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The 3 Best 1 HP Pool Pumps To Buy in 2019

A Complete Guide to 1 HP Pool Pumps

Your quest for the best 1 HP pool pump can be simplified if you prioritize the brand and make a shortlist of the imperative features. It is relatively easier to compare brands. The most well-known names in this niche are Hayward, Blue Wave, Harris, Pentair, Rx Clear, In The Swim, Waterway, Everbilt, Pooline, Jandy, Sta-Rite, Pumps Away and ARKSEN. For the purpose of this review, we have picked the bestseller among 1 HP pool pumps, the highest rated model and the most popular among the affordable options.

The 3 Best 1Hp Pool Pumps to Buy

1. Hayward SP2307X10 MaxFlo XL 1 HP Pool Pump

This is another bestseller from Hayward. This model is actually rated higher than the Super Pump. The listed price of the MaxFlo XL 1 HP Pool Pump is $418.65 but you may get it for around $340. There are 0.75 HP, 1.5 HP and 2 HP variants of the model. Max-Flo XL is a standard single speed medium head pool pump. It employs technologically advanced hydraulics and priming, making it efficient and reliable. The model can be retrofitted without any issues with the whole line of Max-Flo pumps. The self-priming feature allows suction lift up to eight feet above the level of water. There is a strainer cover. The heavy-duty motor runs on 115 or 208 to 230 V. The model needs 1.5″ x 2″ union connectors.

There are two or dual speed models of this variant. You can choose the appropriate horsepower and voltage depending on your needs. The dual speed models are certified by ENERGY STAR, which may be a priority or even a criterion for many. Anyone familiar with the family of Max-Flo pumps will find it easy to install. Those who have used some other pumps can hire a plumber as the installation can be a little tricky. Max-Flo has a quiet operation. You may not even notice it is working unless you can spot the obvious subtle noise. If there is only one complaint you may have with this model and that is more so because you know there is a Super Pump available from Hayward is the size of the basket. The basket size is smaller in the Max-Flo compared to the one in the Super Pump of the same size. Hence, if you have a pool that has a lot of shade courtesy the trees around or if you happen to have lots of plants in your surroundings and hence leaves and debris in your pool, then you may need the larger basket of the Super Pump.

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2. Hayward SP2607X10 Super Pump 1 HP Pool Pump

This is the reigning bestseller right now. Hayward has a plethora of pool pumps and it is a market leader with a long track record. This 1 HP pool pump has a listed price of $449.00 but you may get it for around $350. The model has a single speed variant and a dual speed model. You may scale down to 0.75 HP or 0.5 HP if you do not need a 1 HP pool pump. You can scale up to 1.5 HP, 2 HP, and 2.5 HP if you want.

The SP2607X10 and its variants are considered as the workhorse of the industry. It is known for its performance and reliability. The model does not have any loose parts or clamps, the hand knobs swing away so cleaning and removing stains is easier, the strainer cover allows you to see through so you do not have to speculate if the basket has to be cleaned, there is a large basket for debris that holds a lot of leaves and hence you do not need to clean it frequently.

Many people are already familiar with the Super Pump, some of the older models if not the new ones. Hayward makes some of the most dependable and efficient pool pumps. This one, in particular, is suitable for in-ground pools of varying sizes and types. You may also use them for spas. The pump works quietly and efficiently. You can choose single or dual speed, the voltage and of course the horsepower. The setting up is effortless. Servicing is easy to as all internal components have a four bolt access. Hayward has definitely put its eight decades of expertise into this series. The construction of the pump is resistant to corrosion. It produces much higher flow rates given the limited horsepower. The basket is a hundred and ten cubic inch. Materials such as PermaGlass XL, Lexan, and Noryl ensure durability and reliability.

This is a heavy duty pool pump. Do not let the one horsepower mislead you. There is a high-performance motor, the ventilation is efficient for quieter airflow, you do not need any tools to remove the strainer cover and the self-priming feature further eases your challenge. The seal is resistant to heat and drip. It will endure typical wearing for many years.

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3. Blue Wave NE6151B Maxi Replacement Pump for Above Ground Pools

This is an affordable 1 HP pool pump. Blue Wave has had an amazing run at online stores in recent times. This is one of the most highly rated pumps in the affordable category. The fact that it sells for around $104 makes the deal all the sweeter. Blue Wave has a 1.5 HP variant as well. The black 1 HP pool pump comes with corrosion-resistant polymer construction. This is of the same quality as Pentair, Sta-Rite or Hayward. It has a self-priming feature, there is a clear lid and you can use the horizontal or vertical discharge courtesy the design sporting a dual port. It is compatible with almost every popular filter system.

The pump runs on 110 V alternate current. It has a six feet cord. The pump measures twenty-four inches by eleven inches by nine inches. It weights around twenty-three pounds. You will need adapters for Hayward or Intex hoses. If you get the right size and thread then fitting will not be a concern. You can use a timer for the pump if you wish to automate the operation. This pump works efficiently and reliably. You will notice some difference in power between the Blue Wave NE6151B and a more expensive 1 HP pool pump. Many people find the suction to be not so powerful but that is what you can expect when you are spending well over two hundred dollars less on a particular model. The cost will not cause a dent in your wallet. The product is durable. It gets the job done and there is no major hassle or hurdle along the way. You will need to use a separate vacuum for your pool as this model will not get the job done. If you already have one, then there is no need for you to spend upwards of three hundred dollars or anywhere close to four hundred dollars for a 1 HP pool pump.

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There are many other brands and models to consider if you wish to explore the plethora of 1 HP pool pump. These are the best rated and have been purchased by thousands of people, hundreds of whom have already aired their opinions and feedbacks. You can rely on the reviews of verified buyers to ascertain if you can rely on any of these three options. It is always better to choose a 1 HP pool pump that has been tested by many than to experiment with one that will leave you disappointed. All the three models listed here have a standard warranty.


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