The 3 Best Pool Brush To Buy in 2019

best pool brush

How to Choose the Best Pool Brush

The buildup of green materials around your pool walls is a clear sign that either you have abandoned your pool cleaning duties or you are not doing them properly. Either way, something needs to change.

Algae and bacteria will have a field day on your pool if you fail to clean a pool properly. This will not just damage how it looks, but it will also make it a health hazard.

Now, why would you wait until your pool gets to such a point yet you can easily clean and keep it super attractive and safe? There are various ways you can clean your pool and pool brushes are one of the best ways to keep your facility clean.

But then, getting the right pool brush for the job is not as easy a task as you may imagine. The market is filled with numerous brands and models of pool brushes but not all of them are effective. With the wrong pool brush, you will have to work harder to remove algae and other dirt and you may also have to clean it more frequently than you’d want to.

On the other hand, the best pool brush will make your pool cleaning routine effortless. With such brushes, you won’t have to scrub so hard to remove the dirt stuck on your pool walls. These brushes are also durable enough to ensure that you get full value for your money.

Before we jump into the 3 best pool brushes, let us first give you a quick run on some of the things that informed our selection.

Choosing the Best Pool Brush

There are so many pool brushes in the market today and you can easily end up wasting your money and time unless you know what exactly you are looking for. It is also important to note that some brushes are better suited for particular pools only. This means that a certain brush may be excellent but it might not be usable to your specific pool liner. The following factors should help you select a brush that will be the best fit for your unique pool.

Size – You need to consider the size of your swimming pool and get an appropriate brush size. What does that mean? Well, say for instance your pool is quite big and you are in search of a cleaning brush. If you don’t buy a significantly big brush, you will end up wasting so much time going back and forth yet you can avoid all that by purchasing a bigger brush.

Shape – Again, the shape of your pool will decide how easy and effective a particular brush will be. If you are dealing with a pool with sharp corners like a rectangular or square pool, a rectangular pool brush will get the job done with more ease. On the other hand, round swimming pools are much easier to clean with rounded brushes and not rectangular ones.

Bristle – You need to look at the materials used in making the bristles of the brush you are eyeing before making your purchase. Pool brushes come in different kinds of bristles all of which are designed for certain types of pool surface. For instance, a stainless-steel model is not only durable but also perfect for removing dirt from concrete and gunite pools. Unfortunately, such a brush will leave an expensive vinyl and fiberglass pool damaged seriously. Such pools are best cleaned using nylon brushes. Therefore, you must look at the types of bristles a certain brush has and consider whether they are appropriate for the type of pool you have before making your purchase.

Top 3 Pool Brushes

The Wall Whale Classic Swimming Pool Brush

The Wall Whale Classic Pool Brush is a versatile yet simple brush. It is designed with durable stainless steel items which give you the freedom to scrub hard without worrying about it breaking down. You will also love the brush’s hugging action which focuses its power to one place allowing you to make thorough cleaning with less effort. That explains why The Wall Whale Classic Brush is also considered the best options for individuals with back pain issues. The hugging action will also save you a lot of time since most of the dirt will be removed after a single brush.

You can clean your entire pool in five minutes using this brush. It does such an incredible job that you will only need to clean your pool once per week. You can’t get that from other standard pool brushes!


  • Provides 10x more cleaning power thanks to its hugging action
  • Fitted with a tail for easier cleaning
  • Attaching the pole is very easy
  • Comes with strong bristles

Milliard 18” Heavy Duty Nylon and Wire Hybrid Swimming Pool Brush

The Milliard 18” Heavy Duty Brush is arguably the best cleaning brush available. Very few brushes can match the efficiency that this item has to offer. First of all, it is 18 inches wide and this means that it clears a larger area at a go. This makes the brush a good option if you have a big pool.

The brush features an aluminum handle fitted at 45 degrees. This provides the perfect position where cleaning is not just easy but also highly effective. At such an angle, you won’t have to struggle so much to remove algae from your poolside.

We also liked the nylon and stiff wire hybrid bristles. These have reduced the cleaning task significantly. The nylon bristles will remove stains and growths while the stiff wires provide them with the extra power to remove stubborn stains. This removes accumulated algae, stain and other dirt with so much ease leaving your pool sparkling clean. Sadly, the presence of the stiff wires means that the brush should not be used on vinyl pool liners.


  • Comes with powerful wire bristles
  • 18-inches wide
  • The handle is made of strong and durable ABS plastic and high-grade aluminum
  • Angled at 45 degrees for effective and easy cleaning
  • Curved edges for easy scrubbing along corners

Milliard 5” Heavy Duty Wire Pool Algae Brush

The Milliard 5” Heavy Duty Wire Pool Brush will reduce your pool cleaning tasks to an effortless event that takes a couple of minutes. The heavy-duty wires allow it to remove all stains and debris from your pool walls and floor.

At 9.8 by 7.6 by 1.8 inches, this brush will help you clean a large swimming pool within a very short time. It is, however, smaller than the Milliard 18” and that’s why it comes at position three. On the bright side, its small size makes it easy for you to twist and turn it to make sure that every corner of your pool is cleaned.

The Milliard 5” heavy duty wire brush is also very lightweight weighing just 8.5 ounces. Handling it is, therefore, very easy.


  • Heavy-duty aluminum handle and back
  • Stainless steel wire bristles
  • Fits all standard pool poles but they are sold separately

Final Thoughts

Cleaning a swimming pool has always been perceived as such a time consuming and tedious task. That may have been true in the past but all of that has changed. With the above pool brushes, cleaning your poolside, wall and floor will only take a couple of minutes and you’ll only need to do it once per week.

If your pool is still new, you may have to scrub the surfaces more regularly. You can even scrub it three times a day for the first two or so weeks. After that, you’ll only need to brush it once per week. If you use the right brush and clean the pool frequently, your swimming pool will never cease to glow!

The 3 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs To Buy in 2019

best inflatable hot tub

How to Choose the 3 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs

A hot tub is a great place to relax in after a long stressful day. It gives you an opportunity to soak off all the stress and everything that’s bothering your mind as you enjoy exceptional hydrotherapy and massage.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford in-ground or hard-shelled hot tubs. For such individuals, inflatable hot tubs are the best alternative.

But, just because inflatable hot tubs seem to be more affordable than the other options doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to which item you are picking. There are some very terrible inflatable hot tubs out there that will be a complete waste of your money and time. On the other hand, if you were to be extra keen on which tub you are selecting, you could get a piece of incredible equipment where you and your family will spend unmatched quality time.

In this article, we will be focusing on all the relevant information that you need before spending your hard-earned money on any tub. By the time you are done reading this, you will know what exactly to look for when purchasing an inflatable tub.

Factors to consider when buying an inflatable hot tub

  • Size

Large inflatable hot tubs always look so enticing but they are not meant for everyone. For such a big item, an equally big space to house it is required. You will need enough space where the tub can fit and extra space around it to make using this tub much easier. In all honesty, a lot of people usually don’t have such space in their houses. So, instead of purchasing a big tub and struggle fitting it in your limited space, why don’t you just get a moderately sized tub that you can use comfortably? Remember that if an inflatable tub isn’t spread correctly, chances of it getting damaged are very high and this will result in unnecessary losses.

Therefore, while deciding how many people will be using the tub at a go, it’s important that you also consider the space you have to spare for the tub.

  • Material

The material used in making the inflatable tub is very crucial. If you mess around and go for a cheap inflatable tub made of poor materials, you will barely go through 6 months before you start spending even more money on fixing different issues.

You need to go for durable and puncture-resistant materials that will allow you to have fun on the tub without breaking it down. Such materials will also keep your tub usable for years before you start noticing any issues.

We normally recommend that buyers go for layered vinyl or puncture-resistant PVC. The walls of these tubs should also be reinforced with either polyester or nylon. These tubs are commonly branded with proprietary names such as DuraTech, Tri-Tech, and Rhino-Tech.

  • Ease of Installation

Inflatable tubs are supposed to be easy to set up. You should be able to install the tubs without any assistance from a professional. It’s a good idea to get a tub that easy to install or at least it should have an easy-to-follow guide showing how you can set it up. Such a tub also gives you the freedom to fold and tuck it away during the off-season or when you are traveling knowing that when you need it again setting it up won’t be a headache.

  • Seating

You want to have the best time on your inflatable hot tub for as long as you want. To achieve that, you must get a tub that is extremely comfortable to sit in. Anything less than that will lead to muscles aches from different parts of the body and this will make your time in the tub unbearable.

Look at the interior design of the tub and check what the manufacturer has done to make it comfortable. We’d urge you to go for tubs with cushioned and soft flooring. You should also try and get a non-slippery one. This will offer safety to your playful children and even adults who will be moving from one point of the tub to another.

  • Automatic Air Pump

They are called inflatable hot tubs because they have to be inflated with air to get them in shape. Now, imagine having to manually inflate a tub that’s supposed to accommodate four or more individuals! That will be very hectic and time-consuming. To avoid all this, get yourself an inflatable tub that’s designed with an automatic air pump. This will save you a lot of time and it’ll also make the installation much easier.

  • Water Jets

Heated water jets are designed to give you a therapeutic massage to your sore muscles. These gadgets ensure that you get the best relaxing moments and hence they are very important for any inflatable hot tub.

To get the best experience on your tub, you will need to get one with high-pressure hot jets. They usually cost a bit more but they are always worth it.

Top 3 Inflatable Hot Tubs

In case you find the guide too hard to follow, you can pick one of the following highly-rated tubs. Bear in mind that all of these tubs are excellent but you will have to do an extra check on their features and specifications to determine whether they are usable for your specific house.

Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Portable Heated Bubble Hot Tub

The Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Hot Tub is perhaps the best inflatable hot tub in the market today and there are various reasons to explain that.

The first thing you will notice about this tub is how great it looks. The manufacturer was extra keen to ensure that this tub doesn’t just soothe your muscles and soul but it also feeds your eyes with astounding aesthetics.

While taking care of how the tub looks, Intex was also keen to use extremely durable material. The tub features 48 fibers tech beams on the side walls offering extra reinforcement. The sturdy construction also allows the tub to accommodate up to six people.

You will then enjoy the bubbly jets massaging your body with warm water. You can also control the heating temperatures of the tub to meet your preference. It is also fitted with a safety cover that keeps the water at the desired temperatures for a long time.

Finally, it is packed with a 3-way test strip for monitoring pH and chlorine levels of the water.


  • Dimensions: 34.2 by 24.2 by 20.5 inches
  • Dry weight: 114.4 pounds
  • Heating temperatures: 68° (104F)
  • Insulation cover included
  • An air pump is also included
  • 170 bubble jets
  • Inflation takes just 20 minutes


  • Durable
  • Accommodates a good number of people
  • Comes with over 100 hot water jets


  • Heating the water takes a lot of time
  • A lot of heat will end getting lost in extremely cold areas

Goplus 4 Person Outdoor Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

Not a lot of people know about the Goplus inflatable hot tub. It is a relatively new item in the market but it has already made quite a name for itself.

The tub is compactly designed to fit in different parts of your outdoors including backyard, patio, deck, and garden. Since it is also portable, you can decide to carry and use it in your bedroom or any other relatively big room in your house.

We also liked the integrated blower and heater fitted on the inside of its walls. These deliver excellent therapy. On the right wall, there is a digital control panel that helps to customize different aspects of the hot tub while you’re still relaxing in it.

One of the biggest issues that prevent a lot of people from enjoying hydrotherapy is the quality of the water being used. The Goplus inflatable hot tub comes with an inbuilt hard water treatment system. You can, therefore, rest confidently knowing that the water won’t become harsh to your skin or clothes.

Meanwhile, the filtration system will prevent accumulation of limescale. Cleaning and maintaining the spa has also been made easier thanks to the replaceable filter cartridges.


  • Dimensions: 71 by 71 by 26 inches
  • Dry weight: 46 pounds
  • Made using PVC with foil
  • Comes with a filter cartridge, inflation hose, ground cloth, a filter cartridge cover, and a rubber plug
  • A repair kit is also included


  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • The built-in water filter keeps the water very clean
  • Available in various colors


  • Heating the water takes quite some time
  • Some people have reported that it can comfortably accommodate 3 people and not 4 as claimed by the manufacturer

Coleman Inflatable Spa 4-Person Hot Tub

The Coleman inflatable hot tub comes with 120 soothing bubble jets that will calm your mind and soothe your soul. Optimal comfort is achieved here through the soft fabric used in making the tub.

Beneath all this comfort is tri-tech material that makes the tub strong and very durable. The tub also comes with an extra-insulated groundsheet

If portability is a priority to you, you will love the fact that Coleman Inflatable hot tub weighs just 88lbs. You can carry the tub and set it up anywhere you want with ease. Draining the tub has also been made super easy through the draining plug fitted at the bottom.

Another key feature found here that you don’t always come across in most inflatable hot tubs is a timer. You can use this to automate the different functions of the tub.


  • Dimensions: 34.5 by 18.7 by 24 inches
  • Dry weight: 75.1 pounds
  • You can heat the water to 104°
  • 120 soothing bubble jets


  • Can be used both inside and outside the house
  • You can use a standard garden hose to fill it up
  • Easy to install
  • Durable


  • Heating the water can take up to 24 hours
  • Filters must be replaced frequently

Final Thoughts

You deserve the best possible tub for your money. From the above information, we hope that you are now aware of what you need to do to get such a tub. We have also made your work much easier by providing you the 3 best inflatable hot tubs. Check them out today and select one that fits your needs and we can guarantee you that you will always be looking forward to your next hydrotherapy sessions.

The Best 2 Person Hot Tub To Buy in 2019

2 person hot tub

How to Choose the Best 2 Person Hot Tub

Hot tubs provide the ultimate spot for unwinding. The feeling of the hot water bubbling on your skin provides unmatched relaxation. Perhaps the only thing that can get better than that is if you had your partner right there beside you. This is exactly what 2-person hot tubs are designed to do.

In this review, we will be looking deep into some of the best 2-person hot tubs in the market. We understand that there is quite a number of such tubs out there which makes it rather difficult for most people to make a wise choice. Remember that the hydrotherapy experience is only as good as the tub you have. If you make a bad choice, you are likely to be uncomfortable and this is against everything hot tubs stand for. You need to get a tub that meets you and your partner’s needs for the perfect experience. This means that you need to know what exactly it is that you should be looking for in the hot tub.

We are here to provide you with all of that information.

Factors to consider when buying a 2-person hot tub

Space – The perfect hot tub should have sufficient space to accommodate two people and leave ample space around. The different hot tub models in the market come in different sizes. This is a good thing because it means that everyone should be able to get the ideal sizes of them and their partners. You need to consider the size of the occupants, both in terms of width and height, and then search for a hot tub that will accommodate you comfortably. It’s also advisable to get a hot tub that is slightly bigger than you need. This will leave room for slight movement around the tub.

Seating design – You must check the seating design of the hot tub. Some tubs are known to be more comfortable than others and hence it is advisable that you pay extra attention here. Remember that if you won’t be comfortable sitting on the tub then you probably won’t spend too much time in it before you start feeling aches. If possible, go for the hot tubs with in-built seats. These may cost a bit more but they are well worth it.

Reviews from other hot tub owners can also help you to know how comfortable a tub may be. You should, therefore, spare a few minutes to go through user reviews before placing your order.

Material – The material used in making the hot tub will determine how durable the hot tub will be. No one wants to invest in a piece of equipment that they will have to replace in a few months or years. Make sure that you look up all the materials used in making the different parts of the hot tub.

Another thing to consider here is that the material used will also determine how the tub looks. It’s a good idea to get a tub that will complement your home décor. We all love stylish things after all.

Heating – Heating is important because it doesn’t just improve comfort in the tub but it will also influence how much you end up paying for your energy bills. It’s good to get a tub with a quick heating mechanism as this will get you into your comfort zone much quicker. It is best to get a tub with excellent insulation as it will keep the water warm for extended periods which means that you will spend less on energy.

Lightweight – If you are planning on setting up the hot tub on a permanent spot, it’s weight may not be much of an issue to you. On the other hand, if you’ll be moving the tub from one part of your house to the next, you’ll have to make sure that it is lightweight.

Budget – Sadly, we can’t rule out the influence of one’s budget on the item they will end up with. You may want a spacious and stylish tub but if you can’t meet its asking price, then none of it will matter. The thing about hot tubs is that you need to look at more than just the initial price. You must go a step further to look at its set-up, maintenance, and operating costs. You may come across a relatively cheap 2-person hot tub but with extremely high running costs. In such a case, buying the tub won’t be the best decision especially if you cannot sustain the operating costs. You need to look at the expenses involved from all angles before you pick one particular item.

Top 3 2-Person Hot Tub

QCA Spas Model 0 Gemini Plug and Plat Hot Tub

The QCA Spas Model 0 Gemini hot tub is one of the most efficient 2-person hot tubs you will ever come across. It features a heat recycling system which makes sure the water is constantly kept warm without spiking your energy bills.

We also liked this tub due to its compact nature. It measures approximately 92 by 42 by 29 inches. This means that you can fit it in tight spaces with ease. It also makes the tub portable. You can move it from your house to your patio effortlessly. Don’t confuse this to mean that the tub is too small. A lot of people have found utmost comfort in this tub with sufficient space being left all around them for easy movement.

QCA Spas hot tub is designed with a Dura-Bond and Lucite-Extra Acrylic shell. It’s therefore very easy to clean and maintain and hence keeping it clean and functional shouldn’t be tough for you. The shell is also made of three layers that offer extra solidity and durability.


  • water capacity: 190 gallons
  • 244 lbs. dry weight
  • 1734 lbs. filled weight
  • Power rating: 120V at 15A


  • Energy efficient
  • Stylish design
  • Two-stage heating system
  • Lightweight
  • Curable
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Can be noisy when the heater is on
  • Reading the temperatures may be difficult during the day
  • Comes with 8 spa jets only

American Spas AM-628TS 2-Person 28-Jet Triangle Spa

The American Spas AM-628TS 2-Person 28-Jet Triangle Spa provides about 14 jets per person. The bubbly jets provide therapeutic massage to different parts of the body. For instance, you can focus these jets to your feet, leg muscles and lower back. You will also have directional control over these jets. This means that you will control over the hydrotherapy experience you get to enjoy from this tub. The customization feature is one of the reasons why this particular tub is rated highly.

The spa is also designed with modern technology that will keep your water warm very efficiently. The tech has also been very useful in keeping the water clean.

We also can’t avoid mentioning its durable construction. This spa is made of fiber steel materials reinforced with wood and steel. You then have the final fiberglass insulation.


  • Dimensions: 72 by 72 by 35 inches
  • Capacity: 140 gallons
  • Weight: 1735 (when filled)
  • Dry weight: 700 lbs
  • 28-stainless steel jets
  • 5.5kW titanium Heater
  • 110V/240V 2.0BHP jet pump
  • HydroCleaOzonator water purifier


  • Features 28 adjustable jets
  • Built-in ozonator keeps the water clean
  • Built-in heaters help in regulating the water temperatures
  • Comfortable sitting design
  • Easy to use
  • Energy efficient


  • It’s not portable
  • The water temperatures are highly controlled and hence you may need an extra heater if you want really hot water

Essential SS244247003 Devotion-24 Jet Hot Tub

The Essential Devotion is yet another excellent hot tub that can keep you warm throughout the year. The tub is fitted with a powerful heater that can heat and keep the water temperatures warm even in the coldest of seasons.

This tub is also designed with powerful jets that deliver an exquisite soaking experience. There’s also sufficient room for two people and extra seating space in form of a lounger for a third person. The tub can hence be used by a small family or with some close friends.


  • Dimensions: 60 by 84 by 35 inches
  • Water capacity: 220 gallons
  • 110V/15A electrical connection
  • 1x 1.5HP Pump included


  • Durable
  • Heavy duty Balboa heater
  • Luxurious design with a third lounger seat
  • Features 24-powerful jets
  • Heavily insulated to save on energy
  • Easy to install


  • A bit costly

Final Thoughts

Very few things are as relaxing and intimate as spending time in a perfect 2-person hot tub with bubbly warm water. From the above review, we believe that you now know the best 2-person hot tubs and the features that make them stand out. Just make an appropriate decision based on your needs and we are confident that you will have the best time ever.

3 Best Hot Tubs To Buy in 2019

best hot tubs

What are the 3 Best Hot Tubs

Never before has the hot tub industry seen such a huge boom of different tubs. Brands of all kinds have entered the market with highly innovative equipment. This is excellent news to the buyers because it means that there are many options to choose from. The tubs also come in different sizes, shapes, and features and this has made sure that there is something for everyone.

On the downside, the continued introduction of new tubs with new technological features has become a bit overwhelming to most people. How in the world am I supposed to know which particular tub will work best for me? This is a question that most people have a difficult time answering.

This review is tailored to answer that question for you. Not only are we going to tell you the factors and features that you need to keep an eye on, but we will also go through a couple of hot tubs that are highly rated in the market. Our choices are based on the features the tubs come with, costs of acquiring and operating them and the user reviews.

If you are planning on choosing your own unique tub, here are a few pointers that should help you make the right decision.

Hot Tub Buying Guide

  • Size

You must decide how big your ideal hot tub should be. Of course, the higher the number of occupants the bigger the tub will need to be but then you must make sure that you have sufficient space to house the tub. Space shouldn’t just be enough to accommodate the tub, but it must leave some inches around it. This makes it easier to use and move around the tub.

Space shouldn’t be much of an issue if you are looking for a tub to accommodate 2 or 3 people. That’s because 2 or 3-person hot tubs are usually more compact and designed to fit in tight areas.

  • Budget

Most of us didn’t know just how enjoyable spending time in a hot tub can be until we came across some of the recent tubs designed with advanced technological gadgets. Currently, some tubs allow you to control the temperatures of the water remotely, set some music, and improve ambiance by setting up different color themes. These are incredible additions but they do come at a price.

At some point, you will need to set your budget and this will determine the sort of hot tub features that you can afford. Unless you have a lot of money to spend on a tub, you will have to make some difficult compromises. Yes, it is going to be a difficult decision but it is one that needs to be done.

  • Energy Efficiency

While setting your budget, don’t forget to make the calculations on how much it will cost to run and maintain the tubs. This is where you will need to look at the energy consumption of the tubs. We usually advise our readers to get hot tubs with the highest energy efficiency possible. These may cost slightly more to acquire but in the long run, they will be cheaper to operate and maintain.

  • Comfort

The whole point of buying a hot tub is that you can have a safe haven that you can run to whenever you want to relax and soak the stress away. This means that the tub needs to be comfortable for you to stay in for as long as you have to.

When talking about comfort, we have to discuss the various seating designs available. Most of these seating styles are comfortable and would work with everyone but depending on your preference, one particular style may be better than the other.

The first common choice is the lounge seating which is ergonomically designed to offer optimal relaxation. They are usually designed to offer an almost horizontal lying position with sufficient contours for every body part.

Therapeutic comfort seats are made for everyone who needs extra massage points at the neck, shoulder, and back. They are exceptional for providing relief around the neck and spine.

Finally, we have cool-down seats. On this seat, the owner will remain partially out of the water. They come with massage jets around the ankle, foot, and leg.

  • Water Filtration

Your hot tub needs the best water filtration that will always keep the water clean. Different hot tub models use different kinds of water filtration systems:

Ozone System – Ozone is usually used alongside bromine and chlorine to kill bacteria and germs. Another benefit of having this system is that it will also break down shampoo, soap or even makeup residues that end up in your hot tub.

Salt System – This system uses salt to destroy germs and other contaminants. Salt provides natural chlorine which is much gentler compared to both chlorine and bromine tablets.

UV-C System – This newly-developed system uses high-intensity UV germicidal light rays to destroy germs. Not many hot tubs have this.

  • Brand

There is a feeling of safety and confidence that comes with buying anything from a reputable brand. The best brands in the market normally have the best hot tubs. They will cost you more but they are usually very reliable.

The Best Hot Tubs

Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4-Person Hot Tub Spa

This hot tub from LifeSmart is made of durable sandstone eco thermal plastic. It’s heavy duty construction also makes it easier for the younger ones to play in the tub without damaging it.

The hot tub comes with 13 powerful jets that offer excellent relaxing massage that take hydrotherapy to a whole new level. It is also fitted with energy efficient motors that save on energy consumption.


  • Made of heavy duty shell
  • Easy plug & play installation
  • Features 13 powerful jets for a refreshing massage
  • It’s controlled digitally
  • Fitted with LED lightings
  • Energy efficient motors (1.5 BHP)


  • Can only accommodate 2 or 3 adults

Essential Hot Tubs SS125210300 Newport-14 Jet Hot Tub

The Essential Newport hot tub is perfectly tailored for everyone who needs next level hydrotherapy without having to pay hefty energy bills. The tub is made of high-quality heater that gets the water warm while consuming minimal energy. Its overall construction has also been made in a way that conserves energy and keeps the water warm for an extended period.

The hot tub is also a good choice to everyone operating on limited space. With its compact design, you can fit this tub almost anywhere. Its small size also means that it is best for a small family or couples only.

Setting up the Essential Newport is very easy. You will also get 14 powerful jets to get you relaxed.


  • Can be used throughout the year thanks to its balboa stainless steel heater
  • Fitted with a powerful water pump
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Features 14 hydrotherapy jets
  • Digital control panel
  • Comes with LED lighting that enhances the ambiance


  • It is quite small

Hudson Bay Spa XP34 6-Person 34 Outdoor Spa

The Hudson Bay Spa XP34 Outdoor Spa is an excellent choice to everyone with a slightly bigger family. In case you have quite a number of friends that you’d wish to have relaxing moments with then this tub is made for you. That’s simply because the Spa is ergonomically designed to accommodate 5 people without compromising on comfort.

It also has a powerful pump that gets all the 34-stainless steel jets running for all the occupants to have the best hydrotherapy experience. Needless to say that all of this is achieved in the most energy-efficient way possible.


  • Luxurious finish
  • Elegant LED lighting
  • Digital control panel
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to install


  • The water can’t be heat if the jets are running on high power
  • It is heavy

Final Thoughts

A hot tub should be a place where you can go and relax. Whether you will be doing so alone, with your partner, family or friends, you deserve to get the best experience possible. That can only be achieved with a high-quality hot tub such as the ones highlighted above. Just go through your preference and look at your budget and we are confident that you will make a perfect choice.

Dolphin Premier Review 2019- Should you buy it?

dolphin premier

What is the Dolphin Premier

Maytronics is a renowned manufacturer of robotic pool cleaners. These guys have given us incredible automatic pool cleaners over the years and the 2018 Dolphin Premier is one of their best machines yet. This robotic cleaner has been designed to meet the constantly changing needs of all pool owners. It features some of the newest cleaning technologies giving it the capability to clean both your pool floor and the sides.

What makes it an even more exciting cleaner is that it will deliver unmatched pool cleaning without compromising on energy efficiency. Yes, thanks to new technological gadgets, the Dolphin Premier will leave your pool sparkling clean and unlike its competitors, it won’t leave you with a hefty energy bill.

It gets even better! For its price tag, the Dolphin Premier gets to achieve a lot more than what we are used to seeing from other cleaners within this price range. Now, don’t get us wrong by thinking that it is cheap. No, it isn’t. This piece of equipment will actually cost you an excess of $1,000! What we are trying to tell you is that for your $1000+, you will receive so much more than what other typical cleaners within this range have to offer.

Here are some of the machine’s best features that we really fell in love with:

Anti-tangle Swivel

Maytronics refer to this feature as the Patented 360-degree Anti-Tangle Swivel. The system allows the cleaner to move around different parts of your pool without tangling the cable. This basically means that you will no longer have to pull your cleaner out of the pool to untangle the cables. At least not as often as you are used to.

Another brilliant thing about this system is that it has made navigation of the cleaner a lot easier. The Dolphin Premier will move through your pool navigating around all obstacles and corners without getting stuck. You can rely on this cleaner to do a fantastic throughout your pool with minimal supervision.

Four Cleaning Mode

The Dolphin Premier is capable of cleaning all types of debris thanks to its unbeatable 4-modes of cleaning. These modes include the micro-cartridge filter that removes small algae and bacteria, a standard cartridge for cleaning sand, dirt and other visible contaminants and the debris bags which collect large debris such as leaves and twigs. Switching from one mode to another is super easy and hence you shouldn’t waste any time on that.

It is due to this capability that the Dolphin Premier is considered an excellent option for pools exposed to different types of dirt. If your outdoors is usually windy with lots of leaves and other debris finding their way into your pool, this cleaner will unburden you from the heavy cleaning task.

The four cleaning modes combined with the cleaner’s power mean that the Dolphin Premier will clean a completely dirty pool in just two or three run-throughs! You simply cannot achieve that with an older model.

PowerClean Brushes

While on the subject of cleaning modes, you will be delighted to find out that the Dolphin Premier features PowerClean Brushes. My guess is you won’t really get to appreciate the incredible job that these brushes do until you see them in action. You can check out various videos online on just how powerful and efficient these brushes are.

The two high-speed spinning PowerClean brushes are directed by a software installed in the cleaner. It allows them to remove even the finest of dirt stuck in your pool’s walls and surface. The brushes will reach deep into the pool’s floor, corners and waterline ensuring that every single inch of your pool’s floor is cleaned.


Maytronics have installed a smart navigation system that guides the cleaner through your pool. This software scans your entire pool and maps down the best paths to take. The scan and the paths created by this software ensure that the cleaner doesn’t just clean the pool for the sake of it. Instead, it will follow paths that will do the cleaning efficiently thus saving on energy costs.

This intelligent software also makes sure that the cleaner does not go through paths that it has already cleaned. This is how it saves you both time and energy.

It’s through the SmartNav that the Dolphin Premier gets to detect and avoid obstacles. You can unleash this cleaner into your pool and leave it to do several rounds without worrying about it getting stuck on various obstacles or cleaning the same spot over and over.

HyperGrip Continuous Rubber Tracks

If you have seen the online videos of this cleaner cruising through dirty pool floors and wondered how exactly it achieved this, then here is the secret. The Dolphin Premier is fitted with HyperGrip continuous rubber tracks and not standard wheels.

These rubber tracks provide a firm footing that will keep the cleaner in place as the PowerClean Brushes scrub dirt out of your pool’s floor. The possibility of water causing a loss of friction is completely eliminated here.

Another benefit of these rubber tracks is that the movement of the cleaner has been made much easier. The Dolphin Premier will move around your floor and climb over steps, walls and drains effortlessly.

Modular Design

Typically, you’d expect an advanced robotic cleaner such as the Dolphin Premier to have a highly sophisticated design but that’s not the case here. Maytronics made this cleaner using modular component design to the benefit of all its owners.

That means that you can remove and replace the cleaning systems, motors and other electronics used with ease.

Limitations of the Dolphin Premier

Unfortunately, not everything is merry about this particular equipment. One of the biggest complaints from most of its owners was about how the remote was unnecessarily complex, slow and very unresponsive. This will be very annoying if you’ll be using the remote frequently.

Another issue raised by new owners of the cleaner was on how terrible the instruction manual is. Most people won’t comprehend a lot of the details contained in there and this may delay or even affect how you will end up using the cleaner. To avoid all this, you should look up video reviews of the cleaner on YouTube.

Dolphin Premier Specs

  • 22lb dry weight
  • 2 ½ hours cleaning cycle
  • Can be used with a remote control
  • Dual 24-volt DC energy-efficient motors
  • Designed for both in-ground and above-ground pools
  • 3-Year warranty


  • Offers four filtration options
  • Easy to maintain thanks to its modular design
  • 360-degree anti-tangle swivel
  • Highly effective SmartNav mapping system
  • Energy efficient
  • Powerful scrubbing ability


  • The instruction manual can be very difficult to understand
  • Quite costly
  • The big debris bag can prove difficult to clean
  • Not very effective in cleaning steps


The $1,000 plus price tag may look very scary to a lot of people. Rightfully so. But when you sit down and look at what this cleaner can achieve and the cost for its performance, you will realize that the Dolphin Premier is actually worth every dollar you pay. This machine will make your pool cleaning less tedious and expensive and isn’t this what every pool owner wants?