground swimming pool. And like what we told you about, an above ground pool can be easily assembled and disassembled in just a matter of minutes where special skills are not required. This kind of pool is also cheaper and require only a small amount of space to be used.

Above-ground pools are also portable and can be easily assembled and moved in any leveled part of your backyard. This only means that you can easily installed these types of pool anywhere you wish and dismantle them when necessary. Another thing is, setting up an above ground pool is as easy as setting up a tent or a hammock. You just pick the right place and position it, then inflate it, and fill it with water.

While a permanent pool is too expensive to build, difficult and costly to maintain, and it can’t be moved or relocated when you need space. Here are some of our findings of the Intex 10’ X 30” Easy Set Above Ground Swimming Pool.


• No special tools are needed for assembly.
• Perfect size for a family of 5.
• Has a capacity of 1,018 gallons (3,854 liters) of water, with still about 6 to 10 inches of clearance from the edge of the pool.
• Included in the package are set up and maintenance DVD instructions.
• The upper pipe support (frame) is made from durable and strong PVC which has 0.32 mm wall thickness, while the bottom support is much thicker at 0.55 mm.
• The depth is variable to compensate for your kid’s height. However, maximum depth is up to 2.5 feet.
• Made from durable synthetic vinyl and circle-shaped which is relatively safe for children.
• Unfortunately, the price does not include the filter pump which is sold separately.

Video Review


The Intex 10′ x 30″ Easy Set Above Ground Inflatable Swimming Pool is definitely one-of-a-kind above ground pool which cost way below the $100 mark. This specially designed inflatable pool is no wonder why it leads as one of the market’s best-sellers and the favorite of more families across the United States.

This Intex inflatable swimming pool is truly spacious for an average family with 5 members which is the most convenient number for a great space inside the pool. Additionally, this pool is quite easy to assemble and taken down and can be enjoyed both by kids and adults.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pool Pumps

pool pump faqs

FAQ Pool Pumps

Swimming pool owners are sometimes facing with a dilemma on malfunctioning pool pumps. These simple trouble-shooting on your pump may help you save money for the more expensive electrician’s fee, or worst, replacing your pump when the problem (electrical or mechanical causes) got worse.

1. Why pump is running but does not give enough water?
Pumps need to have its suction side filled with water to “feed” on it. If the suction side does not have enough water prior to starting the pump motor, the pump would only suck air leaving a vacuum. This process is called “priming”.
Here are some causes of the pump not being primed or not primed enough:
a) When the water dropped below the skimmer and the drain levels, leaving the space between the pump’s suction side void with water.
b) The pipeline going to the pump inlet is clogged-up with debris and water does not flow freely.

2. Why the pump keeps on humming then trips breaker?
a) Probably a bad capacitor. Check it by means of an ohmmeter. The right reading would be a drop to zero then a slow rise of resistance (in ohms).
b) The pump’s impeller might be stocked up with leaves or other hard debris. Manually turn the impeller shaft freely to find out if it is stocked. If stocking up, remove the motor from the pump and clean the impeller.
c) Probably worn out bearings. Try to manually turn the impeller shaft and if you feel rough, screeching sound and slightly uneven rotation, it’s time to change bearings.
3. How should you able to know the pump’s specifications (like power, voltage, and flow rate)?
Brand new pumps with accompanying motor have nameplate attached to the housing of the motor which bears all the information and specifications of the motor (such as voltage, amperes, horsepower, rpm, and other information.
The pump itself has nameplate specifying its flow rate, the speed of impeller at certain pump horsepower (hp) and its direction of flow (usually an arrow indicator) counterclockwise or clockwise.
4. How does a pool pump works?
Pool pump works through a loop system which means that the water from the pool is being recycled (and re-chlorinated) after it is strained and filtered.
It starts by drawing water from the pool via the skimmer which acts as a small reservoir where a significant amount of water is stored so that the pump will not be dehydrated. The water then goes through a strainer (the pool pump gives the vacuum pressure to suck this water through the inlet pipe), initially filtering large debris.
The water (going through the pump’s outlet pipe) then goes to the cartridge filters to remove any remaining debris. Then the water passes through the heater (this is optional for the too cold environment) to increase the temperature of the pool water to your desired temperature. After this, the water is treated with chlorine (with a chlorinator) at the allowable amount, and then the water returns to the pool.
5. How should I know if the pump is right for my pool?
Sizing a pump is not elaborate after all! Oversize pool pump may give you a higher operating cost in the long run. The general rule is: The pump should filter all the water in the pool in an 8-hour period. By abiding on this rule you will save a lot and your pump may last longer than normal.
So, you should know your pool’s water capacity (volume), and then pick a pump that has the flow rate (remember the nameplate on the motor) that would match the volume of water of your pool. Say, a 24,000 gallons (volume) pool size will be emptied with 50 gallons per minute (flow rate) in 8 hours.
You may calculate the volume of your pool (if rectangular) by this formula: length x width x height (in cubic feet or gallons).
Some motor has low flow rate but with high power rating (hp), this combination makes the motor more stable, but with higher operating cost. Standard power rating used in standard family size pool range from 1to 2-hp, pick the size that you thought would be appropriate for your pool depending on the frequency of use and the number of users because the many users are, the more frequent the pool should be cleaned.
Pump’s suction and discharge pressure could be controlled with the gate valves on the piping system by throttling these valves if the need arises.
6. How can I winterize my above ground pool pump?
After winterizing your pool, the next step would be winterizing your above ground pool pump. Check and clean the cartridge filter and strainer. Drain water from the pump, filtering and heating systems as the water that remains could freeze during winter.
Plug open-ended pipes as water may seep through them and freeze when uncovered. After making sure that there is no more water remains in the system, cover the pump as well as the filter, heater and the piping system to protect them from the elements.
7. Does the pool pump keeps the pool’s bottom and wall clean?
No, it does not. The pump only cleans the water on the pool. To protect your pool, you may cover it from leaves and other debris. And the best time to clean the pool is before using it while it has no water yet and after winterizing.
8. How long do motor of pool pump last?
According to experts, the motor for pool pump lasts an average of 8 years. This may need either replacing or rebuilding. The motor that screeches, noisy and with squeaking bearings (either front or rear) need to be replaced both at the same time. It is not advisable to change only one bearing when needed.
Burnt motor (probably due to overheating or defective bearings) can be rewound (windings) then install again, but this may not last long and may become a fire hazard if not properly maintained.
9. How can I keep the motor and pump last longer?
You can keep the pump to last much longer than expected by keeping the impeller free from debris. By this, your filter and strainer should be in good condition, so keep them the mesh always in good condition.
As for the drive assembly, always check the motor for defective bearings and replace them immediately if you find any sign of wear. Also, don’t keep the motor running without water in circulation; this will overheat the motor and the pump.

Doheny’s 1.5 HP Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump Review 2019

Doheny's Replacement Swimming Pool Pump for Above Ground Pools

Doheny’s 1.5 HP Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump

The Doheny’s Above Ground Pool Pump is probably one of the inexpensive pool pumps being marketed by on its virtual store. The low price though does not reflect its quality. Currently, this pool pump has one of the highest satisfaction ratings among the more than 150 customers who made the purchase, according to

Its low price but high-quality performance probably brought this pool pump as one of the most sought-after products in the Reviews category of’s Best Sellers Ranking. Find out more info on this heavy-duty pool pump and decide for yourself before you make a purchase.

Main Features of this product

• High Flow Rate

This pump is rated at 83GPM (approximate) at normal feet of head (maximum of 40 feet for this model) which is one of the fastest flow rates in the industry.

• Stainless Steel Motor Shaft, Efficient Fan

Doheny's Replacement Swimming Pool Pump for Above Ground Pools 1.5HP
Doheny’s Replacement Swimming Pool Pump for Above Ground Pools – 1.5HP

Unlike other brands, this 1.5-hp, 110-volt pool pump’s motor has stainless steel shaft which is corrosion-resistant and has high torque capability that has almost zero tolerance and virtually vibration-free. Its fan is covered with weather-proof polymer (with air-inlet) that provides efficient air-cooling to the motor to prevent overheating.

• Quality Material

The motor body is constructed from reinforced thermoplastic which give it the added durability, resistant to corrosion and attain longer life compared to more expensive brands.

• Heavy-duty cord

The pump comes with a 6-ft heavy duty and three-pronged electrical cord that is tangle-free and highly conducive to any weather.

• High Quality Standards in Manufacture

This product undergoes strict quality testing prior to release from the plant where it is tested for excellent construction, ease of use, reliability and efficiency.

Part description of Doheny’s Above Ground Pool Pump
Doheny’s Above Ground Pool Pump Parts


Low price, best as replacement: This pump has one of the lowest prices in the market but quality is never compromised. This pump is basically ideal as a replacement for your old and unreliable pool pump.
Ideal for children’s pools: The pump is designed to serve best above ground pools with less than 42 inches in depth which are classified as kids’ pools.
Silent operation: This pool pump operates in utmost silence where the heavy-duty bearings are pre-greased when pulled out of the assembly line.
Low maintenance: The strainer is housed in a large filter basket with see-through cover allowing a quick and easy inspection of its interior, so you would know when to clean the basket. The basket has also a drain plug making winterizing convenient.
Not for storable pools (limited use): Unfortunately, this pump could not be used for pools with nonmetallic sides, in-ground pools and if the water is more than 42 inches deep regardless of dimension.

Buying Guide

The discussion had given you a hint of this type of pool pump which is ideal for non-storage pools and additionally great for your kids’ pool. If you think that your pool falls on this category, this product is best for your pool.


Review Summary

Now you know why the Doheny’s Replacement Swimming Pool Pump for Above Ground Pools – 1.5HP is one of the best sellers in Patio, Lawn and Garden category. The affordability and high-quality performance of this above ground pump do the trick. Minor issue concerning this pump does not affect its actual performance in reality and in the marketing field.

Top 10 Best Above Ground Pools To Buy in 2019

above ground pools

How to Choose The Best Above ground pool

A family pool can be the perfect place for creating lasting memories, having loads of fun, and enjoying parties with family and friends and the good thing is that pools come in all shapes and sizes. Even for those who are working on a tight budget, there are numerous pools, both in the ground and above ground to choose from. The most versatile of the above types of pools is the above ground pools. These pools are quite portable, easy to install, and affordable which means that they make a great choice for people looking for affordable pools that are simple yet highly effective. Above ground pools with decks are also sure to turn every home into a comfortable haven.

Below we take a detailed look at above ground pools, why they are a good choice, and some of the features you should consider when buying an above ground pool. We will also review the best over ground pools and highlight the features that make these pools tick. Why would an above ground pool be a great choice?PortableYou can bring out your pool when the sun is out and take it back to the house when the weather does not allow. If you live in a rented home, you can enjoy your pool in your current residence and still carry it with you when you move.

Easy to Install

Some above ground pools can be installed in 30 minutes or less. There is no digging up or much site preparation needed. As long as you have a flat surface and a good quality liner, you can set your pool in less than one hour.


Above ground, pools are quite affordable. In the list of cheap above ground pools, you will find pools that will cost a mere 100 bucks. While such a pool will most likely last just one season the fact that it is that affordable means that you can still get the joy of a pool in your backyard without putting a noticeable dent into your finances. These pools are also cheap to maintain. When you are not using the pool, you can simply dismantle it and store it until the season is right. This way, you save on maintenance costs while safeguarding your pool against the vagaries of weather. Ideal for small spaces. There are many homeowners who would love to own a pool but they simply lack the space. Above ground, pools have made it possible for homeowners with very little space to enjoy their own pools. There are small above ground pools designed to fit perfectly on your deck and larger ones you can buy if space is not an issue.

1.Intex Ultra Frame Pool Intex

This pool is one of the respected manufacturers of above ground pools. Just like all Intex pools for sale, this pool is designed to last and deliver to if not beyond user expectation.

The pool’s outstanding features include:

Durable frame

This pool comes with durable steel frames. Aside from just being strong, the frames are powder coated to ensure that they are rust resistant. This pool can, therefore, survive bad weather and the frame will still look as good as new.

Laminated sidewalls

This pool also comes with laminated sidewalls. The walls are among the strongest among pools in this category meaning that they can withstand great water pressure. Given the fact that this pool is quite large, the walls are made to withstand the pressure created by gallons of water. In addition to these sidewalls, the pool features a support band that goes around the pool providing enhanced support.

Efficient drain plug side from being high in quality, this pool is also user-friendly.

The Intex Ultra Frame pool comes with a drain plug that can be connected to the garden hose. You can then direct the water to your desired location when you need to replace the water in the frame or move the pool to the house or any other location. Comes with all accessories. This pool comes with a set comprising of a ladder, a filter system, and a ground cloth. The set also features a debris cover and a
saltwater system.

Fills up quick

It takes about 3 hours to completely fill the pool. For a pool, this size, the time required to fill the pool is considerably short.

Great shape

This pool is rectangular, and this shape is not common in the above ground pools category. The design is quite unique and the pool looks quite stylish and modern.


Must be put on even ground.

Placing the pool on uneven ground can create unnecessary pressure on some parts of the wall. If you want to safeguard the pool walls and ensure that the pool lasts for years, you have to ensure that the pool is always set on the leveled ground

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2. Intex Easy Set Pool

This is another innovative Intex creation. As the name suggests, this pool is easy to set up. It, therefore, is a great choice for home owners who want a pool they can set up in minutes and dismantle it with relative ease whenever necessary. You only need about 15 minutes to set this pool and the drain-time is just as short.

Other notable features include:

  • Quality sidewalls

This pool comes with laminate PVC sidewalls that are tough and can withstand pressure and even pet claws if you allow your pets into the pool.AffordableThis is among the cheapest over the ground pools for sale you can find. It is, therefore, a wonderful option if you are working on a tight budget. This pool makes a great choice for children as it is small, relatively shallow, and can withstand some abuse.

  • Compact

Though the pool comes in a number of sizes, it is generally compact and is among the best above ground pools that work with decks and relatively tiny backyards.


  • Not very strong

This pool is not as strong as the Intex Ultra Frame pool discussed above. You have to ensure that the pool is placed on a flat surface if you want the pool to last. You also have to ensure that the liner is placed properly when setting up the pool. Despite this, you have to consider the fact that the pool is quite cheap. You can buy this pool as you wait to save and get larger and more durable over the ground pool.

  • The filter needs to be replaced regularly

You are advised to replace the pool filter every month when the pool is in use and this comes at a cost. Fortunately, the pool comes with 6 filters and this means that you will not need to buy a filter for over 6 months.

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3. Splash Pools Slim Style Oval Pool

Splash Pools is another recognized brand in the above ground pools field. Among the best of Splash, pools are the splash deluxe pool and this slim style oval pool. These pools are designed to last and offer excellent services for years. The Slim Style version comes with many features that appeal to many homeowners looking for a large pool that will require minimal repairs along the ways.

These features include:

  • Steel walls and frame

This pool is made of galvanized steel walls. The walls can withstand a lot of pressure and this is great because this is a relatively
large pool. The walls and frame are also made to be rust-resistant and look great even after years of continuous use.

  • Vinyl Liner

This pool comes with a strong vinyl liner. This combined with the strong walls and frames ensure that the pool stays in perfect condition for long. This is one among pools you can leave outside the whole year and only cover it to minimize maintenance costs.

  • Large size

This is especially an attractive feature for those with large families. This pool can accommodate more than 12 people at any given time.


  • May require installers

You may need to get an installer to help with installation and ensure that every part is set up as required. This should, however, be a one-time thing since this pool can withstand harsh weather and you do not have to dismantle it every time there is bad weather.

  • 1000 gallon-per-hour pump

A more powerful motor would do this pool are a lot of justice. Fortunately, you can always replace this motor with a more powerful one.

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4.Embassy Round Pool

This is a stable and durable pool that will give you great service for many years. The pool is round in shape and comes with a cream-tan color that will blend well with most of your outdoor features.

Other notable features include:

  • Quality set

This pool comes complete with a pool ladder, a pump, and liner. All these accessories are designed to ensure that both use and µmaintenance of the pool is made easy. The fact that the pool comes with a complete set of accessories also means that you do not need to spend time and other resources looking for accessories that will work well with your Embassy pool.

  • Quality walls

The walls are made of baked enamel steel that is sure to deliver more than adequate strength to withstand the water pressure. Though the baked enamel steel is quite strong, it is also flexible and this makes the walls last even longer.The walls and all other parts of this pool are made to be rust and mildew resistant. The walls are also made to be fade-resistant and can withstand the hot sun for years without showing any significant wear.

  • Large

This pool is quite large and is a great choice if yours is a large family. The pool can accommodate several people at any given time and this makes it great for play and bonding time.


  • Expensive

This Embassy pool does not come cheap. The fact that it is strong and durable makes it worth every cent you spend on it and so much more. This pool is a great choice if you are looking for an above ground that will still look as good as new a few years down the line. If yours is a tight budget, however, this pool is definitely not a good idea. Installation may require professional help Well, this is mainly because of its size. It is better to get a professional to install the pool in order to ensure that the installation is done right.

5. Intex Rainbow Ring Pool

This is basically a play center that will keep the kids occupied with multiple activities. Of all the above ground kids’ swimming
pools, this Intex creation is the best. Some of the pool’s notable features are:

  • A water slide, wading pool, and water sprayer

This pool comes with an inbuilt waterslide, a water sprayer, and a wading pool. This means that aside from swimming, your kids can enjoy sliding down the water slide and playing with the water sprayer. Definitely a great way to keep the kids entertained at the comfort of your own home.

  • Bright and attractive colors

This pool comes in bright summer colors that are sure to brighten your backyard. The kids sure love the colors and many are happy to play in the pool for hours.

  • Quite portable

This pool is quite portable. You can simply disassemble it at the end of summer and store it until the next season. This is in addition to the fact that the pool is easy to install and it will only take you a few minutes to set the whole pool up. Compact but ideal for a family. This pool can accommodate up to 5 kids. This means that your kids can enjoy playing in the pool together with their friends. The fact that it is compact makes it perfect for homeowners with small backyards.

  • Cons

Not very strong. This pool is not very strong and adults should keep away from the pool. The pool is, however, affordable and you can prolong its life by dissembling it when the pool is not in use or when the weather is a bit harsh.

6. Bestway Steel Pro Pool

This Bestway creation comes with a round frame. The pool also comes in a variety of sizes so buyers have more than enough options to choose from. Other notable features include:

  • Steel frame

This frame offers maximum support and ensures that the pool is both strong and durable. The frame is high in quality and stays in perfect condition for years.

  • Compact

This pool can fit in a very tiny backyard. The round shape together with the compact design makes it perfect for those who do not have much space at their disposal. Though compact, this pool can accommodate a few adults and children and is ideal for a small family.

  • Easy to set up

You can set this pool up in a short 30 minutes or at most an hour. Similarly, the pool drains quickly. You can, therefore, assemble and disassemble it with ease and without spending too much time doing so.


Short 90 days warranty. The manufacturer defects warranty covers this pool for just 90 days. This is a short period for such a product. The pool, is, however, quite cheap and is a great choice for those looking for quality but cheap above ground pools. With good care, this pool can serve you well for a few seasons.

7. Intex Metal Frame

This is a great improvement from the simple inflatable pool. This pool comes with a metal frame that provides improved strength and support. Just like all other Intex pool, this pool is made with the user in mind and it is a great investment that is worth every penny. Notable features include:

  • Rustproof frame

This pool’s frame is not just strong but it is also rust proof. This means that its quality is not compromised when the pool is exposed to the elements of weather. Though this frame is nothing comparable to the frame in the Ultra Frame, it is a great choice for those looking for a cheap pool.

  • Easy to assemble

From the frame to the pool walls, this pool is quite easy to assemble. It will take minutes to set this pool up. The frame comes with snaps on joints that are easy to work with when you are assembling or dissembling the pool.

  • Affordable

For a pool this size and of this quality, this sure is a bargain. This is without a doubt one of the top pools in the cheap above ground pools category.

  • Cons

Not durable. This is not a great choice if you are looking for a pool that will still work great a few years down the line. This pool will last you for one year or at most two years with good care.

8. Blue Wave Belize Pool

This pool comes in different depths and sizes. Just like other top-selling Blue Wave pools, this pool is made to perfection and the manufacturer pays attention to the tiniest of details to ensure that the end product looks great and will last. Some of the features that make this pool stand out include:

  • Comes with a starter package

Most of the pools on this list come with a starter package. This package comprises of all the things you need to set up, clean, and
maintain the pool. You do not have to spend more to get the required accessories or spend countless hours looking for accessories that will match your pool.

  • Long 15 Year Warranty

Considering the price, this long warranty is nothing but impressive. With this pool, you can enjoy your pool without having to worry
about manufacturer defects and repair costs that may arise just a few years after purchasing it. You, however, need to pay attention to the installation and also do your part in ensuring that the pool stays in perfect condition.


Costly. Though this pool is not overly pricey, it is not cheap either. Buyers looking for cheap above ground pools will not find the price attractive

9. iPool Fitmax Pool

This pool is not just designed for those who enjoy a dip in the pool when the sun is up. The pool also works great for those looking to shed some weight and maintain a healthy frame as they have fun. Some of the pool’s notable features are:

  • Perfect for therapy and weight loss

This pool is designed with those undergoing therapy and those looking to shed weight in mind. There are other accessories that can be incorporated into this pool to make it ideal for various workouts. Though these accessories are not part of the starter pack, you can easily purchase them and the good thing is that they are not very costly.

  • Easy to setup

This is an easy to set up pool that you can install in 30 minutes or slightly longer. Additional accessories can also be incorporated into the pool with relative ease. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

To ensure that no people undergoing therapy are locked out, this pool is designed to work well in indoor and outdoor setups. The fact that the pool works great both indoors and outdoors means that you can use it for your workouts all year round.

  • Portable

This pool is highly portable. You can disassemble it and store it when you do not need it. The fact that it is portable means that you can carry it wherever you need it and the good thing is that you do not need a lot of time to set it up.


  • Small pool

This pool is ideal for one and can accommodate at most two people. When you fix the exercise accessories, you are better off using the pool alone. This means that the pool is not a good idea if you like to work out
as a family.

  • Not quite sturdy

This is not a pool that will last for many years. Though it can accommodate a considerable amount of pressure, the truth is that it is not as sturdy. Care should be taken when using it and where possible you should take the pool inside to safeguard it against foul weather.

10. Splash Pools Oval Pool

This list of the best above ground pools cannot be complete without mentioning this Splash Pools creation. This pool features a modern oval design, a sturdy frame, and a smooth but durable finish. Other features include:

  • Big

This pool can accommodate a few families at any given time. It is perfect for parties, family moments, and socialization, especially where kids are involved. Strong walls and frame this is one of the sturdiest pools that you will find in the market. The frame and the walls are designed to withstand a lot of pressure. The frame and walls require minimal if any maintenance and they look good even after years of continuous use.

  • Long warranty

This pool comes with a 15-year warranty and this speaks a lot about its quality.


  • Costly

Any pool of this quality does not come cheap. Though pricy, you will enjoy this pool for years.

  • Not easy to set up

This pool will take a few days to set up and this will need a few hands. To ensure that the pool is set up right, you may need to engage professional help. Thankfully, you do not have to disassemble this pool at the end of every season. The pool can be left outside regardless of the weather condition. You may, however, need to cover your pool when the pool is not in use to cut back on maintenance costs.

Factors to consider when buying an above ground pool

  • Shape

Above ground swimming pools come in 2 main shapes; round and oval. The size of your backyard will to a large extent determine the shape of the pool you get. Where space is an issue, round pools make more sense. If you have a lot of space, you can go with the shape that best appeals to you. Most people who go for the oval shaped above ground pools do so for aesthetic purposes. The oval shape blends well with most decks as these closely resemble in-ground pools. The oval-shaped pools are also a welcome break from the traditional round pool and they work well with most contemporary homes. It is important to note that oval pools come with more parts which make them less likely to collapse due to water pressure. This possibly explains why oval shaped pools cost more than the round ones. That said there are many rounds above ground pools that withstand a lot of pressure and are designed to serve users well for years and require minimal maintenance along the way.

  • Size

Above ground, pools come in a variety of sizes. The size that you settle for depend on your family needs, the size of your deck, and your budget. If yours is a large family, a large pool will do you a lot of good. This will, of course, depend on the available space. Aside from the above factors, you also need to consider your local pool ordinances.

Most states have restrictions on the space that should be left between the pool and other structures. Factor the size of your deck and get a pool that will fit in this space while ensuring that you do not go against the rules put in place for your safety and the safety of other members of your family.

  • Depth

Most over ground pools range from 48 inches to 54 inches. The depth of your pool will determine just how much water will go into it. You will have to determine how much water is okay for you. You will also need to consider the people who will be using the
pool. If you have kids, you know that kids’ swimming pools should not be as deep. A deep pool, on the other hand, would be ideal if the pool will mostly be used by adults.

  • Frame Style

The frame should be the least of your worries but it is still a factor to consider. Above ground, pools come with frames made using different materials. There are above ground pools that are purely made of resin. The material is preferred for a number of reasons. For one, the material does not rust or corrode. Resin also holds up well to water pressure and the vagaries of weather. On the downside, resin pools are more expensive and would not be a great choice if you are looking for cheap above ground pools.

  • Steel

Steel pools were quite popular in the past but they are slowly being overtaken by resin pools. Steel is preferred for its strength. Steel also does not rust. Unfortunately, steel oxidizes which means that the quality of the steel frame will deteriorate over time.

  • Hybrid

This is basically a combination of steel and resin. The parts exposed to water are made using resin while those parts designed to offer maximum support are made of steel. Getting a hybrid pool will mean that you will enjoy the best of both worlds. Hybrid pools are strong, can withstand a lot of pressure, and best of all, they are durable. New or used most cases, buying a new pool is better. Though a new pool costs more, at least you are guaranteed that the quality has not been compromised. You may sometimes get used above ground pools that have not been used for long. If you are looking for cheap above ground pools, getting a used one instead of a substandard one would be better in the long run. Just consider the quality and ensure that there are no damages to the used pool before spending your money on it.

  • Pool Accessories

Pool accessories here mean a liner, a ladder, pump, and filter. All the accessories need to be high in quality. Quality accessories will serve you well for long and ensure that you incur minimal maintenance costs along the way. Of all the accessories, the one you need to consider more is the liner. Buying a liner with your above ground pool is recommended if you want your pool to stand the test of time. Given the fact that the type of liner you buy will to a large extent determine the longevity of your pool, you need to ensure the pool liner you get is high in quality. Investing in a premium liner that will give you great service for over 15 years is better than getting a cheap liner that you will have to replace after every two or three years. The same applies to pumps and all other accessories. Ensure that the accessories are high in quality. You may have to pay more for quality but it will be well worth it in the long run. Fortunately, most of the best above ground pools for sale come with a starter pack that contains all the necessary accessories. Below are 10 of the best above ground pools that you can find on the market today.